Sign of the Beast?

Welcome, Truthseeker, to the weird, wacky world of Wednesday church night!  We have some fun stories to kickoff November for you,

It seems Cuccinelli was a bit too kooky even for the Teabaggers to fully embrace.  His buddy, Texas Rep. Matt Kraus is one of those crazy Christians that gives otherwise normal Christians the willies.  Huffington Post reports on a video of Kraus at a political function in which he discusses the abortion issue:

Krause and Cuccinelli got into politics so that they could transform America’s pluralistic government and society into their version of Biblical Law.

They are, of course, obsessed by abortion. They don’t seem to care much about the babies that are born, because they are happy to cut them off from food stamps and health care and Head Start and school lunches. But they love the pre-born. Note that their next move is to introduce “beating heart” legislation, and they’ll keep thinking of anything they can to keep those abortions from happening. Because they know for absolute sure exactly what God wants and when He wants it.


I loved the part of the video where they were talking about “God’s man in the center of God’s will is invincible.” Because they clearly know exactly who God is and what God’s will is. Yeah, right. Do they know how arrogant that is? The man they claim to follow, a named Jesus of Nazareth, was pretty clear that humans are lousy at knowing what God wants, that humans aren’t to judge because that God’s job. Or maybe they never bothered to read Job:



My favorite part of the video was when Krause and his Christian comrade were talking about pro-choice demonstrators chanting “Hail Satan”. Hail Satan? You know, I have been going to progressive rallies and events of all kinds, on many different issues, ever since my older brother and sister started taking me to them when I was 12 over 40 years ago. I’ve seen many more on TV, and heard literally thousands of accounts of them from activists I knew from all over the country. Never once have I heard a call of “Hail Satan”. Haven’t heard the phrase “let’s all worship Beelzebub” either, or “please Devil come hither”. I have heard the phrase “well, to give the devil his due” but I’m pretty sure it was a metaphor, and I will admit that in the warm-up music of one rally I did hear the Eagles’ Witchy Woman song. But I don’t think it actually meant that anyone was worshipping Satan or witches or anything. I feel extremely confident that if anyone was chanting “Hail Satan” at that rally, it was Christian right wingers who wanted to be able to say they heard someone chanting it.

Who are people like Krause and Cuccinelli trying to kid? I guess their very frightened followers. But to suggest that your political opposition is made up of evil, devil-worshippers kind of goes against the nature of pluralism and a democratic society, doesn’t it?

Yeah, I’ve heard some Pete Seeger songs, some anti-war chants, but nothing that approached a cal to the Dark Lord at the political rallies I’ve attended.  Fortunately, the voters rejected the Jesus of Richmond.

Then there’s the story of the high school cross-country runner who decided she couldn’t participate in a key race because she was assigned a satanic number.  Yes, that’s right.

A high school cross country runner in Kentucky forfeited her chance to qualify for the state meet because she said it would have gone against her Christian beliefs to run with the assigned race number 666, according to LEX 18, NBC’s Lexington, Ky., affiliate.

Junior Codie Thacker of Whitley County High and her coach, Gina Croley, said they tried to get a different number for the regional meet from three different officials but were denied each time.

However, a spokesperson for the Kentucky High School Athletic Association told the TV station that it wasn’t brought to officials’ attention that the request was due to religious beliefs. Had the officials known that, said the spokesperson, they would have changed the number.

“I didn’t want to risk my relationship with God and try to take that number,” Thacker said, adding that she’s been training since June for this race. “I was so nervous, I thought about it all week.”

Croley said she knew the number would be an issue for Thacker as soon as she drew it.

“I saw it and I was like, ‘Whoa,’” Croley said. “I don’t think she will wear that number.”

Croley was right.

“I told them to mark out my name because it makes me sick just thinking that my name is associated with that number,” Thacker said.

You gotta wonder, couldn’t she have just turned it upside down?  Oh well . . . .

We will also check out some of yesterday’s ballot initiatives, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  What changes we can expect as a result, and possible court challenges to come!

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  1. chucky

    You notice the one common denominator with these psycho jesus freaks? FEAR! Pure, unadulterated, paranoid fear. I just love how these dumb, superstitious nutjobs claim how their sky spook is all about love and tolerance and acceptance….unless you piss him off. Do that and you’re fucking doomed forever. If that’s their “god”, they can have him. Sounds like a real insecure, paranoid guy to be some kind of supreme being to me. Definitely not someone suited for the job.

  2. Dot in Seattle

    When I first read the story about the wacka doodle that refused to wear the “satanic” number 666, I rolled my eyes and bust out laughing. What a bunch of crazy assholes! I’m not surprised that Codie Thacker wasn’t smart enough to turn the goddamn sign upside down. She probably wouldn’t have done it anyway because she would have been terrified that The Invisible White Man in The Sky would have zapped her with a bolt of lighting or dumped a ton of whale shit on her or pulled her tampon out while she was running or some other crazy shit. Those people are seriously fucked up!

  3. Capt. Mary in Memphis

    I was shopping at the Goodwill some time back, and my purchase came to $6.66. The cashier didn’t want to say the number. She kept staring at me while she Dropped my change into my hand. She didn’t want to touch me. I just kept smiling, but it seemed to upset her. Guess I shoulda hidden my fangs. :)=

      1. Capt. Mary in Memphis

        Hey Dot, love your humor! – I still think about tattoos, but my skin is wrinkly & looks like venetian blinds. Probably wouldn’t work unless I got a zebra tattoo… What’d you get?

        1. Dot in Seattle

          I have a koi (inside left forearm), 4 dragons (2 on each arm), a geisha (left arm), a samurai warrior (right arm), a chrysanthemum (my late mom’s favorite flower) and my mom’s name. I also have a Bengal tiger tattoo on my right thigh and a massive dragon tattoo that wraps completely around my left leg from my hip to my ankle. Tattoos are like potato chips, you can’t have just one. 🙂

  4. Jay in Virginia

    If you’re born into a religious home or not. Eventually you reach an age of reasoning and critical thought. The point where you question what you have been taught. The point where you seek knowledge and truth. However, some people like Codie Thacker will probably never reach that age. I also think that much of it has to do with wanting to conform to what your family and small community wants. Herd mentality. It’s lacking the inner strength to have integrity and just be yourself regardless of your environment. Much of it is indeed outright indoctrination(child abuse) but there are also several other factors at play.

    Organized Religion breeds a very primitive mindset, my friends. Thus the absolute belief in superstitions. Blind faith to believe everything you read in the Bible, Koran, etc..etc..and then interpret it based on how you were raised and taught. That explains terrorist bombers and the Westboro Baptist Church and for those reasons, these people are very dangerous to the well-being of our society. And they ask us why we don’t want Religion in the public square?! But then again here in America the Christian fundies are hypocrites because they just want THEIR version of “Christianity” in the public square. No Islam, Buddhism, or Wicca. Oh no!

  5. glenn_uk

    Hasn’t anyone realised that FOX news is clearly an agent of Satan himself?

    F = 6th letter = 6
    O = 15th letter. 1+5 = 6
    X = 24th letter. 2+4 = 6

    So there we have it! FOX = the number of the beast!

    1. Greg East of Toledo

      I knew it! Thanks Glenn, it’s all coming together for me. Neil Cavuto is the antichrist, and Bill O’Reilly is the false prophet – ‘Killing Lincoln’, ‘Killing Kennedy’, …kill, kill, kill, ahhhhhh…

      1. glenn_uk

        But it gets better than that. Satan has had his feet under the table for a while.

        These religious freaks are invariably into utter BS like astrology, and take things like numerology with the greatest seriousness. Maybe the best way is to make them see that the ‘baggers have it totally wrong – they are worshipping Satan.

        “Ronald Wilson Reagan” – 666 (count the number of letters in each name) – it just keeps happening. Can’t be coincidence. Ask a religious freak/teabagger to explain it, if Jaysuss wasn’t trying to tell us something.

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