Weekend Warriors

What a weekend, Truthseekers.

We missed much of the HW Bush coverage because we were visiting with new friends and old at the Malloy Mountain Retreat this weekend.  What a grand visit it was!  Mike read from the book, we dodged rain showers, pigged out on Bob Kincaid’s marvelous BBQ, searched for a lost trumpet, played poker, took photos, made a video, ate s’mores around the campfire, emptied many bottles of wine, speculated about politics, played with the dogs, and kept it lit . . .

Sure hope we can do it again sometime!

We’ll recap the weekend events on the program tonight, as well as the passing of Bush 41 and the ongoing obstruction of justice by Asshole 45.

Keep it lit!


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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Wish I could have been there for he book signing and to meet some fellow truthseekers. Please share some pics with the rest of us that were unable to attend. I heard about the s’mores fight, he missing kishka and the naked polka dancing. Must have been splendid time in the mountains, no doubt.

  2. Susan (4earth)

    Thanks, Kathy and Mike and Molly for an absolutely wonderful weekend!  It was so great to see you again and to meet so many Truthseekers.  Bob Kincaid’s BBQ was to die for, as well as Kathy’s Biscuits and gravy. mmmmmmmmm!   And the fabulous Tara Devlin was there too, sitting around the campfire with us all!  Mike’s readings were wonderful, as were his campfire stories.   All of us hope you will make this an annual thing.   It was so much fun that we all hardly noticed the rain! 

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