Tale of Two Earth Days

treeTime to compare and contrast, Truthseekers.  The Chief Executive (Obama) and the Chief Wingnut (Rush “Deaf by Temptation” Limbaugh) are celebrating Earth Day in their own different ways today.  President Obama is visiting a wind energy generating plant in Iowa, following a tree planting session in DC yesterday.

El Rusbo?  According to the Christian Science Monitor, Jabba the Neocon is honoring the Earth by celebrating coal, the car, plastic bags, and light bulbs.

Last week, in preparation for the event, Limbaugh said, “Normally, those of us with sanity sit Earth Day out, while schools frighten kids with apocalyptic tales of the earth being destroyed, because we enjoy a high standard of living.”  He also paid tribute to Gordon Dancy, the inventor of plastic grocery store bags.  And no, he wasn’t kidding.


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