Hi Truthseekers!

Mike returns LIVE tonight at 9PM ET to discuss all the horrors we missed while on spring break last week.  And they are legion.

Many thanks to Bob Kincaid for his always masterful guest hosting!

Keep it lit . . . .. 

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  1. Rick

    Aloha Truthseekers,

    Mike is right! There is no progressive voice for us and we are spitting into the wind. I haven’t bothered commenting on the armed madhouse for awhile as it is too ridiculous to bother but JUST NOW read on Huff Post that the dem senators are already giving up their potential future power by floating the idea of restoring the filibuster for the SCOTUS! If anyone dreams that this rotten dem party will change you are as sick and dumb as the cult. A 3rd party has to arise or quit bothering about all this. As orange demon would say…………SAD and sadder if you or anyone believes that the dems are not the real problem and are beyond redemption. It really is a fixed and very clever game they all are playing.

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