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Where to begin.  First, with an apology.  We announced for several days that we would be out of town for a wedding Thursday and Friday of last week but did not post any information here.  It has been such an incredibly busy and weird 10 days, we’ve been overwhelmed.  Molly started High School and Kathy a new gig of sorts, and a new volunteer commitment at the High School. 

And Mike’s been nose-to-the-laptop putting the final touches on the memoir.  And that’s what it is.  A Hunter Thompsonesque trip through his political awakening.  It’s finished, just gotta polish it up. Which leads us to . . . .

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: This week we will post the book in its (almost) entirety on the Kickstarter page for all the early supporters who pre-ordered the book (or reward package with the book) online.  Not the chapters, but the whole shebang in book form.  Then comes the publishing, and this is promising – already have one lined up, with others interested.  Hope to have that answer very soon!  If you missed the pre-order, you can still get a signed copy of the book!  Click here for details!

To wrap this up, we are very sorry we have not been better stewards of this website and the program in general.  We are aware that there are some perplexing audio issues with the program that make listening a challenge.  Some Truthseekers say its loud and distorted, others that it’s so quiet they can’t hear it.  Very difficult to diagnose, bu we are still working on it.  Have it narrowed down to a couple of possible “problem” pieces of antiquated relics that Kathy has McGyvver’d together with rubber bands and duct tape.

Thank you for sticking with us.  We are now in the end game for our democratic republic.  It’s band together time like never before to win in November.  We have a chance to take back America from the grips of the corrupt politicians in both parties that have made a mockery of our traditional American values for the last several decades, if not longer.  We can clean house and rebuild – or fail. 

If we lose, think of what we lose.  The Trumpian traitors in the GOP, and it’s almost all of them, will support this pseudo-nationalistic totalitarianism.  The fascist state that could rise if Trump is allowed to continue to destroy our nation from within is straight out of Orwell.  That’s how important the elections in November are.  We must organize, support each other, spread the truth, dispel the lies and make our nation a safe and humane place to raise our children and their children’s children and so on. 

Rant off.


So many topics, so many tragedies and triumphs, so little time tonight. 

We were at a wedding this weekend, Mike’s Godson.  Lifelong family friends, Kathy tutored the boy in biology when she was pregnant. His wife is from Finland and the wedding was at the parent’s home in the Catskills.  We flew into Scranton, PA and drove to the small upstate NY town.  Eastern Pennsylvanian is beautiful – picturesque farms, quaint old Victorian homes, rolling hills and stone walls reminiscent of Ireland.  It was eerie to be among that beauty with the latest child sex molestation scandal in the news. And the farms – so many farms – under attack by Trump’s insane trade policies, forced to take taxpayer government welfare. 

And yet – we passed this sign:








So, we would like to spend more time on the horrific revelation earlier this month that the Catholic church covered up the rape of over 1000 children by the Pedophile Priests of Pennsylvania.   How do the farmers who posted this sign feel about all that, anyway?

And then there is Francis, the most liberal Pope since john Paul II, who continues the shameful silence. 

Another Florida mass shooting came and went with barely a whisper.  Immigrant families are still caught in a nightmarish bureaucratic hell-web, and the failure of that anti-corruption referendum in Columbia won’t help. 

We should discuss the starvation in Venezuela, the Genocide in Myanmar

We need to talk about the far-right Neo-Nazis in Germany, emboldened by their American counterparts, rioting in the nighttime streets, hunting down Syrian refugees with torches.

But for all these other important and urgent matters that warrant discussion –  it’s impossible.   The Trump Show sucks all the oxygen out of the room.  Even when he admits on the telesreens to serial adultery, to paying off sex partners through fake corporations he set up with his “fixer” Michael Cohen in a conspiracy with his Pecker pal at the National Enquirer.  There is silence from the right. Nothing matters.  The evangelicals stand proudly by his side, Nothing changes.  Paul Ryan and Mitch the Turtle remain mute while our national institutions suffer constant attack by the most corrupt Chief Executive in American history.  It breeds such cynicism, their absolute silence.  It further erodes faith in our system of justice and sense of morality.  We have suffered enough.

Hopefully soon and very soon the ultimate Reality TV Show will be cancelled and it’s host sent to some kind of forced exile.  Until then, we must tug up the waders and trudge through the fetid swamp of Trump’s tabloid shitpool. 

Are we finally in the End of Days?  Mueller will likely respect tradition and hold off on further indictments until after the Midterms.  But does it even matter with so many explosive new developments in the Trump corruption scandal? His pardon powers are powerless against charges  brought by the state of New York, which is likely why Manafort is now seeking a plea deal following his convictions of 8 federal felonies.   Trump’s fragile world is imploding.  His fixer Michael Cohen’s guilty plea directly implicates him in campaign finance crimes in New York, perhaps more, and sends Stormy to the witness stand.  Hell, maybe even to Congress! 

That will be the sexiest testimony since Anita Hill described “Long Dong Silver.”   The ratings!  The scandals!  The Supreme Court in the balance! 

It would be a sensational carnival ride if it weren’t for the fact that our global standing in the world slides further into the sewer every day.  We create more enemies in the African nations every day, and double that in the Muslim world.  And no trade agreement, no matter how sweet, will erase the fear and hatred that Trump has engendered in the hearts of the Mexican people, with his “rapists and murderers” tirades and child separation torture. 

And remember, we have a (witting or unwitting) foreign asset in the Oval Office who may be sending state secrets straight to the Kremlin through an undisclosed back channel. Or just spilling them in private meetings with Putin himself, that’s how brazen it is. What are the national security implications of that, Truthseekers?  How many of our own foreign agents are now in danger?  It is mind-boggling how far he has been allowed to violate standards and norms. 

We will talk about the life, legacy, service, dignity, and unabashed American pride of John McCain, and the stark contrast it has forced between Trump fanatics and rational conservatives.  That is a long conversation and an essay for another day.  McCain will be remembered forever.  So will Trump, but for everything good and descent he is not, not for any honorable or heroic act or service.

And that’s why he hates him. 

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  1. Tom

    Re: the at least 1,000 rape survivor report. I’m not an attorney. But I did study a lot of undergrad law because it would come in handy. Being a rape survivor myself (3 psycho pedophiles who repeatedly raped me and got away with it), why do so many say sexual assault and not rape? I understand having to prove allegations. In a criminal case, beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil case, the standard is lower.

    But what is rape? One person terrorizing another by using force to gain power over their victim. But the legal system plays semantics by saying assault instead of rape. Is it a societal thing like saying “enhanced interrogation techniques” instead of torture?

  2. TakeTheCannoli2

    Here’s another Trump scandal, one that may not have gotten the attention it deserves. The state of Illinois is suing Trump Tower in Chicago over its wastewater discharge to the Chicago River. Trump Tower draws 20 million gallons per day from the river and discharges cooling water back into the river up to 35 degrees hotter. The heated water causes fish kills and is disrupting the work done as a result of heavy investments made by the state to improve the ecology of the waterway. For its part, those who run Trump Tower-Chicago arrogantly don’t even bother to maintain documentation of its discharge as required by the Clean Water Act.
    To be continued.

  3. Denny NNWofLA

    Watching former president Obama speak eloquently and articulately, as always, at the memorial service this morning for Sen. John McCain brought tears to my eyes. Not so much for he deceased person but for the country. National discourse and civility have also seemingly passed. Seeing and hearing once again from the ever-classy former president shined a bright light contrasting the characters of the current and former presidents. The difference between #44 and # 45 is not 1. It is 180.

  4. Dot in Seattle

    I was really hoping that Lil Donny Dotard would try to force his way into McCain’s funeral just to watch Meghan McCain kick his flabby orange ass on live TV. THAT would have been fun to watch! I’m surprised that Sarah Palin didn’t try to crash the funeral too. I have a visual of her screeching “Why can’t I sit up front!? Don’t you know who I am!?” Yeah, Meghan would have kicked her ass too. 😀

  5. Dot in Seattle

    Watching Meghan give the eulogy at her dad’s funeral made me think of a quote from the 1998 movie “Elizabeth”. Elizabeth: “I am my father’s daughter. I’m not afraid of anything.” (I’m especially not afraid of a bunch of knuckle dragging, pasty faced, in-bred, illiterate, cross burning, ammosexual troglodytes that have an i.q. of an amoeba.) I added that last part…. 😀

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