Who, Me?

bushnotmeShhhh . . . can you hear that?  It’s the sound of dozens of neocons heads spinning as they try to keep up with the absurd finger-pointing and blame-shifting away from the shoulders of their guilty leaders and on to the backs of various Democrats.   The shirking of responsibility is becoming a Republican pandemic and the right-wing pundits and media members are spreading it far and wide.

Yesterday Joe “shot your woman down”  Scarborough blamed Nancy Pelosi for the alleged torture of detainees, quipping that “Nancy Pelosi’s also glad these [detainee] pictures are not coming out because … all those pictures fall on her shoulders.” Yeah, forget the evil Bush Crime Family masterminds that orchestrated and ordered the “enhanced” techniques and jiggered the Justice Department to invent some razor-thin justification for their implementation.  It was Nancy Peolsi’s fault because she didn’t stop the Bush Cabal from doing these very bad things.

Speaking of Cheney, his former advisor and favorite neocon go-to-girl Mary Matalin is running defense for her former overlord, rationalizing his recent Torture Media Tour by saying that Obama made him do it.

Matalin whined, “If Barack Obama had come in and done what he said he was going to do and look at the stuff and see what is working, then Cheney would have continued to do what he was doing – working on memoirs, finishing his house . . . ” . . . purifying the supply of dirt in his underground sanctum . . . . That’s right.  If otherwise semi-rational Republicans wince at the unwanted reemergence of The Evil One, blame Obama.  After all, if Obama would just stop objecting to the previous administration’s torture and stuff, Cheney would never have to crack the creaky lock on his crypt and could hibernate for the next millenia.

And let’s not forget Batty Michelle Bachman, who blames the swine flu on Obama’s trip to Mexico.

Thank goodness we have these pundits to set the record straight.   If you’re upset about torture, swine flu, the economy, global warming, etc, blame Pelosi, Obama, or any other random Democrat.  It’s their fault.   Got it?

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  1. Seattle_Truthseeker

    I have never in my life encountered such concentrated E-V-I-L. The other night I found myself wishing for the good old “duck and cover” days.

    These monsters have stolen the countries soul, and left it close to another of the undead. We are left with two puncture marks over the nations jugular. We live in the days where the victims are blamed for incurring the vampyres bite.

    This twisted story finds the victims surrounded by many Nosferatu, …..plague carriers. We live in an F.W. Murnau nightmare become real. No one is willing to drive the stake into the vampyres heartless and undead corpse. Instead they cower during the day, knowing night is once again nigh……

  2. Puddytat

    There’s a twisted sort of logic to their interpretations of who’s responsible for torture. You could use that same logic to blame the car you crashed into for being responsible for the collision since it was in your way while you were driving.

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