The World Would Be a Better Place If……

…..we took care of it.

Molly made a video answering this question about 5 years ago, showing simple solutions to stop global climate change and these increasing environmental disasters.  She was in 5th grade.

Today, as a high school Freshman, she came home visibly upset about the town hall at school that predicted we have about 12 years to correct our human behavior before we reach a tipping point.  Where we cross the line and start the official road trip to extinction.

She said “You always said you had faith that my generation would find a solution, but in 12 years we will barely be out of college…..”

These kids are going to hate us.  Fact is, we have solutions now, but none of our elected representatives are braver enough to challenge the Big Corporations who demand the harvesting and burning of fossil fuels.  No matter what.  Just like sensible gun laws, they are cowards and are willing to sacrifice their children and grandchildren on the alter of these merchants of death.

Dont know how to answer Molly anymore.  We are failing her.  All of them.  This is the biggest crisis we face and we are doing nothing.  Think of it in terms of Game of Thrones and Jon Snow is explaining to everyone that it doesn’t matter who sits on the iron throne if mankind has been obliterated by The Frost King (decent allegory).  Doesn’t matter what decisions world leaders make, or what party is in control, if they are ignoring the #1 threat to life on Earth.

There is no “planet B”

12 years from now, if it’s truly “game over,” what do we tell the children?  Oops, my bad?

We don’t deserve these kids if we can’t protect them.  They certainly deserve better than us.





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  1. chucky

    No, you guys are NOT failing Molly. She’s smart enough to know what is happening to the planet. You haven’t filled her head with superstitious bullshit sky spooks and magic leprechauns. The people who have failed her, and all of our children, are the greedy rat bastards who value profits over the lives of children. Oil companies, this fucking broken down bunch of soulless cretins who make up our federal government, THOSE are the ones who have failed. Not you, and not Kathy.

    1. Joni Ellsworth

      You are correct. It is also correct that neither you nor I have any power to actually do anything about this outrageous situation that is going to kill most of life on this planet. And, it appears that most people could not care less about the issue of climate change. They think it’s all a hoax. Trump told them so.

  2. Tito Alvarez

    Some of us are working very, very hard to see a safe and stable climate for Molly and our children today and tomorrow. I totally feel this frustration and sadness myself. – Tito from (I will feature this blog post or video on my blog if it’s ok)

  3. Joni Ellsworth

    This is why I would like to strangle all the people who voted for Trump. Indirectly, through Trump’s corrupt administration of greedy right-wing oligarchs, these idiot Trump supporters voted for the continued rape of the environment and against any and all measures to develop green energy. I hate them all. And if I am only hurting myself in this regard, then so be it. I also get enraged when I think that these Trump supporting bastards are walking around blissfully unaware or uncaring about the environmental disasters that make me want to weep. Why do I have to feel so sad and worried while all they do is just keep making kids and grandkids and driving to Walmart and shouting “Lock her up!” at Trump’s fascist Hitler rallies? Really? I made it to sixty-five for this? What is this all fucking about anyway? Judging by the dearth of comments here, I don’t expect anyone to weigh in. Too busy getting ready for the north Georgia mountains caper? Okay, I’m just pissed that I can’t be there. Just remember that trolls are standing by to accuse anyone who goes of being a hypocrite because you have to burn all that energy to get there. And no, you cannot win and nobody gets out alive. We can bitch but we are all powerless nobodies.

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