Thank You Texas Teabag Representative Louie Gohmert

Oh, my, there’s goes the Texas Intellectual Rocket again. No, not Rick Perry. The real Rocket Man, Republican Representative Louie Gohmert aka The Goober. (Louie has several nick-names.)

This time The Goob offers a simple equation to prove the existence of his personal god – the one shared by legions of believers. In The Goob’s own words, (actually, quoting a Christian “entertainer”) “Think about it, no matter how smart they think they are, an atheist has to admit that he believes the equation: nobody plus nothing equals everything.”

“How embarrassing for an intellectual to have to say, ‘Yeah, I believe that,’ Gohmert said, “Nobody plus nothing equals everything.”


How does one respond to such disfiguring logic? One can’t, really. One can only scratch one’s head and marvel at whatever substance is in Texas’ drinking water (fracking fluid?) that produces such a bumper crop of half-wits who populate the state’s political system.

The Goob was addressing yet another “prayer rally” in DC last Wednesday when he offered his latest insight regarding “god.”

At the event’s close he got an enthusiastic round of applause from the rallyers when he added (according to Huffington Post) “You couldn’t get everything unless there was something that was the creator of everything and that’s the Lord we know.” The Post added, “Gohmert did not elaborate on how he leapt from something to nothing to everything to the “Lord we know” rather than to, say, a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Gohmert also neglected to explain who would have created the Lord he knows, or whether the Lord created Himself before He existed.

I only mention this latest Louie Gohmert spasm because everything else in the “news” is dark, bloody, violent and hideously scary. The Goob is the only fun thing happening.

– MM



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This article has 13 comments

  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Got a pretty easy answer, Kathy.
    On the seventh day He rested (went fishin’) and left the
    back door open. In walked stupid and it’s been down hill
    ever since. Faith: It’s kinda like two-inch putty… It
    fills a lot of big gaps.

  2. Greg East of Toledo

    Ya’ gotta admit, ole’ Goob is good for a few laughs. I mean the photo alone suffices – it’s priceless. Kinda makes me miss Don Knotts. Ah, Mayberry – ‘the end of the innocence.’

  3. DanTheMan

    Has anyone noticed the barrage of brain-dead right wing callers bothering Stephanie Miller, Tom Hartman and Jeff Santos in the past week or so? Although I’ve begged these folks to follow Mike’s example and simply don’t put these a-holes on the air there seems to be no escaping the World Net Daily/Fox News mouth breathers from calling. Of course, poor Alan Colmes cannot escape them as he’s on Fox Radio. Tom’s “conversation” with clueless christianist Bill Keller last week was some amazing radio realizing there are actually people that clueless walking among us.

  4. Jon in Maryland

    On Fri July 11, 2014 program Mike mentioned a truthout .org article about Monsanto high exposure to liability for damages from Roundup glyphosate because of kidney disease epidemic. I hope the liability isn’t preempted for USA sufferers of kidney disease because of sec 735 “Monsanto protection act” of 2013 continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown. Repeal the Monsanto protection act in future budget bills.

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