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Bob Kincaid is in for Mike tonight!  Mike returns live Monday to deconstruct Trump’s disastrous UK trip and the 12 most recent Mueller indictments.



It’s another great week for Putin, so much winning!  Trump successfully pissed off NATO and cemented his overseas image as the penultimate American idiot, alienating Theresa May and further damaging our trade agreements.  Back at home Republicans have rallied around the Hairflap in Chief and dug in their heels in “preemptively” defending the cretin and his cronies from upcoming collusion and obstruction findings in the Muller report. 

Not a single member of congress is investigating the dangers of Putin hacking our next election, but they devoted almost 24 hours to raking FBI agent and Trump text critic Peter Strzok over the coals.

Today’s circus in the House Oversight Committee Hearing ostensible hearing  into Hillary’s email (!) was such an obvious attempt to discredit the Mueller investigation, even Fox “news” hosts criticized the Republicans for their insane attack on Strozk.

In one of the most appallingly hypocritical moments, Rep. Louis Gohmert absolutely lost his shit while questioning Strzok, screaming at Strzok for lying to his wife while having an affair with Lisa Page.

“I can’t help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little smirk how many times did you look all innocent in your wife’s eyes and lie about Ms. Page,” he screamed.   

This tirade, mind you, in in defense of proud pussy-grabber and admitted serial adulterer Donald J. Trump.  That’s how bonkers it’s gotten in Putin’s America. 

The good news here is that it is increasingly difficult to obfuscate and hide the truth from the American people.  We know when 2,000 Latino babies are being routed around the country in the middle of the night, for example (and where the hell is THAT oversight hearing??) To paraphrase Rachael Maddow, these crimes are too big to conceal anymore.  Too many people know the truth and too many are willing to talk.

Just as this hearing backfired.  Strozk came across as measured and intelligent as the GOP interrogators foamed at the mouth over his sexy text messages.  And Strozk had an opening statement of his own:

I understand that my sworn testimony will not be enough for some people. After all, Americans are skeptical of anything they hear out of Washington. But the fact is, after months of investigations, there is simply no evidence of bias in my professional actions.

There is, however, one extraordinarily important piece of evidence supporting my integrity, the integrity of the FBI, and our lack of bias.

In the summer of 2016, I was one of a handful of people who knew the details of Russian election interference and its possible connections with members of the Trump campaign. This information had the potential to derail, and quite possibly, defeat Mr. Trump. But the thought of exposing that information never crossed my mind.

That’s what FBI agents do every single day, and it’s why I am so proud of the Bureau. And I am particularly proud of the work that I, and many others, did on the Clinton email investigation. Our charge was to investigate it competently, honestly, and independently, and that is exactly what happened.

I’m also proud of our work on the Russian interference investigation. This is an investigation into a direct attack by a foreign adversary – and it is no less so simply because it was launched against our democratic process rather than against a military base. This is something that all Americans, of all political persuasions, should be alarmed by. In the summer of 2016, we had an urgent need to protect the integrity of an American Presidential election from a hostile foreign power determined to weaken and divide the United States of America. This investigation is not politically motivated, it is not a witch hunt, it is not a hoax.

I expect that during this hearing, I’ll be asked about that ongoing investigation. During my testimony before these Committees two weeks ago, I was asked a number of questions, including about the ongoing Russia investigation, that counsel for the FBI instructed me not to answer. Consistent with my obligations, I followed the instructions of agency counsel. However, these exchanges generated significant tension with the Majority Members and numerous time-consuming sidebars and discussions amongst counsel.

Earlier this week, my attorney asked the Committees and the FBI to confer and agree on ground rules about which topics the FBI would allow me to testify about, and which I could not. As recently as last night, the FBI and Congress were still negotiating about what questions I would be allowed to answer here today. My understanding is that the FBI’s Office of General Counsel has provided the Committee with a list of questions that I will be permitted to answer today; the list includes certain questions that I was asked but instructed not to answer during my previous interview by the Committees. I am happy to answer any questions for which I have authorization to answer and where the FBI has directed me not to answer, I will abide by the FBI’s instructions – but let me clear: this is not because I don’t want to answer your questions; if I were permitted to answer, I would. And the answers would doubtless be disappointing to the questioners and undermine the conspiracy narrative being told about the Russia investigation.

In addition, I will testify today as accurately as I can, and to the best of my recollection. Nevertheless, my testimony will necessarily be less accurate, less precise, and less complete than it would be had the Committees not insisted on this unreasonable and unprecedented schedule. Only 36 hours ago I received access to thousands of pages of documents that the Department of Justice turned over to the Committees last week. Unlike the Members questioning me today, I do not have the transcript from my eleven hours of testimony last week. The time available for preparation has been wholly inadequate, as has my access to documents necessary for my preparation.

I understand we are living in a political era in which insults and insinuation often drown out honesty and integrity. But the honest truth is that Russian interference in our elections constitutes a grave attack on our democracy. Most disturbingly, it has been wildly successful – sowing discord in our nation and shaking faith in our institutions. I have the utmost respect for Congress’s oversight role, but I truly believe that today’s hearing is just another victory notch in Putin’s belt and another milestone in our enemies’ campaign to tear America apart.

As someone who loves this country and cherishes its ideals, it is profoundly painful to watch and even worse to play a part in.

Another victory notch in Putin’s belt.  Yup – he is the clear winner here, and so many faithful Republicans have his back, practically inviting him to interfere with the November elections.  Why not?  They need all the help they can get to defeat the Democrats – can’t win any other way.  They might as well get it for free from Russian hackers and spies. 

Cambridge Analytica is no more, what a Neocon candidate to do?  Play fair?


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  1. Moose

    Excellent show as usual Mike.
    The truth always wins out in the end, and justice will be served by the words of a true patriot.
    Take care of you and yours, and until we hear from you again,
    Keep It Lit!

  2. TakeTheCannoli2

    Thanks for providing this excerpt of Strozk’s testimony, Kathy. I can understand his dissatisfaction with the inadequate conditions for the hearing. I can’t wait for the Dems to take one of the chambers of Congress so we can have nonstop hearings into The Trump Crime Family. We may not need to impeach Trump if his head explodes from the sheer onslaught of truth in the ensuing headlines.

  3. TakeTheCannoli2

    His last words will be: “WITCH HUNT! WITCH HUNT!” — followed by a big KABOOM!

    Then we can all say, in the words of Big Jim McBob (Joe Flaherty) and Billy Sol Hurok (John Candy): “He sure blew up good…. He blew up REAL good!!”

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