The Day After

Remember the film “The Day After?” It is a fictional account of what might happen the day after a nuclear holocaust. The story centers on a handful of survivors in Kansas. Tension rises as radiation levels increase and Americans must find ways to survive against all odds — physically, mentally and emotionally.
So, our “day after” is at hand. Tomorrow’s election will set the course of the US for a very long time.  And, the day after the election? Who knows? Republicans and their  capitalist/fascist owners are planning massive legal challenges to any result that does not give them what they want – democracy and the voice of the people be damned.  They have a plan as to what the “new democracy” will look like.
Are you ready? Are you aware of what is at stake? Will you vote? Will you turn your back on the process as corrupted as it is? Will your stance be moral as opposed to political?
One assumes there will be no poisonous radiation to deal with the day after tomorrow’s election. But, it is safe to expect the poisonous political atmosphere that begins with a Romney victory will engulf the country in a tsunami of rapacious greed and possible ultra-violence. It will be the end of the experiment that was begun 230 years ago. The new political mantra will be:
“Democracy is dead . . . Long live Democracy.”
– MM

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  1. Chris

    I get so mad at Repiglicans who can’t see the financial devastation caused by Bush, CAN’T be fixed in 4 years and this was” Robbery by Design”.

    Next, the division in this Country caused by riecht wing radio. Blacks are going to riot if Obama don’t win. Tea Party types are hoarding AK-47’s to overthrow Obama. Really?!!!! Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Levin should all be in prison for pushing civil war, especially if it happens.

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    Looking for a comforting thought on the Night Before:

    I’d LIKE to think…
    There are not enough people stupid enough to vote Romney.
    That our elections are sacred and uncorruptible.
    That Romney has not offended enough voters to disqualify him.
    That in the end Obama will be re-elected along with a congress
    that will support a progressive agenda.

    The GOOD news is, this is America and all the above may happen.
    The bad news is, this is America and none of the above may

    Question… If Romney “wins” does that mean Ann-Margret isn’t coming?

  3. Chris

    On Frontline I saw a documentary about both men. Obama, absent parents made something of himself. Raised white, but was Black trying to find himself. Wanted to change things after seeing poverty in Harlem he wasn’t part of. I believe Democrats pick fighters.

    Romney, during the Vietnam war protested the protesters for not conforming. Became the Bishop after a tragic car crash. Was for the war never fought like most chicken hawks. A yes man. Progressive to a point but easy to make him conform.

    And yes, O’Reilly, Coulter and Beck, all should go down with slippery soap!!!

  4. Chris

    Will Obama feel enough support after winning a second election to take out the Bastards, or, will it be close to keep compromising to failure with Repiglicans to mediocracy. We need strong leadership on the Dem side for a change. Who or what holds it back?!

  5. Jeff

    The very fact that half the country would even consider voting for a pathological liar with multiple personalities irks me to no end. How is it that people all over the world can see what a disingenuous sack of shit Romney is, but so many Americans can’t. There are car salesmen all over the country feeling better about themselves, lately. Many realize that next to this man, they are actually more ethical than they once thought. Mittens could actually take a lie detector test and show no physiological changes while answering questions falsely.

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