Weapons of Mass Indifference

So much news gets so little reporting in this country.  It’s a sad commentary on the sorry state of our corporate media when we have to turn to foreign press entities to sort out the significant reporting on what is happening in our own country.  From drone strikes to climate change to Iran’s nuclear aspirations, these don’t make your newspaper headlines (for those who still receive a printed paper) or TV network nightly news.

No wonder we Americans are so unaware of and unaffected by the workings of the world, we’re constantly told that Lance Armstrong’s doping, Lady Ga Ga’s waistline, and Lindsay Lohan’s dancing are the Most Important Things in the Universe! 

Deaths reported in Iraq suicide blasts from today’s Al Jazeera

World jobless numbers grow – UN from the BBC

Is Qatar fueling the crisis in north Mali?ponders France 24

US begins transporting French troops to Mali declares the Times of India

Here’s an interesting read about the state of our Grate Lakes, the main freshwater supply for these united states.  Thank you, Radio Canada International, for the information.

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