The Next One

This map shows every school shooting since the massacre at Sandy Hook.

Today’s tragedy at Reynolds High School in Troutdale Oregon is not the last tragic incident of murder in our schools, just the next one.  The NRA Neocons who control our elected officials will see to that.  It’s not been a week since an armed gunman shot four people  – killing one – on the campus of Seattle Pacific University in neighboring Washington State. It’s the fourth multiple shooting in six days.  The Washington Post has the usual details:

A gunman wielding a rifle shot and killed a student at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Ore., on Tuesday morning, creating a frantic scene outside the suburban high school as police rushed to the area and students and staff were evacuated.

The “lone gunman” is dead, Troutdale police chief Scott Anderson said at a briefing with reporters.

In addition to the student who was killed, a teacher sustained non-life-threatening injuries, Anderson said.

“This is a very tragic day,” said Linda Florence, superintendent of the Reynolds School District.

There was no word yet on if the gunman was a student or otherwise affiliated with the school, which is located about 17 miles east of Portland.


As we frequently ask on this program, what will it take for Congress to protect it’s citizens, rather than a special interest group?  It seems there is no number of dead bodies or murdered children that will do the trick, Truthseekers.  As the map shows, today’s shooting is the 74th since Sandy Hook Elementary.  In today’s Orwellian political universe, corporations are people, money is free speech, and guns are protected over human beings.

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This article has 12 comments

  1. Andy in Seattle

    Interesting how our “leaders” response to gun violence is the same as climate change. Just ignore it and think it will go away.

    So how will you die? Random gun violence or by a massive weather related disaster? Those are the choices and “freedom” is all about choice right?

  2. Dot in Seattle

    Andy… I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I’ll probably die by gun violence. I’ll probably get shot by some dumb ass yahoo that has a problem with my skin color or he hates the color of my car. If I live long enough to retire and collect my pennies (Social Security) I’ll be amazed. 🙁

  3. William

    Dot , it’s true . “this country is So fucked up”.

    I would have never thought I’d see the day when shootings of any kind would become the norm , I never imagined it would happen ,let alone in schools.

    The worst I had to worry about in school which was very very long ago , was a bully pushing me down.

    Where I live in grand ole Hollywood CA now days you can get shot or run over just crossing the street even when the walk light says walk cars are still running through the left turn with people half way across the street and they don’t seem to care. There have been a few people hit and killed at highland and sunset and a few students killed at hollywood high which is right at that corner.

    It’s gone from worse to so much worse that one dare not even go out after dark.

    Common sense has flown out the window and insane madness has taken it’s place.

  4. Denny NNWofLA

    Bye Bye Eddie Munster.
    Eric Cantor has been upset in the GOP Virginia primary. He
    lost to Dave Brat, a college professor, running to the right
    of Cantor. God how I love it when they eat their own and choke.

  5. Denny NNWofLA

    At first glance, the map shown at the top of this page,
    looks a lot like Sarah Palin’s “Target Map.” Remember?
    Was she psychic or is she just plain psycho? If KARMA does
    exist, she will be devoured by a gaggle of carnivorous
    Christian-eating turkeys that read newspapers daily.

  6. cassandra2001

    Bergdahl family receiving death threats. From 9/11, to the present too many Americans show their cruelty and ignorance, wearing it like a badge of honor. The bigots have no claim to honor the Bergdahl family deserve nothing less than our respect and protection.
    Parents, the good ones, love their children unconditionally. Bowe has not yet touched down on the land of his birth, after 5 years of imprisonment and beatings by the Taliban.
    How much sadness would these fools wring from this innocent community? Pass it on. Thank you.

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