What a Week!

From Obama’s progressive  inaugural speech on MLK Day to the proactive momentum on reducing the number of assault weapons (which – get real – are designed to kill people, not deer or wild turkeys) in the hands of lunatics, to Secretary Clinton’s masterful testimony at the Congressional Benghazi hearings, and the long-awaited inclusion of female soldiers into combat forces, it’s been a pretty good week! 

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    BOOBTUBERS have lost their Queen of Quits. Today it was announced that FOX News and Sarah Palin have parted ways.
    While being described as being stupid by Roger Ailes, she
    none the less continues her proud descent into irrelevance.
    At this time, no plans regarding a political return have
    been announced, but sources indicate she may put her future
    energies and talents into Alaskan turkey farming. By gosh!

  2. Joni Ellsworth

    Am I the only one whose podcast of Wednesday was completely effed up? It’s so frustrating to get nothing but small snippets of the show interspersed with commercials and terrible muzak! GRRRRRRR!

  3. Chris

    I can’t believe I saw a Constitutional professor on 60 minutes question wether the Constitution is relevant. It was written with future times in mind. The Patriot Act, NDAA, spying on Americans, trashing the Constitution, where is this all going? No rights for the people? We are heading into some bad territory if we don’t support the Constitution and stand for the rights of Americans whether we like it or not.

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