Respected Again

Another school shooting today in Indiana.  Nobody died this time.  Geezus, when is school out?  Then we just have to worry about them getting shot at camp.

So is the mean tangerine headed to a summit with Kim Jon Crazy or not?  The back and forth is ridiculous and only makes the US look foolish  – yet again – on the world stage. Nobel Prize, gimme a f’n break.  If the summit happens it won’t be because these two freakish haircuts decided to further the cause of de-nuclearization and world peace.  It will be a stand off to measure penis missile size in person.

Borrowing a page from Dubya’s script, The Don found a group of soldiers to use as a backdrop for another staged show of phony patriotism.  Trump visited the Naval Academy today where he told recent graduates that America is “respected again.”  What, now that the black guy is outta there?  Is that the unspoken message?

“We are witnessing the great reawakening of the American spirit and of American might. We have rediscovered our identity, regained our stride and we are proud again.” Proud.  No, that’s not exactly the adjective I’d use to describe this feeling.  More like nausea.

During the speech on Friday, Trump bragged about boosting the size of the military and said that a more powerful army, navy and air force would better protect America.

“The best way to prevent war is to be fully prepared for war,” Trump told the graduates. But “if a fight must come, there is no other alternative — victory, winning, beautiful words, but that is what it is all about.”

So much winning.



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    1. Dot in Seattle

      I think it was last year that someone from Scotland went on Twitter and called Donny Dotard a “ferret headed fuck nugget”. I love the Scots! Their insults are so colorful. The Brits have a wonderful command of the English language too. Remember when a member of Parliament described trump’s ignorance as “cavernous”? Yeah baby! 😀

  1. Denny NNWofLA

    On this Memorial Day weekend when we honor those who died in war activities, how about honoring those progressives who were slain for their efforts to bring about social justice- the real and ongoing war in America. Here are a few:
    Abraham Lincoln
    Medgar Evers
    Malcom X
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    John F. Kennedy
    Robert F. Kennedy
    Harvey Milk
    Alan Berg

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