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Four people were killed today by a shooter at a UPS facility in San Francisco, including the gunman.  At the same time, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, a lobbyist, a congressional staffer and two Capitol Police officers were injured when a gunman opened fire at a Congressional baseball practice. Also, one man was shot outside a shopping center near The Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Pretty significant day for gun-blazing crazies.  Does this mean the Congress might actually consider some kind of gun control legislation? 

Of course not. The Reagan/Brady shooting wasn’t enough.  Rep. Gabby Giffords wasn’t enough.  Columbine wasn’ tenough.  All those six-year-olds at Sandy Hook wasn’t enough.  There are almost as many guns as people in the United States, and they aren’t going anywhere.  Gun lobbyists will make sure of that, and if they don’t Scalise will as Reuters reports:

Scalise, the No. 3 Republican in the House, has worked to oppose new federal gun controls that he has seen as an assault on the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment right to bear arms.

A year ago, Congress was in a gun control debate after the shooting deaths of 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Democrats ramped up their pro-gun control push, staging a filibuster in the Senate and a “sit-in” in the House to disrupt Republican-controlled proceedings. In the end, no legislation passed either chamber to tighten access to guns.

There will never be common sense gun laws as long as we value our deadly weapons more than our darling children.  


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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    The fact that Repubs ALWAYS oppose any form of gun sense/safety regulation is the point I’ve been making to everyone I’ve spoken with today. Sickening to see and hear Eddie Munster’s wringing his hands over the senseless tragedy when it is they that help facilitate these events.

    Stupid, Pt. 2- Yesterday at lunch, Stonewall Sessions was beginning his prepared opening remarks
    when the couple next to me asked for the closed captions to be turned on. We all watched for a while. As they they were leaving I heard the man say to his (presumed) wife, “He’s killing it!” This, before any questions were even asked. Pretty deep thinkin’ there guy… He was obviously a dumbass rooting for the Rebub’s side without any concern about the reason for the hearing, to get to the truth. Does not matter to them. This is another reason “a jury of your peers” is complete bullshit as long as they are included.

  2. JJ

    The GOP is more likely to try to ban dissenting opinions than lessen ease of access to weapons. This is the case despite strong evidence shown in law reviews and historical articles that the 2nd Amendment was drafted to strengthen the federal government’s ability to arm its militia put down rebellions (such as Shay’s) for the purpose of security rather than the revisionist pretense it was intended to protect the right of the individual to arm oneself for rebellion, protect “hunting rights,” or protect the right right of the individual to buy automatic machine guns.

    The founding fathers were concerned about protecting the democratic republic from falling apart, reasoning that the representative democracy protected the right to change the government through constitutional means without needing any right to armed rebellion. The GOP gun rights narrative is a fantasy. If there is a moral justification to armed rebellion it does not find its support in the 2nd Amendment, and there is no justification there either to prevent regulations limiting gun rights of civilians for the security of all. 

    1. Denny NNWofLA

      You’re right, Kath. We don’t deserve to survive; unless we stand up firmly against the few powerful and wealthy that are sucking the life from us. It’s they that do not deserve to live in our society.

    2. Rick

      We ARE sick and reading Twain or Philip Wylie confirms it though it really needs no confirmation. We are so twisted that huge swathes of our species live in an alternate reality of sky pappys and other critters and are thus psychotic and it is freakin validated and MAINSTREAMED. As a species we are surely doomed.

  3. Denny NNWofLA

    Ginormous props to a key panel of our LA city council for endorsing a plan to remove Columbus Day from the calendar and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day. That is, except for Councilman Joe Buscaino, an Italian-American, who desperately needs to be educated about the murderous, child-raping, slave taker and plunderer he claims as representing his heritage. “To me, I feel it’s like removing Martin Luther King Day… out of our books or removing Cesar Chavez Day,” he ‘reasoned.’ WOW- talk about false equivalences! They are polar opposites. That would be like Germain-Americans idolizing Hitler or Twitler. Get a grip, Joe.

  4. Doctor Who(Jay G)

    The GOP is completely useless but you know who aren’t helping? Joy Reid and the New York Times. Exploiting a tragedy and blaming Bernie because they are NEOliberal stooges. Man, there is no depth they won’t sink to in order to bring down the most popular politician in the Country. Not surprising as Bernie is a threat to the oligarchy and the people in power. But exploiting a tragedy where people were murdered?! Man, they are the lowest of the low! How about calling for common sense gun regulation legislation instead?

  5. TakeTheCannoli2

    More good news for native Americans. U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg ordered additional environmental reviews of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He thereby upended Trump’s hasty executive order that gave the green light to its completion.
    I debated Thom Hartmann on his show several times on the power of courts to conduct judicial review. Thom believes that the Marbury vs. Madison (1803) decision that established judicial review was a disastrous decision. He said it led to Citizens United v. FEC (2010). However, nothing can prevent corrupt decisions if Supreme Court Justices are themselves corrupt, as in Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857) and Plessy v. Ferguson (1896).
    Citizens United is the result of Bush stealing two elections, allowing him to appoint two Supreme Court Justices.
    Marbury provides the basis for checks and balances within our government. Moreover, since Justices almost always outlive the administrations that appointed them, it provides a measure of stability within our government. Thus, for example, JFK appointee, Justice Byron White, influenced American jurisprudence into the early 1990s. The previous generation thereby places a check on the power of a would-be dictator. We have already seen judges below the Supreme Court level block Trump’s travel ban on Muslims from six countries.
    But then again, a number of corrupt Justices can place a stranglehold on our democracy if they far outlive the corrupt President who appointed them. That’s why presidential elections matter. Those who throw away their votes are gambling with our nation’s future.

  6. Doctor Who(Jay G)

    No, Cannoli. A system which allows corruption and fraud are gambling with our nation’s future. The Democratic establishment and the DNC cheating are gambling with our nation’s future. And cheaters never win. And thus, we now have the consequences of that. You can’t blame the people for rolling the dice and voting out of desperation when they don’t have an acceptable other choice. You must give people something to vote FOR! Are you listening to Bernie and working people, Cannoli? Have you read “Listen, Liberal” by Thomas Frank? No, I don’t blame the people, sir. I blame the incompetent and thoroughly corrupt Democratic leadership and all that corporate/pac money that has rendered the system absolutely rotten to the core! Ossoff in Georgia won’t support “Medicare For All”. A corporate lobbyist was put in as chair in California due to stinking Superdelegates. There’s examples of the problem, Cannoli. Get it?

  7. TakeTheCannoli2

    Who, you don’t have a clue what Bernie said. (Hint: he said vote for Hillary in the general.) You lack the capacity to understand the damage caused by flipping the majority of the Supreme Court and the lower courts. And you really don’t care about the climate change, or that the health care of over 20 million of your fellow citizens is now endangered. Nor do you care that our culture is sliding into an abyss with weakened public education, and increased bigoted attacks on minorities. And now the White House is infested with grifters who want to dismantle government.

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