There’s Got to Be A Morning After . . . .

All the Teabaggers, Neocons, Dittoheads, Racists and unrepentant Rapture Righties must be suffering serious shell shock this morning.  They woke up, rubbed their eyes, turned on their TV’s and dropped their bibles and/or Guns-N-Ammo magazines in stunned realization that it wasn’t just a bad dream – the black man was actually returned to the White House.

Almost as bad, several states legalized marriage equality and recreational marijuana use.  Egad.  The godless queers can get married while smoking pot! Hurry up, Marge, it’s time to build another ark! An’ don’t look behind ya’, you’ll turn to a pillar of salt!

You have to feel sorry for them.  They believed their Holy-men, – Limbaugh and Beck and Hannity and O’Reilly and the lesser minions  – who coddled them and assured them that Romney and Ryan were the Chosen Ones to lead them out of the darkness that was  . . . well, the darker-than-Caucasoid President in the White House.   Of course they’re suffering some kind of psychic shock today.  We know Rush “Deaf by Temptation” Limbaugh can’t part with as much as a gram of his precious stash, but the least Beck and the other Neocon gurus could do is hop in their private Leer Jets and make an emergency Xanax drop over the faithful they so grievously deceived. 

Hopefully, these lost souls will find a support group somewhere to ease them into the reality that the majority of Americans did not want to see a return to Feudalism and medieval restrictions on women’s rights, equal rights, worker’s rights, minority rights, children’s rights . . . . ad infinitum. 

Turns out, that’s not the kind of change anybody could believe in.


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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Restoration of SANITY has swept the country, or at
    least enough to matter. False messages have been
    rejected. The nation has realized there is still
    much to be done and Obama is on the correct course.
    We’ve moved closer to equality and fairness for all.

    The MUNSTERS have been cancelled. FINALLY.

    The seemingly endless Republican Clown Show- OVER.

    BIG $$$, was wasted on the failed campaign. GONE.

    Right wing propaganda, DISCREDITED.

    And, Arch has won the much coveted 1st. prize in
    the “Voyage off the Edge of the Earth” contest.

  2. stu

    now Obama will be free to join with the Repubs in a bipartisan denouement to stab in the back those who voted for him through decimating social programs: social security, medicaid, etc

    initiating more mid-east wars for oil, decimating the environment further via drilling, fracking, opening up public lands for exploitation

    …all in the name of austerity and “jobs”.

    They are all playing you for fools.

  3. Andy in Seattle

    Can we NOW talk about the drone attacks that kill more children than terrorists? Can we NOW talk about climate change that is killing us off faster than terrorism ever will? Can we NOW talk about the income inequality in this country that is killing what’s left of the middle class and is pushing the working poor into nothing less than destitiution?

    Can we NOW talk about issues after a year of nothing but bullshit topics FROM BOTH CANDIDATES?!?!?

  4. chucky

    Andy…no, we can’t. First off we have to deal with the rampant porn problem in this country. Prick Santorum says so. Second, we need to evacuate the entire population to the planet Kolob. Romney says so. Third we need to buy more guns. Beck says so. I’m wondering, how does anybody take these idiots seriously?

    Did you guys hear what Shit-for-brains Sean Hannity pulled. Seems the baby jesus took a picture of his filled out ballot and posted it on Twitter. Fucking dipshit. You didn’t have to prove to the whole world that you’re a goddamned nazi. Hell, we already knew it!

    And one more thing. FUCK YOU ARCH, YOU IGNORANT BASTARD FUCKSTICK!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Person

    Let’s all do what we can to improve our own neighborhoods.
    At least there we can have a positive impact we can see.

    Good luck to President Obama and the Dems in having to deal with the GOP for another four years. Hopefully the Republicans in the House, or at least some of them, will exhibit some sanity.

  6. Chris

    The Repiglican Party imploded on it’s own craziness. Limbaugh blames it on the trend of changing demographics; which is code for America isn’t all white anymore. Throwing all the rich white guy money at the crazies didn’t work did it boys?

    On another note, maybe if we get off eternal war and conflict those white boys wouldn’t look to war profits in their portfolio and might actually have to get America working again for profits. But I’m sure they really enjoyed the easy money!

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