We Don’t Do Coverups

….says Individual #1, un-indicted co-conspirator in the campaign finance crime over hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels, in a Live Televised Twitter Rant this morning.   Our off-the-reservation Commander-in-Chief also claimed that “we all know” he’s the “most transparent president, maybe in US history!”  You can tell by his refusal to sit for Robert Mueller, or release his tax returns.  Or comply with any Congressional oversight.  It was bizarre, even for the walking 25th amendment.

Nancy and Chuck and other top House leaders arrived at the White House with a 30+ page document ready to work on Infrastructure this morning, but Trump had a pre-planned tantrum to throw. The Pouty POTUS picked up his toys and stormed out, giving an unannounced Rose Garden speech minutes later to announce that he is not going to work on any legislation with Democrats until they “finish the fake investigations into the hoax.”

With Mitch McConnell blocking all bills coming from the House anyway, this is a moot point.  But it reinforces his willingness to shut down government – one way or another – if he doesn’t get his way.   He could care less about the country or the American people – he is and always will be in this game for everything he can gain personally – screw everyone else.  He seems to be begging for impeachment – or “The I Word” as the Man-Baby calls it. But Nancy ain’t biting.  So far it seems the strategy is to force the subpoenas through the courts and compel witness testimony to remove any doubt that Don the Con obstructed justice – and continues to do so.

Nancy has him by the diaper and he’s stuck in his own poop!  Chuck and Nancy made a joint announcement shortly after the Rose Garden spectacle and never – not once – even hinted about the President’s criminal exposure, much less approached “The I Word.”  That must just drive him out of his crawl space.

So what are the Republicans going to run on in 2020?  Look how many judges we got through?  We almost built the wall?  We almost repealed Obamacare?  How ’bout those tax refunds…..?







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  1. George

    A great written sum up Mike.! I must ask you a question. I noticed that you and many others use the term ” trump COULD CARE LESS about the country… “, when I think you mean that trump COULD NOT CARE LESS.! Has this incorrect wording become the norm now.?? I see it used all over the place. I know, what the hell, it means nothing, but this is like saying – I don’t hate you, to say – I Love you.!!

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