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Hallelujah, Truthseekers, it’s church night!  Time for our weekly Wednesday prayer meeting and Mike has a truly inspiring sermon for you tonight.  Amen. 

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So join us for Church night LIVE at9PM ET and throw some coins in the collection plate if you can! 877-996-2556

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    In case anyone cares…
    AZ Gov. Jan Brewer had been mysteriously missing for
    about a week. Several people noticed and were concerned.
    Late reports indicate that she had gone to Afghanistan.
    But upon her arrival in the country, unable to provide
    her papers, she was taken immediately into custody and
    deported to Mexico. No amount of finger wagging was
    effective in persuading the Afghanistan officials to
    allow her to stay. One was quoted as saying, “Get That
    bitch the f*** out of here!” Even with the mystery of her whereabouts solved,Jan Brewer, herself remains a mystery.

    Praise the Lord.

  2. Ned

    SORRY to interprupt your INTENTIONALLY DIVERTTED ATTENTION SPAN asnd little liberal wuss fest on religious bigotry, racism and greenhouse gases – but -you cant prevent smoke from a tail pipe of cars is something but you CAN stop the slaughter in Syria by truth telling, by writing your congress, or protest thru reporting about rebel terrorists THRU by Hillarys State Dept./CIA …Didn’t we cllectively scream from rooftops against slaughter in Falluja during the hold your nose John Kerry campaign, what has changed, because the slaughterer is Democrat?

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