Rule of Law

Hannity!  The Fox “News” host finally met his Waterloo.  Or Misty Waters, or Stormy Mountains, or whatever her name(s) may be.  Okay okay, just because Michael “the Fixer” Cohen only has three clients, and his only reported job for at least two of them (Trump and Broidy) was to payoff their sexy and occasionally pregnant girlfriends doesn’t mean Hannity used him for the same thing.

Maybe he was fixing parking tickets.  You never know.  What doesn’t look so ethical is how many times Hannity had Cohen on his show and never disclosed that this sleazbag was his lawyer, too.  Did he just forget?  Think nobody would find out?  Silly Sean……

Bob Kincaid fills in for Mike tonight and will have much to say about recent developments in the Trump Crime Family.



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