Well, they did it.  The House passed the screw-the-working-class tax bill today. The Senate will rubber stamp it thru reconciliation tomorrow.  

We can’t get rid of these Republicans fast enough.  The fascism is flying fast and furious as they scurry to pass their agenda before Mueller’s boys hit the White House lawn.  

Trump has already stacked the federal benches with incompetent Neocons, handed Jerusalem to Netanyahu, taunted the North Korean nuclear madman, alienated the U.K., maligned our public servants in the FBI, targeted journalists for treason, called murderous White Hate Geoups “fine people,” encouraged police brutality, questioned the validity of his own admitted “pussy grab” video, called Comey “a nutjob” in a private Oval Office meeting with Russian agents, attacked Gold Star families, denied 16 serious sexual assault charges, mocked the handicapped, spouted state secrets at MaraLago, disenfranchised Puerto Rico,  scuttled the EPA, opened pristine protected lands to slant drilling, declared Muslims an unwanted immigrant class, called Mexicans rapists and serial killers……..

what more is there, can’t be all of it.  Oh yeah.and cuddled up to Putin and Duterte. 

The center cannot hold forever.  This presidency is untenable.  And that means we are entering a very dangerous time.

Join us tonight for the countdown to Armegeddon!

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  1. David Figueroa

    this tax giveaway to the rich is setting the stage for the next economic crash…tax cuts for the rich never trickle down…what these eugenicists (republicans) fail to understand that you cannot have a polarized society where a measly and greedy few control the vast amounts of wealth while the rest of the masses rot in stifling mind numbing poverty…eventually, societies like this implode…for instance history has shown us that this was one of the contributing factors that eventually led to the downfall of the Roman Empire, the French Revolution of 1789, the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917, Cuban Revolution 1959, Nicaragua 1979, and so on…as Nick Hanauer said to his fellow .01% that ‘The Pitchforks Are Coming…For Us Plutocrats’

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