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Some light weekend reading:

Recycle of Scrap Metals Originating from Radiological Areas Planned By DOE


Welcome, Truthseekers, to the Friday Malloy Show!  Join Mike LIVE at 9PM for a wrap-up of all the political topics that made the news this week, and some stories that you never heard from the corporate-controlled media.  Also, we will bring you highlights from the Senate confirmation hearings on John Brennan to become head of the CIA.  You gotta hear it to believe it

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Is it just me, sitting here NNWofLA, watching the manhunt
    for the manhunter (ex-cop/ex-military/active murderer)
    being made into a major media event, way beyond the real
    story? The fact is… we have a killer on the loose that
    needs to be stopped. His reasons became mute when he killed.
    This story is getting more coverage than when the Cheney/
    Bush reign of terror swept across the Earth. And STOP with
    the politicizing and spinning of this sad, ongoing story.
    And I mean EVERYONE.

    On the other hand, what’s a trained killer to do, when
    things don’t go his way? Are they also trained in diplomacy?

    Where the hell is Chris Kyle when we need him?

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