Trump Everlasting

Wonder what is will take to make The Don realize its just not worth it and pack up for Maralago for good.  Feels like it’s a possibility, given his cryptic remarks from his Southern White House yesterday and today. 

Can’t blame him for wanting to hide.  Especially now that another mistress – Playboy model Karen McDougal –  has just won the freedom from the National Enquirer (which duped her into an enforced gag order) to talk about her long relationship with Trump.  Remember, this was also shortly after Melania gave birth to Baron.  Sounds like there was some overlap with Stormy Daniels during that time (insert pun here).

Whatever.  Who cares, right?  Just that Tinyhands is getting panicky and still has the launch codes.  And isn’t afraid to bomb even when his own Gen. Mattais advised him to wait for Congressional approval.  Nah, doesn’t matter.  We have no Sec. of State and you want a summit with N. Korea, why not?!

Scott Pruitt building his own taxpayer-funded Batcave at the EPA, what’s wrong with that?  Over 170 lawmakers have signed a petition calling for his resignation.  Yawn.  Time for another cheeseburger.

Wanna contradict your UN Ambassador on Russian sanctions?  So what?  This is all just dress-up play for The Don.  Just like another episode of his Reality TV show, but with more cameras.  He doesn’t take it seriously in the slightest.  I doubt he can separate reality from fiction anymore…..if he ever could.

But there does seem to be some extra tension in the air of late – like something is going to pop.  Just so much lightening-speed news breaking around us left an right, Hannity the effective Chief of Staff, making policy decisions and advising on hirings and firings in the West Wing. 

Geezus, who elected him? And now we learn he shares at least three lawyers with Trump and never said a peep about it, even as he had them on his airwaves.  He’s hiding this for a reason, Truthseekers.  We’ll know soon enough, thanks to the Cohen tapes.  Gotta love that.

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