Another Friday, another chip in the once Mighty Ship of States.  The shine is off the Obama apple, so to speak, and depending on how you look at it, Obama has either failed to deliver on the promised change or hasn’t had time or resources to undo the damage wrought by the Bush Crime Family.  Either way, his State of the Union speech (while predictably well-written and delivered) was met with disappointment on many fronts.

We’ll discuss the aftermath, the coming midterm battle, the future of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, the Unsinkable Ben Bernake, The forgotten health care reform, and much more!  And we’ll play political podcast trivia and give away ONE annual subscription to the commercial-free podcast tonight!

Join your humble and obedient servant at 9PM ET: 877-996-2665

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  1. Maggie Hittinger

    I actually feel bad for Obama because he used his beleif that essentually all peeople are good if you give them a chance. If you do the right thing then all of us will swim to the top. But sorry my president most of us are not good.Most of us are ugly. We support torture. And for one chance if we are not the right color we will take you and kill you. This how I see you America as an expariate this how I see you America. You discust me so much. I hate this country so much I better go home

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