The Sound of Silence

Do you hear that, Truthseekers?  The once mighty battle cry from the legion of Neocons to repeal the Affordable Care Act has diminished to a wimpy whisper from a handful of ardent Teabaggers.  The issue, which once promised to dominate the coming mid-term elections, is no longer a surefire winner for the GOP as the newly-implemented, so-called “Obamacare” is becoming increasingly popular around the nation.

Fact is, while there are still plenty of problems with the program, it is a vast improvement over our grossly imbalanced previous system of healthcare only for the lucky/wealthy and no care for the rest of us. Thousands of Americans now have coverage they can count on, children are no longer denied benefits for preexisting conditions, and insurance companies and salespersons are enjoying a booming business.  It’s difficult to argue with success, which is putting major pressure on the GOP hopefuls this Fall.  After all, Neocons can’t live on Benghazi alone.  The NY Times explains it this way:

It was supposed to be so easy this election year for Republican congressional candidates. All they would have to do was shout “repeal Obamacare!” and make a crack about government doctors and broken websites, and they could coast into office on a wave of public fury. The failure of the Affordable Care Act was simply assumed.

But it has not quite worked out that way. The government website was fixed, and 8.1 million people managed to sign up for insurance through the exchanges. An additional 4.8 million people received coverage through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Three million people under the age of 26 were covered by their parents’ plans. Though the law itself has never been widely popular, most people say they like its component parts, and a large majority now says it wants the law improved rather than repealed.

The furious backpedaling is amusing, especially among the most ardent ACA haters.  Mitch McConnell (Turtle/KY), for example, was recently promising to “rip Obamacare out by the roots” or some such nonsense, then had to admit in a recent town hall meeting that to do so would gut the very popular state-run “Kynect” program, which now enjoys more than 400,000 participants.  Still, some stalwart GOP-ers persist in tilting at this particular political windmill.  Scott Brown, for one, will never adandon the REPEAL rebellion:

Scott Brown, who failed to sell this kind of nonsense in the Senate race in Massachusetts in 2012, is now peddling it in New Hampshire, where he is running for the Senate by saying the health law is “hurting families.” But not his family, apparently; in 2012, he admitted to keeping his daughter, then 23, on his policy, thanks to the law.

Kinda reminiscent of Ayn Rand collecting Social Security.  This kind of hypocritical Doublespeak is what we’ve come to expect, isn’t it, Truthseekers?  Meanwhile, look for the Goofy Old Party to cook up some other line of attack later this summer.  I can’t hardly wait . . . .


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  1. Andy in Seattle

    Long time and no me! But I wanted to ask something: is anyone else amazed at the sudden outrage of the prisoner exchange? I never knew so many vets would come out and admit that there are fellow soldiers they would rather stay in an enemies prison than have released back to their families.

    I know we’ve become a sicker country but is this where we are at now?

  2. Capt. Mary in Memphis

    Andy – What I’m hearing/reading is this: tea baggers are pissed because (they say) that the taliban said which 5 prisones would be exchanged for bergdahl and that these were high value radical islamist blah blahss; moreover, bergdahl’s dad apparently said “praise allah” at some sort of WH ceremony regarding the exchange. Bergdahl’s fellow platoon members are pissed because (they say) he was a deserter and soldiers went looking for him and 6 soldiers were killed as a result of trying to find him. Some platoon members (they say) sympathized with bergdahl not wanting to be there, but said he still owed it to his buddies to stay instead of deserting. – Me, I’m of mixed minds. Bergdahl & his family are no doubt relieved at the release & exchange, and I’m glad for them. Simultaneously, I’m sad for the 6 dead soldiers and their families. But if EVERYONE who didn’t want to kill people would REFUSE to kill people, we’d have a better world, in MY skewed opinion.

  3. Capt. Mary in Memphis

    Andy, P.S. About this “you owe it to your buddies to stay” … I’ve heard this over & over from vets, including vets who came home hating war, honest-to-sky-spook patriots who really thought they were doing right, and who came home realizing that they’d been lied to, and vets who felt guilty about being alive when their buddies had been killed. I’ve mever quite understood this. If you’re IN the situation, with a friend near you to protect, yes. But if you’ve come home and decide to go back? Some years ago, a young man who was on leave from Iraq broke down and told me about those kinds of feelings. He had a wife and infant son and had the choice to stay or go back. He told me about killing children, and soldiers driving humvees with severed heads as hood ornaments, and so forth. He let me hold him, and he cried. And he decided to go back. I do NOT understand why. His wife and child needed him. – I don’t know what happened after he went back.

  4. Dot in Seattle

    I love how the NeoCons scream about the prisoner exchange involving Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. How quickly they forget/ignore/deny the Iran-Contra affair. Their beloved deity Ronnie Reagan was up to his sleazy little eyes in that whole cesspool along with Ollie North and company. “A prisoner exchange?! How dare you! What? You want to exchange prisoners for guns and ammo?! Well, why didn’t you say so! Go right ahead!” Hypocritical assholes…..

  5. Denny NNWofLA

    Capt. Mary-
    1967, Vietnam fully aflame and it was my turn in the barrel.
    I was made to surrender myself and submit for training in how
    to kill people, for which I had no reason, other than, “It was
    my DUTY.” Knowing what horrors we were perpetrating, I made
    the conscious decision NOT to be a part of that.

    But things were different then. We saw the war every night
    in our living rooms. We had movements to end the fighting and
    reason was on our side. I had to go deep into the belly of the
    beast and then get out. I was in the US Army… for 93 days.

    Today, the free press isn’t. The propaganda is incessant. Guns
    God and Religion run rampant influencing young people that
    “serving” their country is their honor and duty. With so few
    jobs, for some it’s their only option. Back then, Dylan said,
    “join the Army if you fail.” Now it’s the first option for many.

    So what it comes down to is, we all have choices in life. Choose
    wisely and don’t get fooled by those who lie and manipulate.

    Today I live with shame for what my country was done, but NOT
    for MY actions.

  6. Capt. Mary in Memphis

    Denny – Thanks for those insights. I agree with them, although that doesn’t matter a flip; you chose well, and the bought-off media has Not chosen well. My mister is also a Nam vet; he volunteered, but was enlightened. He suffers with the memories but keeps a firm rein on them. Considering what he’s experienced, that’s truly amazing. – Every now & then, something surfaces & he reminds whoever’s around that Brown & Root’s other partner back in the day was Johnson. (Remembered on account o’ we were talking today about the July 1967 Detroit riot.) – Thanks again. You have my full respect.

  7. William

    I’ve never wanted any war , they never solved one thing other than to kill and destroy lives and families and break minds. If any war solved one thing I would like to know what that is.

    I saw all I needed during the 60’s with Vietnam . I saw all I needed when the greetings came so I could go down and take that horrid physical with a train ticket in hand. I wanted no part of killing and still don’t. That was 66. I never went or had any desire to join up. If called I was willing to bail and move rather than kill.

    Certainly with the job situation as bad as it is some feel they have no choice.

    Today I look at all the insane wars since and even though I can’t stand the repigs I do recall many Dems also willing to go for it.

    What we live with today is a torn apart country lead by liars who took an oath . They don’t care about the people or the poor and never did. Sure it makes a real nice campaign speech to claim they care or drop in to visit the small poor towns and cities to allow the visual.

    War is over if you want it as Lennon said long ago and this is true . It does take the people to demand this , so far this has not happened. People die not to protect this country , they die to protect corporate interests all over this globe , this is the lie , this is the crime and this is the horror.

  8. dredge

    The only reason the neocons are harping on it is because they are looking for reasons to destroy Obama. Now it’s Benghazi..or the recently released combat prisoner from Afghanistan. See, Republicans put politics over any human life. They would rather see this guy remain in captivity or get decapitated unless it benefitted them.

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