The Big 500

Truthseekers, we have less than a week remaining in our crucial Malloy Book Kickstarter campaign! We have two “500 CHALLENGES” to help us reach our goal so we can spread the message of #RESISTANCE!


Please tell everyone about the book!  Tell your friends and enemies (that’ll piss them off).  Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and PLEASE share it on all those nasty right wing fascist hate sites.  Make some noise!  Be the Free Press Trump hates and fears. Help us reach a wider audience, get better book publicity and marketing help, and attract the attention of publishers!

If you have pre-ordered a book, thank you!  Add $25 to your original order to buy an extra copy for another Truthseeker in your life.


Pledge $500 or more to our Kickstarter and you can Cohost The Show!

Have you ever thought “Hey, I can be a talk show host, I’m as good as that other guy…..?!

Here’s your once-in-a-lifetime chance to speak to a national audience!  This isn’t calling in for a quick chat, this is your chance to be a real part of the show for an entire hour!

Your reward includes an hour prep session with Kathy before the show, followed by an hour co-hosting on air with Mike.

You are free to interview a guest, go off on a rant, read poetry, discuss your pet project, publicize an event, movement, cause, or candidate… do everything Mike does (well maybe not everything) and even take calls if you like! 

You run the show, you pick the topics, you call the shots.  VALUE: Priceless 

Signed Book ( by Mike & Kathy) + Personal Message + advance digital chapters!


Pledge $35 or more for Digital Previews!

The Book + Digital Previews!  You’ll get early digital previews of the book as Mike is writing and when it’s done you’ll get your own signed copy of the book (69 backers)

WHAT? Only 69 Truthseekers have signed up for this!?

Better submit your order(s) while you can still get in on the advance digital chapters. Remember, Kickstarter book pre-orders at the $35 level and above will receive these advance chapters of Mike’s book  as he’s writing them.  The first of these chapters is coming Monday the 20th!  So if you don’t get your order in now, you’ll have to wait until the final (edited) book comes out next Fall!  


Thank you for ALL the ways you keep it lit and #RESIST!

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  1. L Schroeder

    Instead of Alt-Right, I think we should use the term Alt-Truth, especially with The Donald in the drivers seat.  I also think we should never use the name Trump because that is what he wants to hear.  I would just use “The President” or maybe “The President of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse.”

    Will there be a recipes section from Kathy in the book?  Just asking.

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