The Grinch

It’s Thursday Truthseekers, and our final LIVE program until Wednesday 12/27.  Tomorrow and Monday we have “encore” holiday Malloy Yuleapalooza shows from the wayback machine. Tuesday our GOOD friend Bob Kincaid broadcasts live to recap the holiday weekend and the latest Trumpian atrocities.  

Have a safe, happy, peaceful solstice and keep the yule log lit!

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  1. TakeTheCannoli2

    Happy Holidays, Truthseekers!

    Here’s Maybe if Trump starts a nuclear war, the nuclear winter and global warming will cancel each other out! Heh, heh, heh, cough, cough … Got that line from Futurama.

  2. DennyNNWofLA

    Should you be wondering just what to do with your Christmas gift- a lump of ‘clean’ coal, compliments of the GOP, their horses and Herr Twitler, please consider sending it to Haiti. That would be a start for US aid. Be well Truthseekers.

  3. Doctor Who

    New Year’s resolution. To completely dismantle and destroy the corporate/Clinton wing of the Democratic party. A progressive takeover with working class candidates who can not be bought. The never ending cycle of neoliberal, Wallstreet Democrats and Republicans in control of our Government must come to an end. Over twenty five years of this has made our Country an oligarchy. Enough is enough. The new McCarthyism by the deep State(intelligence community, mainstream media, establishment politicians) will have no effect on us. We will not lose focus. We will continue the political revolution. It will NOT be stopped. Enough of the people are now awake to take back our Government. As Jeremy Corbyn said…”For the many, not the few”.

    #neoliberalismisdead #Bernie2020

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