Another Mueller Friday!  It was finally Roger Stone’s turn at the wheel, with a fresh series of indictments for lying to Congress about the Wikileaks/Russia “dirty tricks.”  One step closer to the BIG DON himself, head of the Teflon Trump Crime Family. 

And speaking of the Grifter in Chief, he tucked tail and reopened the government today, with zero concessions for the wall Limbaugh wants that Mexico was supposed to pay for.  All that grief and strife for 5 weeks for nothing.  Those federal employees working without pay . . . for what end?

Hopefully will all come to an end soon and we can return to some semblance of “normal” governance and foreign policy.  Maybe we’ll regain some of our global standing on the world stage one day, once we show the rest of the world that this Trump Time was some hideous accident, with help from Putin and Zuckerberg.

Stay warm out there this frigid weekend, Truthseekers!  Keep it lit……

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