Winter is Coming

Or at least Mittens is coming.  Coming after Trump, that is, with a verbal flaming sword set to slay the Heretic Heathen in the Name of Our Holy American Empire.

I predicted this right after Romney won the senate seat.  He’s got his eye on the Prize at 1600 Penn Avenue and his hair is every bit as spectacular.  Some DC insiders must have explained to him that he could be the Savior of the GOP.  A righteous, Reganesque titan who will Avenge America from the ConMan-Russian Agent.

The faithful Congressional Neocons (looking at you, Turtle & Graham Cracker) will thus be able to martyr themselves before the people.  We have sinned, we know . . .  we worshiped a false Prophet, but we were DECEIVED!  And we REPENT!  It was SATAN!  We believe in You, Saint Romney! 

Magic Underware and all.  

LIVE show tonight Truthseekers, then a couple of really good Classic Shows for Thursday and Friday.  We return LIVE Monday January 7.

Keep it Lit!


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    1. Kathy Malloy

      Wow, sorry we took a total of 4 days off over the holidays.  Wanted to see the grandkids for a day or two.

      Goodness.  Other shows have been in Reruns for over a week.  And I had hand surgery during this time and only missed a day.

      We aren’t machines…….but cancel if you must!

  1. maggie

    You tube is flooded with videos normalizing what is like for old people living in their cars. How to live in your car, people saying don’t feel sorry for me I like this life. But the sad reality of this is that it continues to perpetuate the myth of America. The proper gander is so subtle you don’t even notice it. That 90 day fiancé is one example. Everyone wants to come to America? No the rest of the world does not ever wish to enter this corrupt country. Now google asks me to sign in when I watch Utube. Don’t want to seem like a conspiracy theorist but what they are doing is to compile data on me to sell it the highest bidder. When I google news it feeds me subjects I have looked at on Quora. Feed me news I have been interested in? now the DMV in CA with new ID want to eye scan me and put me into a database. A database that can be used across countries. DNA websites that can link possible offenders to you. At what point do we say enough is enough. In the name of protection how long do we allow these corporate moneymakers to take away all of our rights. But it was all about the moneymakers wasn’t it?

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