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Santa Fe High School shooting

And its the next one.  Ten lives lost – 9 students and a teacher – at a Santa Fe Texas High School.  

One stunned young student survivor today told a reporter she wasn’t surprised, just scared.  Our kids are scared.  We should be protecting them, but we’re not.  We should value their lives more than weapons, but we don’t.  

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the shooter used a shotgun and a .38-caliber revolver to carry out his attack. Abbott said the weapons belonged to the suspect’s father.  Is there any end to this madness?  We are the only developed nation in the where children can arm themselves so very easily and kill their fellow students en mass.  

Molly’s Middle School career is ending, her school award ceremony was yesterday.

She starts high school in August.  Public school, a good one, with a notable performing arts program and a robust swim team – just what she loves.  It’s less than two miles away, houses about 2500 kids, and we pass it almost every day.  She is so excited to go to high school and we are so terrified.  More so than if she were enlisting in the army, which she cannot do at 14 and has no desire to do ever, thankfully. 

More US students have died of gunfire in schools than US soldiers all over the world so far this year.  22 school shootings in the last 20 weeks, it’s horrific.  There was almost another disaster this week, but an Illinois police officer stopped a former student who opened fire at his school before anyone was hurt. 

Thank God summer break is approaching so we can breathe a little easier for a few weeks.  

We cannot fathom what the parents of all these murdered children must be feeling.  It must be like dying yourself. You would die for your kids to protect them, trade your life for theirs, right?  Lawmakers too, one would assume.  

What did these parents do the last day their child was alive?  What would we remember from Molly’s last day alive? Fixing oatmeal for breakfast, like Mike?  Driving to a Girl Scout meeting, like I do?  Both for the last time.  How do you survive having your child taken from you because our “leaders” in Congress are too afraid of the NRA to save these kids’ lives?  Then how do you go on knowing your child won’t be the last one?  Do they still pick up things for them at the store, forgetting for a moment they’re dead?  

Santa Fe High School shooting

I can’t think about this most days or I go crazy.  

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Molly’s high school is prepared.  They have an armed security officer and a locked door – gotta get buzzed in. But a student with concealed guns, they’d walk right in, right?  Past the officer and through the door.  

Shooter drills, they have those now, too.  Like tornado drills, which were scary enough when I was a kid.  Molly now knows how to shelter in place.  How to drag desks in front of doors and duck below windows.  How to be perfectly quiet and still while crouched in a utility closet.  How to play dead and hide among the bodies if she’s caught out in the open.

This is what our country teaches them in school instead of passing laws to protect them.   Its like showing them how to survive a fire after you let them play with matches.   

“My administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools, and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves, and to others,” Trump said today, and then ordered flags to be flown at half-mast at the White House and all public and military buildings.  Thoughts and Prayers and all that.

The empty rhetoric, of course, is of little comfort to those families and communities who were devastated by school shooting murders in Parkland, Florida, Benton, Kentucky, and now Santa Fe, Texas.  If we “did everything in our power to protect our students” we would DO SOMETHING TO PROTECT THEM, GODDAMIT!

Of course it’s bullshit. Two weeks ago Trump repeated his call to arm teachers with guns during a speech in Dallas to the NRA.  We barely pay them, now we expect them to shoot their students, too, if need be. 





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  1. Benny J Robinson

    And the goddamned Congress are all on the take from the NRA and will never do anything about it.
    Goodbye USA, I’m moving to Mexico where only the Cartels have guns and don’t attack schools!

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    Not only more student deaths than US soldiers but twice as many.
    Putting a five-gallon bucket of rocks in the classroom to throw at a shooter, as has been implemented by at least one school, is ludicrous.
    Elected (to serve us) officials actively doing nothing to stop this horror is criminal.
    By not paying attention to how those we elect vote on issues is negligent on our part.
    Democracy is not a team spectator sport; we must be watchful and hold them accountable.
    As primary elections are upon us, we need to check positions and records of all candidates.
    For example: In CA, one candidate running for governor has made gun control and standing up to the NRA and Trump his primary rally cry.
    He has my vote.

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