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Guns.  What else is there to say?  Mass killings are the price we pay for those deadly weapons we love so dearly.  More than our children.  We value death more than life, so here we are again.  On the show tonight.

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  1. Johnny Dorman

    I agree with Thom Hartman. Guns should be treated the same as cars are. Registration with criminal record checks and the proof of ability to use a firearm safely. The Democratic party needs to push record checks, and only record checks, in order to at least get something done toward gun control. The Democratic party is always biting off more than the NRA and its supporters are willing to chew. Get the record checks bill passed first, then worry about the rest. Don’t try cramming other things into the bill, things like the banning of semi-auto weapons and large magazine capacities, etc. Where the ineptness of the Republicans and the NRA is concerned, we’ll be lucky if we can get at least record checks in place anyway. I feel that record checks is the most important law to get established first. We need to get that done by concentrating on what we CAN get passed, not what we can’t.

  2. Johnny Dorman

    Society is a world of bubbles. The road to wisdom is paved on the act of not staying inside any of those bubbles for too long. I went to high school and college while living in Arkansas. I was born and raised in Southern California till the age of fifteen. I returned to California and have been living here since college. Because of this fact, I have a better insight where gun control is concerned. Many like myself know the right thing to when it comes to guns, but getting others to do the right thing who have such little perspective seems to be a quagmire for me. “Join the club,” you might say.

  3. Warren

    Hey Mike. Love your show. Is there any chance you can fix the broadcasting Mike from only sound coming from one channel at a low level. It’s been this way for months off and on. Just jiggle it or something. Really can’t believe no one has brought this to ur attention
    Kind regards   Warren

  4. Heidi Hoelting

    Excuse ME, but I’m not the “we” you are talking about. I take responsibility for my own behavior, not the miserable choices of the collective “we” that promote guns, voted for Trump, and choose materialism, hatred, greed, and ignorance. I’ve spent almost 70 years trying to discern the truth, correct my flaws, and serve the highest good of all life. I grow organic vegetables, make art, serve my community,
    hate guns, commune with nature, eschew consumerism, care for my loved ones, study, learn, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and vote progressive. In spite of trying so hard to do good, I have to live in this broken world like everybody else…and it hurts like hell.

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