Rocky Mountain Lie

Was the President distracted because of his wedding anniversary? 

Was he over-confident from his lead in the polls and didn’t believe he had to bring his A-game? 

Did he  underestimate Mittens’ oratorical skills based on his many previous verbal missteps?

Or was he just intimidated because Romney had the bigger flag pin?

Have to admit – for a minute there I thought Eastwood was right about the empty chair.  One thing is for certain, Romney rode that debate like a cowboy on a bucking bronco.  He’s never been more assertive, impassioned, energized and incredibly fired-up.  He almost seemed unnaturally energized, compared to previous appearances.  It makes you wonder if his handlers snuck him some of Honey Boo-Boo’s “go-go” juice right before the cameras rolled.  Nothing like a shot of Red Bull and Mountain Dew to put the bounce in your $1,000 loafers.

In our media-dominated culture it won’t matter that Mittens lied about practically everything. All that will be remembered is that he took command of the debate  – intimidated both the President and the moderator – and seemingly reduced the Commander in Chief of the United States to the point of staring at his belly button. It matters not at all if Obama was taking notes, or sharpening his pencil, or contemplating whether he needed to buy Michelle a different anniversary gift. The effect was that his perpetually downcast gaze made him look like a kid who was getting a (well deserved) verbal spanking from his daddy.

So, Willard’s gross distortions of the truth, if heard at all, will not be remembered by the typical American viewer.  We expect Romney to lie; it’s what he has to do.  Snakes bite, hornets sting, Teabaggers whine, and Republicans lie.  It’s the only way they can win – and/or steal – an election.  They can’t very well come out and tell the truth: “We’re going to cut taxes on rich people and big corporations; end your Medicare and Social Security payments; outlaw female contraception; end affirmative action; eliminate the Department of Education; end student loans and grants; stop unemployment compensation; end fair labor laws, worker protections, and unions; remove all environmental protections; overturn Roe v Wade; pass laws making homosexuality a crime; start wars and replace your science text books with The Bible.” No, can’t do that. 

Only the most rabid Glen Beckified zombies would vote for them if they spoke truthfully about their agenda.  So they lie.  They have to. 

The problem is not that Romney lied last night, the problem is that Obama let him get away with it.

How many times did Mittens repeat Obama wanted to make $716 billion in cuts to Medicare (an amount equal to his own suggested cuts) without even a peep from the President in explaining the difference between the two proposed cuts?  But the biggest single disappointment of the evening occurred when Obama meekly mentioned the tax breaks enjoyed by corporations who move their companies overseas to avoid US taxation, and Romney replied: “I’ve been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Maybe I need to get a new accountant, but the idea you get a break for shipping jobs overseas, is simply not the case.” That took balls. Monster balls.

Uhm, Mittens?  Two words: Bain Capital.  Make that six: Bain Capital, you smug lying hypocrite.  But these are the six words the President should’ve spoken instead of examining his belt buckle.   When Willard finished ranting and Leher weakly suggested they now move on to Social Security, Obama just said “OK,” without circling back to comment on this incredible Mormon-sized whopper.

And so it went, for 90 painful minutes.  Romney leaped and parried and jousted and slashed like a musketeer on crystal meth while Obama could barely hold his head up.

Was the Bigger Flag Pin that intimidating?

The inestimable Greg Palast had a wonderful deconstruction of last night’s debacle.   Here’s a choice snippet:

“Dear Mr. President:  As a journalist I don’t take partisan sides, but I do take America’s side.  And as Commander-in-Chief, you simply cannot fall asleep in the saddle. I mean Commander-in-Chief in the Class War.  The war of the billionaires against the rest of us.
You were asked, “What is the role of government?” You seemed stumped.  Lost. Well, here’s three, Mr. President:

1. Issue Social Security checks. Checks for cash money.  Not some bullshit voucher.
2. Save General Motors and Motor City.
3. Kill Osama.

I don’t care that you couldn’t seem to defend yourself tonight, Mr. President.  That’s a Democratic Party headache.  What I resent, what gets me furious and angry, is that you didn’t defend ME.  Me and my family.

When Romney says he defends small business, let me tell you, I have a small business.  I don’t need a tax break – hell, like most small businesses, we don’t make money.  We need health insurance.  We need government loans. 

When Romney says government never does anything cheaper than the private sector, Mr. President, don’t you know that it was government mortgage agencies that funded America’s middle class homeownership? That’s what government did – and licked Hitler to boot.  When mortgages were privatized, we were thrown at the mercy of the Banksters.  

Mr. President, if you can’t explain why you are the Commander-in-Chief in this class war against the billionaire bandits attempting to seize our government, then get off the horse and let someone in the saddle who can ride.”

Happy to report that Greg will be our guest on Friday night! 

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  1. Andy in Seattle

    Obama showed us last night that he’s nothing more than GOP lite.

    He let Romney kick his ass and it was embarassing for anyone who supports any sort of progressive cause. And yes, it’s only one debate but if this what we are going to see in the next two….Romney is the 45th President and may the cloud being save us all.

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    I could easily make that a seven word sentence.

    I had nightmares last night that continued even
    after I went to bed. Seeing Herman Munster cut
    loose on the seemingly defenseless President
    was one of the most unsettling moments in recent
    memory. He looked and acted like the poor parking
    attendant being blamed for the damaged car, caused
    by the rich owners driving it over a cliff.

    On the other hand though, we had one guy with the
    worlds most stressful job, debating with another
    guy that has nothing else to do than run for office.
    When was the last time Romney had a job? Then there
    was still-breaking news with Syria and Turkey.

    Next time though, Obama needs to punch the bully
    right in the nose, verbally, of course.

    Ghosts appear and fade away.

  3. William

    I an very close to 64. I never watched many docs so last month I got netflix and saw all sorts of docs on JFK and RFK , Bushes war, Monsanto, Obama everything I wanted to go back in time just to try to figure out how we got here.

    I lived through most of it all.

    I didn’t vote for Obama and slam me if anyone must yet I didn’t feel I knew him at all , I was offered the two books he had yet that was not something I felt would help much. The hope and change idea didn’t sit well with me.

    I felt McCain was not interested in winning and I didn’t vote for him either. I felt the repubs did not want to win simply because of what GW left behind.

    Obama seems to do ok with a crowd behind him and it was his hope and change campaign that won him the peoples trust.

    I tossed my vote to the green party in 2008 simply because of Gore and then Kerry who made the promise to count all votes and then didn’t.

    So now we have this freak Mitt and the more dangerous one Ryan who has a defensive body language and the tea party movement.

    I don’t care for Obamas kill list or detaining americans just because they may be on some list or his calling Afganistan the good war when there is no good in ANY war. Or his insistence on drone attacks.

    I feel if Obama wanted to get more votes this time around he said have stated he wants the wars ended now yet he won’t saw this.

    We will never know the truth about 9/11 or even JFK’s, RFK and MLK’s death and I will add John Lennons death.

    The people are kept in the dark in so many ways and the media profits off elections and telling lies. The cost of an election rules out anyone who might be honest and this keeps rising every election.

    Wars generate a lot of money and the very corporations who profit off the wars own the media.

    If the government had the peoples best interest in mind we would never have been where we are now.

    It appears if one wants to do the right thing they end up dead.

    I have no idea why Obama stood there and took that last night and this is another thing we will never know the truth.

    People seem to just look at the now and not how we arrived here and that alone is a giant task to connect the dots.

    I have no answers just questions yet there is really something wrong that needs to be sorted out and I don’t see anyone in the political arena that will do just that.

  4. begonia

    I disagree with Greg P. on the “kill Osama” point. To me that is nothin” to brag about, if it even happened at all. Obomber showed himself to be what he is … an empty corporate suit. He dared not insult corporate sponsors last eve, so he came across as weak. I don’t care. I wouldn’t vote for him anyhow, swing state or not. WAR CRIMINAL!

  5. chucky

    Jape…then so be it. What Obama did last night was absolute bullshit. The political system is a complete and utter failure now.

    And we wonder why the rest of the world laughs their goddamned asses off at us.

  6. Andy in Seattle

    Jape, he should have stood their LIKE A MAN and stuck Romney’s nose in every single lie, point by point. Hell, just a human being with basic decency would have done that.

    The heartless robot last night was Obama; he showed himself to be spineless and a coward. Frankly, if he doesn’t blast Romney out of the stars in the next two debates Obama should lose and lose big. Hell, he should resign before the election.

    Hell, I know why they never hold events for the Democratic party in Hyde Park New York like the neo-nazi’s on the right do with Reagan. If this crop of corporate owned cowardly Democrats got anywhere near the graves of FDR or Elenor the two would rise up out of the grave and beat the living shit out of the whole crop of them.

    I mean a fucking Democrat couldn’t give an answer to what government does well?!?! In a live national televised debate?!?!?

  7. Andy in Seattle

    Denny….remember that cover from January of 2009 with Obama’s face photoshopped in one with FDR driving his car, jaunty smile with the cig hanging out?

    I had that framed until last night. It’s in the trash…I broke it

  8. Denny NNWofLA

    Regarding Romney, as many had wondered if he would,
    pretty much denied that he was, in fact, Mitt Romney.
    As the President, and many others pointed out today,
    the other guy up there lied rings around the stage. He
    denied he had ever taken so many of the positions he
    took during the primaries. Pretty tricky, Mitt. Or not.

    Politicians lie and sometimes stretch the truth like
    taffy. But what Romney did last night told everyone
    everything they need to know about this evil, lying,
    and thieving corporado son of a bitch. Who could have
    seen THAT coming? Will Obama will be ready next time?

    Not many things piss people off more than someone lying
    to them right in their faces as they smile. THAT is how
    we attack Romney, the lying, smug rat-bastard that he is.

  9. nora

    Here are some facts needed to understand the manner in which Romney turned our over two hundred year-old “debate” tradition into his personal hostage-taking situation:

    1. The goal of the Dominionists is to DESTROY government — including the SECULAR DEBATE. [This fact will also illuminate for you just what “REVENUE NEUTRAL” means: It is the new code for ‘starve government and drown it in the bathtub’!]

    2. In the authoritarian Mormon Church, there is NO debate. The church simply excommunicates anyone who even wants to discuss its dogma. This is the authoritarian framework Mitt Romney maintains as a bishop. And this is the type of authoritarian rule that Dominionists desire to see replace our SECULAR governing process. Romney came onto the debate stage and refused to abide by its SECULAR rules, and then disregarded every attempt by the moderator to make him abide by them. Romney’s behavior displayed the bravado of a THEOCRATIC BULLY zealously absorbed in his own ‘righteous mission– to disrupt that which, because it is secular, is not righteous and so worthy of disrespect.

    3. Being a bully is normal behavior for Mitt Romney. He already displayed his bullying nature when younger — such as his humiliation of a “hippie” who he gang-jumped, cutting his victim’s hair off. (Am I the ony one who is reminded of how the Nazis shaved the heads of Jews?) And what is the Romney-style PREDATORY CAPITALISM but the behavior of a bully in the marketplace? The bully beats up his victim and gloats about it; and Romney has shown nothing but pride in the rich spoils of his form of capitalistic aggression against American institutions of the previous capitalistic era where regulations prevented full-scale predation (at the domestic level at least). The glow of being pumped on-stage last night was no different from his being pumped when he felt success in squashing companies and sucking them dry.

    4. Dominionists, like those in The Church of Latter Day Saints, seek the end times of our secular world because they believe their myth that they will rule in the some dreamland to come. Because of this they are addicted at all levels to destruction and reshaping of ALL institutions of the secular world. They are having successes, too. Some examples– a) A generation of children were taught ‘abstinence only’ instead of biology and sociological realities of sexual irresponsibility; and the increase in sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancies is the result. Quality of education has nosedived with fewer and fewer students emerging who are equipped to tackle science careers. b) Our representative government is nearly at a standstill as the Dominionist-dominated Republicans block processes in Congress, with the filibuster used as a weapon of obstruction. c) War-mongering is the ultimate destructive path to their mythical “Rapture”/Latter Days and they actively pursue disruptive policy that destabilizes world cooperation and peace. d) They embrace weather extremes as a sign of the prophecied End Times, and would never dream of making the industrial and energy source changes that would clean the Earth’s atmosphere of pollution and so reduce the gases and chemicals that are known to destabilize the Earth’s delicate balance for the biosphere. The myths of the Dominionists are more important to them than the Earth we live on and Life itself because their Afterlife Construct is more real to them than Life itself.

    Romney did NOT win that debate. He was an aggressive, extroverted bully and held that stage hostage with his rudeness, uncivil behavior, and disrespectful lying. His predatory tactic — as is part of the stealth plan of Dominionists — is to confuse and take advantage of the prey. And his religion plays a large role in this attitude because it has taught him that he can do ANYTHING in the name of advancing his beliefs. The high-energy Mitt Romney displayed, the ennervated animation of his face and body, his constant smile/smirk — all are indicative of his self-perceived righteous zealotry.

  10. Richard

    Even with Obama’s weak performance, any intelligent and fair-minded person would not vote for Romney just because Romney was aggressive and Obama was lackluster. However, since it’s all theatre, and most people are not intelligent enough to make intelligent decisions, this will help Romney. I wonder if we will ever know why he was so weak in this debate. He actually looked depressed to me, almost defeatist. Maybe he was tired? Who knows. If he gets re-elected, perhaps one day we will be told.

  11. DanTheMan

    Again, more podcast problems, problems, problems! Wednesday’s show is a repeat of Tuesdays, and by Friday morning no Thursday show posted. I really hope that I don’t have to discontinue my podcast subscription because of all the innumerable fuck-ups lately.

  12. patty

    I agree with Dan………I have been a loyal subscriber for years and look forward to the podcast each day. I also wonder why there is never an explanation from the show as to why this is happening. I am certain we all understood what happened last Friday and why there was no podcast/show, but that’s because you explained it to us. The messed up podcasts have been going on for months and increasing with no apparent reason even mentioned. We love you Mike, but with no communication from you about this problem (not even a little typed one on your website) I am beginning to think you don’t care much about your subscribers.

  13. Fruit-for-Peace

    Podcast problem people – have you tried emailing the webmaster on their site? Whenever I’ve had an issue I’ve emailed that address and have always received an answer back within a day or two. Please give that a try and hopefully you’ll receive an answer. 🙂

  14. Sean Reilly

    Well, said, Mike! Malloy for President. haha! I know it would never happen but it’d sure be great to have a Prez who if some Republican politcian yelled “You lie.” during a state of the union, he would walk over and personally break the guy’s jaw with the POTUS fist.
    “Anybody else got something to yell?” saith POTUS Malloy.

    Americans hate wussies.

    Keep up the Good Fight,
    Sean Reilly

  15. glenn_uk

    There was a show on Wed night, I heard a bit of it live. Thursday? No podcast until really late, then we get a repeat.

    What’s up today – still no podcast?

    Come on, FFS – I LOVE the MMS. But I’m missing it a couple of times a week now, because the podcasts keep getting screwed up.

    Maybe if I put in a sponsorship for an hour, reminding them to put the podcasts out properly, it would help?

    Sam Seder manages it every day. Bob Kincade always seems to get it done. How come a week doesn’t go by on the MMS without a missing or messed up podcast?

  16. Fruit-for-Peace

    Okay, but being a bunch of whiny-ass bitches on the blog is NOT going to help you get your FRICKIN’ podcasts ANY sooner, NOR is it going to get you any SYMPATHY! Stop your BITCHIN’ to the rest of US and be PATIENT and deal with those that actually have something to DO with the podcasts! FFSake!!!! 🙁

    The Malloy show is on LESS than a shoestring budget! They don’t CLAIM to be perfect and will do the best they CAN! FUCK!

  17. TakeTheCanolis

    Calm down, FFP. We all want what’s best for Mike and Kathy. We want the Malloy audience to expand. To do that we need a reliable podcast output. People tend to stop buying when they don’t get what they pay for. That’s just a fact. If those responsible for the podcasts note the frustration level is rising on this message board, maybe they’ll get on the stick.

    Frankly, I DON’T think the technicians are now doing all they can. When they post a podcast that’s a repeat of the previous night, that means they aren’t testing their work. It doesn’t cost any money to simply check to see if a podcast for a given night is what it says it is. Nor should a new podcast be mixed in with segments from previous nights. Team Malloy needs to show that it cares for its product by testing what they post. If there’s a problem with a podcast, they can then post a backup copy. You may notice these backup copies are larger in size (by seven to 17 megabytes) because they include commercials. If there are no backup copies, then they should post an explanation on the homepage as quickly as possible. They shouldn’t string the audience out for a day or longer as they’ve been doing. Again, that effort doesn’t cost extra money.

    And, yes, I did send these suggestions to the Webmaster. They were received favorably so far.


    Thank you, Nora, for that powerful analysis of the first debate. I hope you send it in to Mike so he can read it on the air. Hell, I think it belongs on the op-ed page of the New York Times! Please post it elsewhere on the web. I hope it goes viral.

    I don’t think all Republicans in Congress are Dominionists. It just so happens that the apparent interests of the predatory capitalists and the religious crazies converge by blocking the Democrats’ agenda. They can’t think far enough down the road to realize that by destroying the middle class and the environment, they are destroying themselves.

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