Rumble in the Rockies

It may not be the Thrilla in Manilla, but tonight’s first and most crucial presidential debate may be the first televised event in months to garner more audience than Here Comes Honey Boo Boo . . .. but probably not.

The Denver Duel begins at 9PM ET and we will take it live, with blow-by-blow color commentary from your humble and obedient servant, followed by more erudite dissection by David Bender in our third hour tonight. 

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  1. Chris

    I was in shock, how much Rmoney said he agreed with Obama. Didn’t he read the Ryan budget talking points? No Zingers, just alot of Little Debbies thrown.

    But let’s exam throwing things back to states, like healthcare. Who is the richest state? Capitalist Blue Shield covers them, more Revenue. The poorest State, gets Jo Schmoo coverage. Sucks to be you! See the power of the Federal Government in evening out inequality…………………..if done right! Rmoney knows that, doesn’t care about the 47% get it? To bad Obama couldn’t say the Republican Congress sucks, and thats a big problem. Still I have my problems with Obama too. But given what he was handed, and all the racial crap, he has remained classy.

    FFP not on? Must be” working it” on the new job. You go FFP!

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    WTF was THAT-
    Obama was on the defensive all night. Romney
    smoked him on style. That should be enough for
    those that don’t follow political events to go
    with Romney. Unfucking real. Does anybody think
    that when the fact-checking comes out, the public
    will pay attention?

  3. Ed

    Romney was a good debater. Does that make him a master debater?
    Obama made some smart ass comments at the debate about Romney.
    Does that make him a cunning linguist?
    Anyway, between the 2 of them, I’m going too vote for Obama

  4. Fruit-for-Peace

    Chris, I went to bed before the debacle, um, I mean debate started. I had to get up early and was pooped out and figured I’d wake up and check for the “low-lights”. 😛

    I it was ME running the debates, um, I mean debacles, I’d have a French revolution era guillotine in the background between the candidates and clearly visible to the audience, and EVERY time they opened their B.S. spewin’ mugs – “ZZzzzzrrrrrr-SLAM!” That blade would SLAM down on another “head” of cabbage lined up perfectly so a chunk of it would roll forward between the two candidates for them to see the consequences of their LIES and arrogant B.S.! Now THAT might be a bit of an incentive for them to CUT THE SHIT and BEHAVE and cut back on their lies just a wee bit. 😉

    Okay, too much time this morning playing with the pussycat (she’s an attention whore like most B.S. spewin’ rePIGlicans!), so I’ve got to run. I’ll have to read the blogs when I get home tonight. Have a GREAT day, everyone! 🙂

  5. Jon

    use the tuneinradio android phone or iphone app or site to stream Mike’s best of this weekend on KJFK stream 9pm-12am Sunday night, KTNF stream 10pm-1am Saturday night or KPOJ stream 12am-4am Saturday night. Maybe Wednesday night will be replayed.

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