Video Killed the Radio Star

Apologies for the lack of Livestream video of late, Truthseekers.  Chaos in the Malloy studios.  I blame Trump.  Actually, I blame 20+ year old wiring.  And Trump.

But it’s all good now, so enjoy!

There is still a real possibility that we will move this broadcast to a real TV network in the future, just don’t have an ETA.  We will keep you posted.

In BOOK news, however, now that Mike is no longer in constant searing agony from leg/back pain the writing has resumed!  In fact, if you are receiving advance digital download chapters as part of your Kickstarter advance purchase you have access to a new section today.  Hope you are enjoying that!

And the book launch getaway in the North Georgia Mountains is still a go – in fact, we will be holding it at a venue that is featured in the book, so that will be a weekend you don’t want to miss!  More details as the publishing date is confirmed, our target is still this Fall.

Enough updates, we are a new show tonight, with video, firing on all cylinders. Join us.


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  1. TakeTheCannoli2

    “Gina Haspel was confirmed this week as CIA Director. She broke the glass ceiling. Now I have to worry about what she’s going to do with the glass shards.” – Andy Hummer, commenting last week on Free Speech TV’s “Gay USA”

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