Springtime For Romney

Happy Spring, Truthseekers!  The neon green pollen is thicker than the veneer on Calista Gingrich around these parts.  Try to wash it off and you create a river of yellow ooze that coats everything it touches with pasty slime that sticks in every crevice of your car door, patio furniture, gas grill, pets, and makes your garden gnomes look like aliens from the X-Files.

Like it or not, it’s sneezy season.  Perhaps Rick Santorum swallowed a tad too many antihistamines while visiting the South, but his delusional campaign strategy seems to be to prevent Romney from reaching the magic1,144 delegate number before summer, forcing a brokered convention.  He’s so confident he’s publicly aligned himself with one of the most self proclaimed bigoted Southern Preachers yet to be indicted, shamed, or imprisoned –  Pastor Dennis Terry of the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church in Louisiana.

The right-reverend Terry held a campaign rally for Ricky in which he ordered all non-Christians, gays, lesbians, liberals, and women who have had an abortion to “get out” of America.  Gee, you think any of those folk are possibly voters?  The Telegraph quotes Santorum’s new supporter this way: 

“Listen to me. If you don’t love America, and you don’t like the way we do things, I’ve got one thing to say, get out!,” he said. “We don’t worship Buddha, we don’t worship Mohammed, we don’t worship Allah. We worship God. We worship God’s son Jesus Christ.”

To a rapturous applause, Pastor Terry continued: “As long as they continue to kill little babies in our mother’s womb, somebody’s got to take a stand and say it’s not right. God be merciful to us as a nation. As long as sexual perversion is becoming normalised, somebody needs to stand up and say God forgive us, God have mercy upon us.”

Republican contender Mr Santorum was shown clapping approvingly in the background as the rightwing pastor delivered the ranting fire and brimstone address. He later received a personal blessing from the preacher who called on God’s will to be done in the upcoming election.

What did Rick say about JFK’s speech about the separation of church and state?  That Kennedy’s words made him want to puke?  But, apparently, this preacher who advocates some kind of ill-defined forced removal of those Americans who just don’t meet his standards because they’re gay, or just not Christian, or not Republican enough for him . . . that doesn’t make Rick sick?  He vigorously applauds those beliefs?

So what say you, GOP voters, do you favor a President who said JFK made him puke while promising to “force out” certain Americans he doesn’t like?  Sound like a rational decision? 

Romney is inching ever closer to being named The Man Who Will Lose to Obama, so can we please stop giving Jesus of Pennsylvania so much attention? Maybe focus on something that actually has meaning?

Here’s something – did you know that stylish tissue box cover you bought from Bed Bath and Beyond can kill you?  We don’t talk too much about the unseen consequences of our nuclear-fueled madness, but the fact is that once you create a radioactive isotope it’s just dammed near impossible to destroy it.  That’s why our military LOVES to use depleted uranium to make bullets and various other weapons, because they kill really really good.  It takes decades to really kill a population slowly from radiation (including our own exposed troops), but kill you it will.  Birth defects, cancers, neurological disorders – thank depleted uranium.

Guess what? There’s so much of this radioactive junk in scrap metal all over the globe, some of it is bound to end up in commercial products that are then (you guessed it) imported into the US!  Contaminated scrap metal is all over the place, and the latest find is in metal tissue boxes that forced a recall by Bed Bath and Beyond.

Bloomberg reports: “Going shopping? Don’t forget your wallet and credit card. Or Geiger counter. The discovery of radioactive tissue boxes at Bed, Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY)stores in January raised alarms among nuclear security officials and company executives over the growing global threat of contaminated scrap metal.

“The major risk we face in our industry is radiation,” said Paul de Bruin, radiation-safety chief for Jewometaal Stainless Processing BV, one of the world’s biggest stainless- steel scrap yards. “You can talk about security all you want, but I’ve found weapons-grade uranium in scrap. Where was the security?”

More than 120 shipments of contaminated goods including cutlery, buckles and work tools like hammers and screwdrivers were denied U.S. entry between 2003 and 2008 after customs and the Department of Homeland Security boosted radiation monitoring at borders. “

Talk about reaping what you sow, contaminated tissue boxes are nothing to sneeze at. 

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  1. chucky

    The right-reverend Terry held a campaign rally for Ricky in which he proclaimed that all non-Christians, gays, lesbians, liberals, and women who have had an abortion to “get out” of America. Gee, you think any of those folk are possibly voters?

    Or, maybe………Prick Santorums wife? Maybe, maybe not. Does anyone know for sure? Of course, this shitstain will deny it. But if a democratic candidate went through the same exact experience, then it would be an abortion. The republiclowns would be all over it like goddamned stink on shit.

    When does this country wake up and declare the republican party a criminal enterprise, like the Mafia?

  2. gruntrucker

    Chuky,the slow slide into hell is a happy one. Just remember how easy it was for the germans. Its never you,till your the one they come for. That what we got goin on here now.to many chuckle heads standin there goin aint me!!!what do I got to worry about?????The slow disintengration of our country.its sad but I really don’t think there is much we can do.try to Stay outa the way of the fucktards.

  3. chucky

    What the fuck are you talking about? I could understand a thing you tried to say through your misspellings and shitty puncuation.

    Regarding the “slow slide into hell” you refer to, that began in earnest with Bush and the patriot act. I know that a lot of idiot republikkklans just loved that goddamned thing. They thought that would protect them from all the monsters hiding under their beds. Those are the only fucktards I need to stay away from.

  4. chucky

    I would say that makes Obama a pretty shitty Muslim, since Wrights church was “christian”, with it’s roots in Congregationalism. The fact that he went to any fucking church at all pisses me off. If I’m nnot mistaken, I think I’ve made myself quite clear in regards to all organized religions. Do you remember, or did that fly out of your whiffleball brain too?

  5. Fruit-for-Peace

    Chucky, that’s NOT your “Arch”enemy of old. “IT” never popped up until you let slip the name the other day. These right-wing trolls will latch on to anything just to try and piss someone off because that’s their entertainment for the moment – at least until they can find an insect they can pull the wings off of.

  6. chucky

    Fruit….I actually think this is dumbass Arch. Anyone not named Arch is the same dumb bastard trying to play us. Fuck both of em. I’d kick them in the nuts if I thought they had any.

    Say, by the way Arch, how did your phone call into Malloys program go? Or did you chicken-shit out of doing it?

  7. chucky

    Well, let me see here. Arch said on August 15 that he’s was leaving for awhile, but would call Malloy sometime in September. But work has been so crazy he couldn’t do it. For 7 months? Where do you work? You also said you’d be back in November, but like you said, you were busy.

    The bullshit meter just off the scale Arch. You’re still a goddamned liar. Why don’t you just admit that you’re a chicken-shit coward who knows that a guy like Malloy could crush you on the air and not even break a sweat. He’s done it many, many times before. Go crawl back under your fucking rock, shithead. Nobody here gives a shit about you.

  8. Arch

    Yes, work and life has been crazy for 7 months, and it still is, to tell you the truth – and I am sorry, but I’m not going to tell you where I work. I try to avoid putting that much personal information on the internet.

    I will say this – why I havn’t been able to call is: 1) work is extremely busy, and it requires a lot of time and 2) on top of work, I’m going back to school to get another degree. I happen to be in a small lull right now, so I decided to check back in.

    I still have a question: What exactly is the progressive view? You might not believe me, but I really would like to know what progressives stand for.

  9. Denny NNWofLA

    Let me jump in, Arch.
    Speaking for myself as a progressive minded (and hearted) man, I stand for what used to be and still is good about America.
    1st Compassion for others
    2nd Fairness for ALL
    3rd Respect for TRUTH
    4th Freedom of and from religion
    5th The ability to learn through an educational system available to all.

    That would be my short answer. Thanks for asking.

  10. chucky

    Why the hell do you care? Aside from the fact that all you want to do with it is rip it to shreds. Or rip dems to shreds.

    Figure it out for yourself dipshit. You’re the college boy. You should be smart enough to do that.

    Although I doubt it. Go back to your lull.

  11. Denny NNWofLA

    I not only understand Grunt, Rucker, but speak it fluently at times. Not only did I understand your points, but agree with them.

    Note: My redundant posts on this page are due to them not posting for three days. I sent ’em but they didn’t stick until this morning.

    Thanks again Kathy.

  12. Arch

    @Denny: Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to try and help me understand your point of view. It does help me more than you know, but I do have a few questions:

    1) What do you mean by “compassion”? I’m being totally honest – I want to know your definition so that we can build a foundation for further discussion.

    2) If by “Fairness” you mean “equal outcome” than I totally disagree with you – would it be “fair” if everyone in the country could only make $2,000 per year? Yes – it would be absolutely fair. Would it be Just? Absolutely not! Lots of people work much harder, and they deserve to earn more – which is just. Some do not work as hard, and they deserve to make less – which is Just. I much prefer Justice to Fairness.

    3) Again I must ask for clarification – what do you mean by “Truth”? In what context?

    4) I agree, as does the First Amendment. So how do you feel about Obama trying to squash it under Obamacare?

    5) Again, I agree – school vouchers would be a great way to accomplish that. Why do you think liberal democrats keep blocking such measures?

    Again, thank you – I would sincerely like to continue this discussion.

    PS: I was in LA recently, and loved visiting there. I honestly wouldn’t want to live there, but it was a very nice visit.

    @chucky: See? A simple answer, and now we can discuss. That is why I care. Because I want to understand so we can have a discussion.

  13. Denny NNWofLA

    This is not deep shit, Arch.
    The terms I used speak for themselves.
    We will not engage in hair splitting.
    Don’t delude yourself that because I gave you a straight up answer to your question presented ever so sincerely that I wish to have further discussion with you. You have a record here.
    Once again, you have disqualified yourself. Chucky was right,to nobody’s surprise.

    Great about your LA take. We wouldn’t want you here anyway. Thanks Again, Arch

    He’s “goin’ back to Texas to be one more horse’s ass.” That was a Bobby Bare song. Hell, It just came into my mind.

  14. Arch


    Don’t you think we need a common ground to be able to start a discussion? How can we achieve that common ground without establishing what we mean? But, since you don’t seem interested in that, I’ll let the words “speak for themselves” as you say:

    1) I believe totally in compassion, which for me means helping those who are less fortunate achieve the means to support themselves, and almost every Conservative feels the same way, as evidenced by the fact that Conservative charitable giving outpaces liberal charitable giving along the lines of ten-to-one. However, it is not the government’s right or responsibility to punish any hard working citizen by confiscating their money so that the government can “spread the wealth” to people who choose not to work – that is outrageous.

    Again, I have and will continue to give to various charities that provide for the less fortunate, including food pantries and organizations that help people find jobs – but by what right does the government get to tax me to give money to people who refuse to find jobs? And don’t tell me there are no jobs out there – where I live I see “Help Wanted” signs every day.

    2) Already addressed.

    3) Truth – yeah, I need to know what you mean before we can talk about that – “truth” without context is far too nebulous to discuss.

    Now, I’d like to ask a few questions:
    A) How do you feel about Fairness versus Justice?
    B) If you want “freedom of and from religion”, how do you feel about Obama trying to squash the First Amendment?
    C) If you want education, why do you think liberal democrats keep blocking school voucher programs?

  15. chucky

    @chucky: See? A simple answer, and now we can discuss. That is why I care. Because I want to understand so we can have a discussion.

    I would rather hit myself in the head with a sledgehammer than have a “discussion” with you Arch.

  16. Conservative Mike

    Compassion is helping those truly in need, not hanging around a New York Welfair office sucking up my tax dollars.

    And surprise, surprise their Obama Supporters.

    Whatcha think about that Chucky!!!!!!!

  17. chucky

    I still think you’re a goddamn idiot. When it comes time to help those that are in need, where in the hell are you?

    Probably listening to that goddamned drug-addled gas bag Rush Limbaugh, or the baby jesus Sean Hannity.

    Why exactly are you here posting on this site? Are you one of the goddamn assholes trying to attack Malloys show?

  18. Conservative Mike

    Nope just exercising my free speech rights, and to get under the skin of liberals.

    Just kidding

    I am trying to understand the Liberal Mindset compared to myself a conservative. But when we ” conservatives” try to have a discussion with you, all you can do is call us names and ridicule us.

  19. Arch

    @chucky: I ask in all honesty: Is the reason you don’t want to have a discussion is because you have no answers to the questions I ask?

    When it is time to help people I am giving both my time (building homes, feeding the homeless, etc) and my money (charitable donations to food pantries, clothing donation centers, heck, buying a sandwich for guys begging for change outside of Walmart), statistically at a much higher rate than progressive/liberals.

    Where are you?

    @Conservative Mike:
    Did you ever hear the interviews conducted with Obama supporters during Obama’s campaign in 2008?

  20. chucky

    No Arch, it’s because there would be no point. We covered this last year. I won’t see your point of view, and you won’t see mine. There’s no sense trying to debate with you. You’ll just call me names and shit too. So just go away.

    Mike, if you like getting under the skin of liberals so much, don’t be a whiney little bitch when of them gets under yours.

  21. Arch

    @chucky: I do not appreciate libel. By all means, please, post a link to where I called you a name. Any name. You’ve done that to me on this page, several times in fact.

    Now, back up your assertion – link to where I called you anything.

  22. chucky

    I didn’t say you did, dumbass. I said you would. Reading is a skill. Learn it.

    Things must have quited down a lot in your “life” lately for you to be trolling here as often as you have. See, this is why I think you’re a goddamned liar Arch. One minute you’re too busy to do anything but work and school, then you’re here everyday. I told you before, go the fuck away. I’m not interested in talking to you here. And I’m done. So don’t bother trying.

  23. Arch

    @chucky: Reading is a skill, and I’m fairly well versed at it. Funny – writing is a skill, too.

    “We covered this last year…You’ll just call me names and —- too”

    Your implication is that I called you “names and —-” last year, and I will again in future discussions.

    So I’ll ask again – please post a link to where I did that, ever.

    Now, you seem to say that I’m wrong a lot – but you never prove it. You make personal attacks and lots of vague generalities – if I am really so wrong about so much, it should be easy to point it out. “Punk” me, as you said recently. It hasn’t happened yet – shouldn’t it be easy to do?

  24. chucky

    Yes, rading IS a skill, one you have NOT mastered. But you need not worry about it. This will be the last time I talk to you. You have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s a complete, totall waste of time.

    And I’ll ask you again, don’t talk to me anymore. That was something I asked for last year too. I haven’t the time, nor the desire to communicate with you ever again.

  25. Arch

    @chucky: So you are tacitly admitting that I am right, since you cannot seem respond to my questions and statements. Thank you – I appreciate it, and I’ll be sure to point out that my statements are “chucky approved” in the future.

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