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It’s not the Tea Party of the Left, if for no other reason than the members can spell and haven’t assembled to denigrate,  humiliate, or marginalize any socioeconomic or ethnic segment of society.  The Occupy Wall Street movement is also different from the games Teabaggers play in that it has mushroomed overnight to cities all over the country while receiving barely a mention in the press.  This is encouraging, indeed.  Let’s hope the remaining labor organizations take note and soon publicly support these important efforts.

Here is an excellent essay on the new protests by Richard (RJ) Eskow: Consultant, Writer, Senior Fellow with The Campaign for America’s Future.

Even the sympathizers don’t always get it. I’m sure I get a lot of things wrong too, but here’s one thing I do understand: Change doesn’t begin with policy. It begins with perception. And you don’t change things by asking. You change them by acting.

But it begins with perception. “All money is a matter of belief,” as someone once said.

In the New York Times, Nick Kristof shows that he understands the #OccupyWallStreet movement more than most of his peers. “The protesters are dazzling in their Internet skills,” he writes, “and impressive in their organization.”

But like many other sympathetic observers, he misses their most important point when he says “the movement falters in its demands” because “it doesn’t really have any.”

As a movement participant told the Take Back the American Dream conference this morning, “We don’t have demands. If we make demands of Wall Street, we’re saying that Wall Street has the power.”

But the fact that the movement doesn’t make demands of Wall Street – or Washington, for that matter – doesn’t mean it doesn’t have demands. It does, but they’re not directed at Wall Street, or K Street, or Pennsylvania Avenue. They’re directed at you. And at me, and at every other citizen in this country.

To be sure, these “demands” are’t couched in the strangely condescending and hostile language of all the Democratic fundraising emails going around lately. (“You think of yourself as a smart voter, don’t you?” said one I got this weekend). These “demands” come in a friendler, more respectful tone, that iof one person saying to another, “Hey, did you see that?”

Some mainstream liberals and politicos rolled their eyes at the protestors’ response to requests that they come up with “one demand.” Their “one demand” page includes the execution of Troy Davis (“Ending capital punishment is our one demand”), Yahoo’s blocking of emails that included the occupywallst URL (“Ending corporate censorship is our one demand”), and a list of others: “Ending health profiteering is our one demand.” “Ending American imperialism is our one demand.”

That was a signal for the snark to commence. “I’m not a genius at math,” said one commenter, “but I’ve been counting these demands and I’ve gone way past one.” Meanwhile well-intentioned voices like Kristof and my friend Mike Konczal helpfully provided them with policy demands. And they’re good ones: A financial transactions tax. Investigate Wall Street crimes. Cancel excessive debts.

But the “one demand” that matters most is directed at our society, not our policymakers, and it’s much more fundamental than these excellent ideas. The demand is this: “Come back to sanity.” That’s the underlying demand that unifies all those items on the #OccupyWallSt website. Our culture is insane today, and they recognize that. Create a transactions tax, and they’ll simply rob us another way.

“Sanity: The ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health. Reasonable and rational behavior.” Oxford Dictionaries Online

The scope of our confusion and delusion can’t be addressed by specific policy measures, any more than you might have overthrown Mubarak’s regime in Egypt with a “single demand” to end the torture of political prisoners, or fixed elections, or the theft of the nation’s billions by Mubarak and his cronies. The first step is to lift the veil from everyone’s eyes, as they did in Egypt, to say to others and to themselves: “This isn’t democracy – and it isn’t inevitable. We can change it.”

Why mention Troy Davis and the death penalty while you’re demonstrating against the power of corporations and the big banks? Because executions are a diversion that corporate America throws at the people to draw our attention away from their misdeeds.

The public’s getting upset: Wage inequality is worse than its been in modern history. Bailed-out bankers are still paying themselves huge bonuses with taxpayer money. Our corporate politicians always know what to do in a tight spot like that: Kill another black man and change the subject. That’s how Troy Davis fits into the demonstrators’ “one demand.”

Why is “American imperialism” on the list? Because politicians in both parties are determined to cut Social Security and Medicare, even as they support military bases around the world and prosecute two unnecessary wars. Those bases and those wars enrich the corporations that serve the Defense Department.” Those wars are a symptom of democracy hijacked by corporations.

Why is “corporate censorship” on the list? Because in both a literal and metaphorical sense, certain information is marginalized or blacklisted in our social media and our traditional media. A majority of Republican voters – not Democratic voters, Republicans – want to protect Social Security benefits and close tax loopholes. A vast majority of Americans want the government to create jobs more than it wants deficits to be cut..

But try finding a news report about the budget that doesn’t treat these ideas as marginal, extreme, “lefty,” and impractical. See how hard it is? That’s corporate censorship.

In every voice, in every ban,
the mind-forg’d manacles I hear.

William Blake

Here’s how insane this country has become. You can find “liberal” pundits and leaders from both parties on every channel who will condemn American homeowners as morally bankrupt and unworthy of help. But the banks they trusted, who sold them mortgages on the false promise that real estate values would rise forever, and who then when on a crime spree, walked away free. And their CEOs are broacast and quoted as they were legitimate, mainstream American voices.

That’s insane.

While the middle class dies and the ranks of the poor swell, this country is talking about cutting the government’s spending. Whil one home in four is underwater, this country’s worried about the financial health of banks. While we fight two unnecessary wars, war criminals like Dick Cheney are given television platforms as if they were simply representing a different political point of view.

That’s insane.

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  1. Dude

    Important legal news:


    Last Updated 4:28 p.m. ET

    PERUGIA, Italy – American student Amanda Knox, who was convicted by an Italian court for the 2007 murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher, was acquitted today by an appeals court.

    Her murder conviction in the 2007 slaying of her roommate Meredith Kercher was thrown out by the jury, and she was ordered immediately released from prison after nearly four years of detention.

    Knox collapsed in tears after the verdict was read out Monday.

  2. Richard Charnin

    A new Facebook Group: Occupy Elections

    The Revolution must start with election and voting reform. Voters need to be aware of the very real problem of Election Fraud in the US. A true Democracy requires honest elections to express the voice of the people in matters of Peace, Economic, Social and Environmental Justice. But a complicit mainstream media, corrupt elected officials and timid academics are in a permanent lockdown of silence about Election Fraud. They ignore the thousands of voting machines all across the nation which utilize malicious software programming to miscount votes. They want to fool us into believing that the official recorded vote represents the True Vote and that election fraud is non-existent. That is why the relevant information about fraudulent elections presented in the websites listed below must become common knowledge. We must demand Hand Counted Paper Ballots for real and lasting change.

    The support of and struggle for peace, environmental, social and economic justice is not an either/or issue but rather a direct result of corrupt voting systems. Those who care and work for peace, social, economic and environmental justice would do well to call for honest verifiable elections in which our votes are actually counted as cast.

    All across the nation and in DC, laws destructive to all life (except “corporate”) are being passed by those selected to govern. There is a high probability many politicians are selected by the machines, not elected by the voters. This is not conjecture; it is based on a wealth of documented evidence of problems with electronic vote counting machines, confirmed by literally hundreds of statistical anomalies.

    We must not allow our votes to be counted in secret by machines manufactured, programmed and serviced by companies with a right-wing agenda.

    Let’s come together via Occupy Elections so that our voices can be heard. Demand mandatory, verifiable hand-counted paper ballots in full public view. Each voter should be able to verify that his or her vote was properly counted. For more information, please check out the following election integrity sites:

  3. Dude

    Right on!


    Also, here is an interesting melding of alternative energy and fossil fuels:

    Coalinga, Calif., October 3, 2011 – Chevron Technology Ventures, a division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc. that identifies, evaluates and demonstrates emerging technologies, today launched a unique demonstration project to test the viability of using solar energy to produce oil. The project uses over 7,600 mirrors to focus the sun’s energy onto a solar boiler. The steam produced is injected into oil reservoirs to increase oil production. The project is the largest of its kind in the world.

    “Through this demonstration, we want to determine the feasibility of using solar power for enhanced oil recovery,” said Desmond King, president of Chevron Technology Ventures. “This technology has the potential to augment gas-powered steam generation and may provide an additional resource in areas of the world where natural gas is expensive or not readily available.”

  4. TCS

    I attended the rally in Boston- very positive vibe, and an overall wish to make this a better society.. Contrast that to right wing Teabaggers whose entire philosophy is fear, hatred and ignorance. Sadly the media has all but ignored the ralley- save for focusing on the arrest of 20 plus people in front of Bank of America. No shock local right wing talk radio are painting the people who are demonstrating as communists and fascists. I notice the rhetoric from the rabid right is exactly how it was when they villified peace rallies during the Bush years. I wonder how long before some right wing psychopath fullfills their fantasies and sprays the demonstraters down with machinegun fire- Violence from the rapture right is a very real threat, more dangerous than Islamic zealots by far.

  5. Chris

    The elite are prepared for protests knowing what they caused. They have their “Safe Rooms” , body guards. They can yacht away from turmoil and arrest. Darpa has equipment to microwave a very thin layer of skin, which deters you but supposedly doesn’t cause harm. They have their own private police forces.

    If all else fails to deter us…………………. another “Terrorist Attack” will occur.

  6. Chris

    But we must do something and fight back. We also need to take back schools before it’s too late. We may have to educate children ourselves pulling them out of public schools and demanding our tax money back.

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