Superbowl Friday

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        1. chucky

          Maybe this will explain everything about ol’ Fast Eddie. This is from the Buffalo Beast 50 Most Loathsome Americans list of 2011.

          42) Ed Schultz

          Crimes: Called Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut,” when everyone knows she’s a right-wing c**t. Considering his past as North Dakota radio’s homeless-bashing Rush Limbaugh doppelgänger, Big Ed’s vein-bulging zeal for Team Democrat seems more an opportunistic sport than an ideological mission. When he couldn’t outdo his sacrosanct right-wing radio competition he abruptly became a Democrat, then rode the anti-Bush wagon to prominence. It wasn’t the first time Schultz switched sides out of expedience. Early in his sports broadcasting career, he reportedly “switched his allegiance from North Dakota State University to rival University of North Dakota after changing stations.” Sets up the most bias-confirming poll in cable news by shouting, “Git yer cell phones out!”

          Smoking Gun: “Mr. President, I got a great idea as to where you can send those troops that you just brought home from Iraq. How about Chicago, Illinois and a bunch of other big cities in this country? It’s time we look out for our own backyard, security is an issue.”

          Sentence: Routinely mistaken for Limbaugh at Wendy’s drive-through.

          Yeah, he’s an asshole all right.

      1. Paulie

        Yup I heard about it and was listening to his radio show on tunein. Later in his show a few that knew how negative the pipeline would be explained it to Ed and he came across as ignorant to the downside of it. Sad just sad.

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