What Happens in Vegas . . . .

Oh those sexy secret service agents!  With their dark glasses, spiffy suits, and penchant for prostitutes.  Why this “scandal” is a surprise to anyone is a mystery.  They’re all dressed up with nothing to shoot 99% of the time, how else are they supposed to fill their time if not with illicit sex?  It’s more surprising that this is the first time such a scandal has been “exposed,” so to speak. 

The more interesting scandal out of DC is the congressional investigation into the $800,000 Vegas spending spree by the General Services Administration, the federal entity that acts as a real estate agency for government buildings.  No wonder they party like a bunch of ReMax conventioneers on an unlimited expense account.  Forget those $5,000 Pentagon toilets, these guys can blow that just on clowns and mind readers at their employee “incentive” luncheons. 

$26 million were set aside just for employee annual bonuses.  That’s almost as much as Rush Limbaugh makes in a year – no fair! 

Also up for discussion tonight, the politicization of Big Bird (of Sesame Street) by Camp Romney against Barack Obama, new information in the Trayvon Martin murder investigation, and Mitten’s “hot mic” revelations on his plans to end HUD and seriously underfund the Department of Education.   Such a compassionate conservative billionaire!

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