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Hi Truthseekers!

We are off this week.

Many thanks to Ian Levitt and the good folks at KTNF AM950 in Minnesota for manning the mic!

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  1. patricia walsh

    What is wrong with you guys???? We have 1 normal podcast this week and one video podcast that has a repeated segment at the beginning followed by ads and music that take up more time than the actual podcast! Get your damn act together. I know you won’t post my comment because you never do but I can’t believe that you haven’t been getting other ones of a similar nature. Fix the podcasts if your subscribers mean anything to you at all!

  2. Person

    I need to be more concerned about the water crisis that is affecting my city and state:

    (JPL) A new study by NASA and University of California, Irvine, scientists finds more than 75 percent of the water loss in the drought-stricken Colorado River Basin since late 2004 came from underground resources. The extent of groundwater loss may pose a greater threat to the water supply of the western United States than previously thought.

    This is really bad news.

  3. kath

    Oh yeah, Dot, we’re all on the list to be sure, as is anyone who says “I love Edward Snowden” lol! Someone suggested we close all phone calls and mail w/that phrase…

    Person, it’s a dreadful situation, but I do have a suggestion — learn to make distilled water. Another one is to save every glass jar for rainwater (should it happen) collection if you don’t have a large collection device. Just be careful: water-filled glass can start a fire, depending on the sun’s rays and if they “aim” for combustibles.

    It’s always something, eh? SIGH.

  4. DanTheMan

    I’m with Ms Walsh who posted above. I have podcasts of Monday, Tuesday (a repeat of Monday as Mike said it would be), Wednesday (Church Night) which was mistakenly labeled as Thursday’s show, no evidence at all of a Thursday show, and then Friday’s. And then all through Friday’s show there was ear-splitting audio feedback whenever any of the callers were on. I think it sucks.

  5. Dot in Seattle

    When I first heard this on Stephanie Miller this morning, I seriously thought it was Tina Fey doing one of her fantastic impersonations of Palin. I couldn’t believe it was really Palin blabbing away. Palin was totally shit faced. Don’t forget that God doesn’t drive parked cars! LOL! Palin was so fucking stupid/drunk on her ass that she said that Colorado was a border state! It’s horrifying to think that this drunken, moronic bitch was chosen to be a vice-presidential candidate! She must given John McCain one hell of a blow job for him to pick her for his running mate! Or maybe he’s really that goddamn stupid/senile.

  6. chucky

    Dot……Psycho Sarah wasn’t McCain’s choice as running mate. That was the RNCs choice. McCain wanted his closet boyfriend Joe Lieberman. But he was out of goddamned mind to sign off on it. That fucking bitch absolutely fucking killed whatever tiny chance he had at beating Obama.

  7. Denny NNWofLA

    Chucky, you are absolutely correct. But, that’s only
    part of the story. Dot was close, but had it backward.
    Palin became the pick for VP only after threatening
    McCain with oral sex. Don’t forget her nickname was

  8. Michael

    I am really disappointed by tonight’s show.

    If I wanted to listen to someone telling me to vote for the lesser of two evils there are plenty of shows out there.

    Please set us back another decade by supporting Democrat and Republican fraud.

    Thanks to everyone who contributes to the further erosion of us by urging others to support either party, because they really are so different.

  9. Michael

    I find it more than a little unusual that a comment from a long time listener would disappear from this discussion especially as it seemed to mirror Malloy’s sentiment for the many years I have listened. Do with this one as you will as well. I get the message.

  10. Greg East of Toledo

    Hey folks, let’s use some common sense here. The sophistication of the Israeli security forces, Masad, etc. . . totally flies in the face of Hamas obtaining thousands of missiles and firing them into Israel at will. This whole thing appears to be orchestrated to give the racists & fascists who now govern Israel a great excuse to oppress & murder the people of the Gaza Strip. I think we are witnessing propaganda & war crimes at the highest level, completely appalling.

  11. Dot in Seattle I have to admit it’s kind of funny/sad/pathetic to watch Ted “Joe McCarthy 2.0” Cruz bitch slap John Boner around. He’s so fucking drunk and gutless he can’t and/or won’t stand up to Cruz. If Boner had a backbone, he should grab Cruz by his pea sized balls, drag his ass down a hallway, kick his punk ass into a parking lot and tell him “You’re not a member of the House asshole! You’re junior Senator from Texas and a bitch for the tea party! Fuck off!” It’ll never happen but it would be very entertaining if it did.

  12. Karen

    Thanks Dot for the dramatic images of the progress of California’s drought. I am living in Sacramento again where I grew up. (Spent 20+ years living in San Francisco) Anyway, I have never seen a summer like this one. It used to get to triple digits and then cool off. This was cyclical. The heat would bring the fog to the Bay Area. Then some of that fog would drift toward Sacto through the Delta, and we would cool off. Then it would all start over. Nothing like that now. Just weeks and weeks of triple digits or hovering around 98. People are also tired, depressed, don’t want to go outside etc. because of this. That regular cool down was necessary for people to feel normal, and like they weren’t left out in the desert.

  13. kath

    Haha Denny, broc isn’t my fave cruciferous veggie, either — I’m more into Brussels sprouts (YIKES), horseradish, wasabi, and mustard greens — but have you tried broc sprouts? They taste virtually nothing like broc, and are heaps more nutritious, too! Use in lieu of lettuce on a sandwich and you’ll just get some delish crunch 🙂 Try it w/BLT, tuna, egg or chicken salad, ham and cheese, or any vegan/vegetarian combo. It’s really quite amazing how little it tastes of broccoli! Here’s an idea: fave bread, avocado on one slice, cream cheese or hummus or nut butter etc. on the other, and in between add red onion slice, tomato, broc sprouts and fave spice/herb (I like smoked paprika and/or coarse ground black pepper, or chile flakes). YUM! Choose what you love 🙂

  14. Denny NNWofLA

    Yo Greg- What’s going on East of Toledo? Did you get slimed?
    We’ve been hearing about some sort of algae growing in the
    lake that has caused the water to become unsafe to drink.

    Other reports indicate a newly evolved form of ‘Lake Broccoli’
    may be the actual cause. That certainly would render the water
    unfit for consumption.

    Remembering the terrorist geese that recently occupied your back
    yard, well, life there must be an adventure for you every day.

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