So What Did I Miss?

Geez, you take a spring break and visit family and look what happens?  

Thank you Bob Kincaid for covering all the breaking news last week.  Mike is back in black tonight and boy, what a day to jump into the fray!

“Lightening” Bolton fixes Syria in his brushy crosshairs on his first day at the Ministry of War, Tinyhands turns weirdly tough on Assad and Putin with threats of bombs and sanctions, and the President of the United States’ personal attorney was just raided by the FBI. Bank fraud, wire fraud, campaign finance violations, possible tax fraud, and more.

 Wow.  They’ve been working on this Cohen raid for months, they must have some serious dirt to compel a judge to order such an alarming raid today.  Reminiscent of Manafort.

Maybe we’ll get to see those elusive tax returns after all!

The mean tangerine is pissed.  Bigly.  He freaked out on camera and tore into Sessions for his Russian recusal and Mueller for the “witch hunt” being conducted by “all these democrats” in the FBI. Its a crime against the country, according to Trump.  Horrible.  All this investigating of his criminal associates and appointees.

So unfair, so disgraceful, this digging into his misdeeds to uncover the truth. This protecting the US Constitution and our national institutions instead of his ample grifting ass.

Panicky stammering aside, is The Don so invested in his psychotic delusions that he really believes that Flynn and the other criminals in his inner circle pled guilty for the fun of it?  Just for kicks?  Dozens of Russians indicted for nothing?  And that the US Attorney General’s primary job is to help him obstruct justice and cover up his crimes?

As David Corn said on Hardball tonight, the only thing worse than the FBI raiding your office is the FBI raiding your Fixer’s office.

Speaking of cable news, what the Fock do Fox “News” anchors do with all this breaking news?  They can’t dig up Billy Graham and eulogize him for another week like they did when the Stormy Daniels news broke across the telescreens.  So, what to talk about?  

Ooh!  Ooh!  I know!  Syria!

Bolton’s on board and Trump is feeling the breath of the law on his lacquered neck hairs, so look for a new hot war in the Mideast.  

Dang, this would be the Best Season Ever of “The Apprentice” if all these innocent lives weren’t at risk, here at home and all around the world.

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Not An April Fools Joke-
    Former House speaker John Boehner, aka Mr. Tangerine Man, has announced, “I’m joining the board of #AcerageHoldings because my thinking on cannabis has evolved. I’m convinced de-scheduling the drug is needed so we can do research, help our veterans, and reverse the opioid epidemic ravishing our communities.”
    Translation: “I’ve been getting high a lot and see an enormous money-making opportunity here. I will with great diligence continue testing as many strains of this wondrous substance as I’m able to score.
    I’m also opening a chain of pizza joints.”

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