The Eastern World, it is Explodin’

Remember when President Raisin Brain said that he understood that violence in the Mideast created unrest throughout the region?  Or that it would take time to restore chaos?  Or that death is a terrible thing?  Or that he shares the vision of Iraq living in peace with it’s neighbor, Palestine? We could go on all day . . .

What is certain is that there is no rest in the region, not in Iraq, not in Afghanistan, not in Russia and certainly not in Gaza.  There is so much violence, death, and chaos everyday, everywhere, it’s difficult to turn on the telescreens.  Days like this we wish we, too, were “encapsulated in a bubble” as Bush once said.

Secretary of State John Kerry has been dispatched to the Mideast to see what he can do (insert joke here) to quell the latest violence in Gaza.  Good luck with that.  he must not bee feeling too optimistic about the situation, given that he was caught in an open-mic moment on Fox “News” Sunday describing – sarcastically –  the Israeli shelling as a “hell of a pinpoint operation.”  This is from The Hill:

“It’s a hell of a pin-point operation, it’s a hell of a pin-point operation,” Kerry said sarcastically while speaking with an aide named John on speakerphone while hooked up to microphones for an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.” “It’s escalating significantly,” the aide told Kerry.

On Saturday night, the Israel Defense Forces posted a tweet that indicated it would step up its ground war to destroy tunnels that run from the Gaza Strip to Israel.

The Kerry gaffe aside, do we now rely on Twitter for bombing alerts?  Has it come to this?  Think of the billions of dollars our massive intelligence apparatus has spent on surveillance when all they need do is check the Twitterverse for future bombing sites.  And how much gall does it take for the IDF to actually post its attack plans?  It’s like the cocky baseball hitter who come up to bat and points to the area of the ballpark where he intends to hit his home run.  Why not let the world know who’s next in the cross-hairs? What’s to stop them? Unreal.  Almost as surreal as the groups of Israeli citizens who now gather on hilltops, with lawn chairs and sofas (and popcorn?), to watch the bombs drop on the Palestinian civilians.  Murder as a spectator sport.  Like the Romans at the Colosseum, watching Christians fed to the lions.

In America, we watch these horrors on our TV screens, flipping channels when we like to see what’s up with the Kardashians or America’s Got Talent, safe in our bubbles.  But the people in Gaza, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Russia/Ukraine, or Honduras, or Nigeria, or dozens of other embattled countries don’t have that luxury.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to be a passive observer.

Perhaps there is a grain of merit in Dick Cheney’s dark prediction about another 9-11 headed our way.  What do we do when our bubbles burst?

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  1. Dot in Seattle

    I never thought I’d live to see the day when I actually agreed with something that Dick “I love the smell of death in the morning” Cheney said but I think he’s right about another 9/11 happening. I believe it will happen and it will be worse than before. With all of the unguarded uranium laying around, all of the countries that hate our guts and are more than happy to sell nuclear weapons and/or information to the highest bidder (can you say North Korea, Iran), I’m terrified to think that the next attack will be a “dirty” bomb. I’m even more terrified to think that the attack will happen in more than one city. But on the other hand, any terrorist group doesn’t have to do anything to us. We’re doing a great job in destroying ourselves. All they have to do is sit back and watch us tear ourselves apart and they don’t have lift a finger. “Their world is full of Maple Streets. And we’ll go from one to the other and let them destroy themselves. One to the other….one to the other…one to the other.” Sad but so true.

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