TGIF Truthseekers!

Remember the basement flood from October?  We are FINALLY getting the drywall and floors repaired, and the Malloy Studio is under construction.  We have a Best of Malloy tonight and will be LIVE Monday for the State of the Union preview.

And since we’re in Atlanta, we will spend the weekend sheltering in place. 

Stay warm out there!

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  1. Dot in Seattle

    Lil Donny Dotard wants his wall! WALL! WALL! WALL! WALL! Hey dumb ass, which side of the 1,800 (approx) mile long Rio Grande river do you plan on building the wall? Gonna build your wall through Big Bend National Park, The Las Palomas Wildlife Management Area and Border Field State Park? Where are you gonna build all the roads to get all of the equipment and materials to your useless wall? How are you going to house all those workers? How do plan on feeding those workers? They’re gonna need showers and bathrooms too. Most of the land on the southern border is on private property. What are you going to do if the land owner stands there with a gun and tells you to get the hell off of her/his property? Gonna arrest them or shoot them? Many of those land owners have hired lawyers ready to drag your bloated ass into court to sue you. They’re saying “Fuck your eminent domain bullshit! This is MY land!” They could drag a lawsuit out for years. Is your wall going to stop on land or continue into the Pacific Ocean (west coast) and into the Gulf of Mexico (east coast)? Look at a map of the southern border and follow it west. What do you see? Miles of farmland, deserts and mountains. You want to build through someone’s farm? How the hell are you going to build a wall over mountains and canyons? Lil Donny Dotard wants to a build a wall. Good luck with that, asshole.

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