There Has to Be a Morning After

The Debates debate rages on in the corporate media.  Other than Fox “news,” who was the winner?  Was it Hillary?  She was the presumptive Democratic nominee, according to the assembly of Neocons.

We didn’t learn much we didn’t already know, did we?

The Donald is an misogynistic egomaniacal  asshole, Huckabee is a bigot, Jeb is an apologist, Rubio is the cute one, Christie is the fat one from the failed state, Kasich is the Fox News Darling, Paul is the crazy one, Walker has no chin or spine, and Carson is the black guy.  Just an aside, it’s rather telling that the only minority in attendance was behind a podium . . . but that’s Fox for ‘ya.

Not much we at the Malloy Show can add to the analysis, so please read this spot-on play-by-play from Elspeth Reeve writing at The New Republic:


The moment Fox News’ Republican debate began on Thursday night, it felt like a professional wrestling show. The crowd was amped, emitting full-blown sports woos. The first question was perfectly crafted for Donald Trump. Moderator Bret Baier asked the candidates if anyone would raise their hand if they would not pledge to support the GOP nominee, whoever it may be, and not run as an independent candidate. The debate audience was like, Ooooh shit just got real. Trump raised his hand. Huge boos.

“Experts say an independent run would almost certainly hand the race over to Democrats and likely another Clinton,” Baier said, incredulous. “You can’t say tonight that you can make that pledge?” He could not. “I am discussing it with everybody, but I’m, you know, talking about a lot of leverage.” Rand Paul cut in to say Trump “buys and sells politicians of all stripes,” and Trump shrugged, as if to say, true enough. “Well, I’ve given him plenty of money.”

Donald Trump is a heel. Not in the generic insult sense, but in the very specific World Wrestling Entertainment sense. In pro wrestling, which shares certain cultural sensibilities with the Republican Party, the heel is the bad guy—a rude, nasty cheater—who the good guy fights. The good guy is called the face. That was the Republican Party’s problem on the debate stage: It has a heel but no face.

There are definitions of heel all over the web, but the most lovingly crafted appears to be on Wikipedia. It’s also a perfect description of the Trump phenomenon: “heels are often portrayed as behaving in an immoral manner by breaking rules… Others… exhibit unlikeable, appalling and deliberately offensive and demoralizing personality traits such as arrogance, cowardice, or contempt for the audience.” Further, “If a given heel is cheered over the face, a promoter may opt to turn that heel to face…” That’s right, there’s even a role in this analogy for Roger Ailes.

Since Trump’s presidential announcement in June, journalists and pundits have puzzled over who could possibly support Trump. He made fun of a war hero for getting captured in Vietnam. He brags about exploiting bankruptcy law. While every other candidate plays up his or her humble roots, Trump says that he is “very rich” and his foes are “stupid.” A political campaign is usually about sucking up to audiences large and small, and yet he’s succeeding with the brand “jerk.”

There’s much more, go read it.  The wrestling analogy is perfect.

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  1. DennyNNWofLA

    Immediately following last night’s spectacle I wrote to my fiends-
    “Don’t know if what was witnessed tonight was WWF, Survivor
    Jeopardy or an MTV event.” Still don’t; it was anything other than
    presidential though.

    Putting aside all the substance (HA), I could not help wondering,
    What if Ben Carson had presented himself like Donald Trump
    and Trump like Carson. Oh Boy, this is going to be fun.

  2. Dot in Seattle

    The GOP/KKK “debate” would have been a lot more interesting (and a lot more honest) if the douchebags had come out on stage wearing white sheets and hoods. I bet the audience would have loved it. Maybe next time………

  3. DropDeadFred

    Did they mention the bogus “Axis of Evil” or the North Korea “nuclear threat”?

    What they didn’t tell you was the fact that North Korea
    got its technology for its nuclear program sold to it from the United States

    Just an inconvenient truth there, kids. America creates all its enemies. Just like the CIA created Pakistans ISI intel services and was there training, funding and controlling it when they created Al Queda. Minor details!

      1. DennyNNWofLA

        Careful there ol’ pal, you’re liable to get the “Anger Management”
        card dropped on you like it was on me a few days ago, even though
        my story regarding Richard Quest was true. (Busted in Central Park
        for possession of Methamphetamine, a rope around his neck tied to
        his genitals and a sex toy in his boot). NoCred just couldn’t come
        correct, again. Gladiators? Sheesh!

          1. Greg East of Toledo

            Denny, not exactly sure what you mean by “show him the ropes”, but I’d sure love to give him the hook.

  4. Jon in Md

    The RNC/KKK only outreach to people of color and women is to divide 1964 Civil Rights Act protected classes by individual income and wealth classes. Shame the working class for not pulling selves up by their boot straps or ’empowering’ themselves after budget cuts cut the institutional em’power’ment or bootstraps off.

  5. Dot in Seattle

    It’s amazing/funny/pathetic watching the media sucking up to Trump. The media used to have a backbone and never would have been such a group of ass kissers. Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow and all of the old timers would have told Trump to go fuck himself. Now days, the media can’t wait to bend over for him.

  6. Dot in Seattle

    When Mike mentioned last night that the wealthy corporate masters wouldn’t hesitate to have Trump killed if he got in the way of the shill they wanted in the white house, my first thought was “What’s wrong with that?” then I wondered, how would Trump’s moronic, hate filled, cross burning freaks react if he did have an “accident”? Would they go on a murderous rampage blaming women, gays and/or minorities for the dirty deed? Would they burn down more black churches and turn the streets of this country into more of a shooting gallery than it already is? I really could give a fuck less if Trump “slept with the fishes” but I do worry how the idiots that adore him will react. I don’t put anything past those dumb shits.

  7. DennyNNWofLA

    I’ve watch this three times and still cannot believe it.
    Today in Seattle as Bernie Sanders was ready to
    speak at a rally, two women stepped up onto the stage
    insisting they were to be heard instead by the power
    vested in themselves blah blah… You’ll hear about this
    so I’m not going on about it. Only one question though.
    Bernie Sanders is a declared presidential candidate;
    where in the fucking hell was ANY goddamn security.
    Find it. Watch it. Made me sick!

    1. Dot in Seattle

      Security at a Bernie Sanders rally?! Denny, get real my friend. The corporate masters WANT something to happen to Bernie. When I saw the news clip, the first thing I thought was “I wonder who paid these women to jump on the stage?”. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a dry run to see how easy it would be to attack Bernie. Normally I’m not into conspiracy theories (except 9/11) but the way this country is circling the drain, NOTHING would surprise me. Here’s the link:

  8. Dot in Seattle

    I find it hysterically funny that the media bobbleheads whine about having to cover Trump but then they turn right around and scream “Look! Look! Donald Trump just made more bigoted remarks AND he pulled a turd out his ass! We have live coverage!!!!” No doubt they’ve gotten emails from people asking them “If you hate covering Trump so much, why don’t you stop doing it? If you’re going to keep doing it, quit bitching about it.” and no doubt the bobbleheads just delete and/or ignore those emails.

  9. Dot in Seattle

    Too bad Megyn Kelly didn’t respond to Trump’s ugly, sexist remark “She had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever” by telling him that he obviously had blood coming out his ass because of all the media whores willing to fuck him up his fake tanned, flabby butt. But then again, she is a media whore for Faux “News”…………

  10. Dot in Seattle

    With Donald “The Glory Hole” Trump leading the GOP/KKK “candidates”, I can just imagine the rest of the world looking at this mindless freak show saying “Is THIS the best america can do?! Do they really want this ignorant, bigoted asshat for president?!” BTW, if you’re not familiar with the term “glory hole” (if you’re a GOP/KKK follower, I know you have experience with one) this is what it is: “A glory hole (also spelled gloryhole and glory-hole) is a hole in a wall, or other partition, often between public lavatory stalls or adult video arcade booths, for people to engage in sexual activity or observe the person in the next cubicle.” Ever wonder why almost every picture of Trump is showing him with his mouth wide open………

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