With God, All Things Are Possible

It’s National Prayer Day, Truthseekers!  I wonder what the faithful are praying for today?  In Arizona, are they praying for even bigger guns and that all the immigrants (with their funny accents, deviant culture, and darker skin) are sucked back South of the border?  Oh, and God, take that Kenyan in in White House back with ‘ya while you’re at it . . .

On Wall Street are they praying that Congress abandons any attempt to regulate the financial services industry?  Are the Big Oil executives clasping their hands – heads bowed – asking Jesus to descend from Heaven with a giant holy vacuum hose and suck up all the oil?  Hey, if He can turn water into wine, can He turn petrol into saline?

Do Neocon militias pray for an endless, cheap supply of nitrogen, TNT, and autographedGlenn Beck posters?  We know Sarah Palin prays for God to guide our troops to continue to do His will by killing Iraqis and Afghans, but does she pray for their widows and orphaned children?

Do the child-molesting Catholic priests pray their victims are sufficiently terrified to come forward with the truth?  Or do they just pray that Pope Rat will cover up their crimes?

We’ll discuss prayer in all it’s forms on the program tonight! 877-996-2556!

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  1. JAPE

    Yeah, Mike, I’m praying hard for all the neo-cons, fascists, Palin, Bachmann and the pope to crawl back into their holes and pull the holes in after them! Pleez, Jeez, do that for me. I don’t care if it’s instant rapture or, slow-death torture (I’d prefer that), just do it!

  2. chucky

    Well, considering the fact that I do not believe in the all-mighty sky spook, I won’t be praying…for anything. I wonder where that puts me in the scale of evil people in the eyes of nutjobs like James Dobson, Pat Robertson, or Sean Hannity. Frankly, I hope it pisses idiots like them off.

  3. chucky

    Would you care to elaborate? What was it that myself or Jape said “that trashed a majority of America”? And just who is this majority?

    Sounds to me you you’re just an insecure little troll who doesn’t like views that are opposite of yours.

    Since you conservatives like to always ask for proof to back up statements, Ill ask you: just what proof do you have of the existance of “God”? Think about for a while, take your time, and try to come up with something of substance, not just superstitious bullshit. I anxiously await your answer.

  4. Arch


    I am a Christian, and for me, you are “in the scale of evil people” at the exact same location as every human being, myself included. We are all evil, even though we want and try to be good.

    Ask yourself this: Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever stolen anything, no matter how large or small? Have you ever hated someone?

    Are these things that a good person would do?

    I know you don’t believe, but I’d like to share what I believe: We all are evil sinners that need to be saved. If we were to be judged according to what we’ve done, we would all be condemned.

    Think about this: A person is on trial for murder, and the evidence all points to his conviction. But the judge says, “You know, all the evidence shows that you’re guilty and I’m certainly convinced that you committed this murder, but you’re a nice guy – you don’t cuss, you pay your taxes, so just go on home.” Would that be a good judge or a bad judge?

    Human beings have some type of conscience, although some people ignore theirs or deaden it. We know when we do wrong, although some people still choose to do wrong even though they know they should do right.

    We have a conscience because we are designed that way, and God is good and wants us to be good. However, we fail. But God loves us so much that he sent his son, Jesus. Jesus was able to live a perfect life, make no mistakes, because he was both God and man. But he died to take the place for our wrongs, so that our wrong doings would be covered by his sacrifice.

    It’s as though a judge said to a convicted murder, “I know that you’re guilty and punishment must be dealt, but I’m assigning your punishment to my own son, who has done no wrong – because I love you.” The Judge is still a good judge, the required punishment was still fulfilled, but we are able to be in relationship with the Judge instead of being punished and locked away.

    I know you may not believe, but I do, and I want to share my belief because there is no more important decision then where you will spend eternity. Take it for what you will, but please know the sincerity that it is shared in

  5. Arch


    “just what proof do you have of the existance of “God”?”

    For me, my life is proof – I should be dead right now. I was born with two holes between the ventricles of my heart, a condition that can lead to serious medical problems and often requires immediate neo-natal open heart surgery. But, I was a happy, healthy baby, and by the time I was eight the holes had sealed themselves.

    We know that the holes healed because they were checked after another incident when I was eight – I fell out of a treehouse, six feet down onto concrete. I had a six inch skull fracture and a severe concussion. A surgeon was even called in to be ready to drill holes into my skull to relieve the pressure from the concussion, but in the end it was not needed.

    Six months later I went in for a check-up. After taking two x-rays of each side of my skull, the doctors were baffled – there was no evidence of a six-month old fracture; indeed there was no sign that my skull had ever been fractured at all.

    That’s my initial proof. There are also countless testimonies of how people’s lives have been changed, people have been healed, and miraculous and supernatural events have taken place. I can tell you more if you would like – one of my favorites involves a medical missionary in Africa.

  6. Andy in Seattle

    Ahh yes! The good old “we’re broken” and “you can be only saved by belief in a sky being that was made up during the time of human sacrafices”.

    Yes indeed, just like Flip Wilson said “The devil made me do it!!”

    Sure beats taking any real responsibility for your own actions!

  7. chucky

    That isn’t exactly what I meant Arch. When I said “evil” I meant terrorist type evil. The type of “evil” that people like the Dobsons and Robertsons and yes even Sean Hannity think homosexuals are. The people who blame hurricanes on gay people. The people who blow up abortion clinics. The people who declare a holy jihad on people they don’t know because they don’t believe as they do.

    I know there are many people who believe in God who are good people. The ones I was referring to are the extremists. And you will find them in all parts of the world.

    Personally, I have no problem with your beliefs. They don’t affect my life in any way. And they are none of my business. I don’t mind discussing yours or mine, just as long as there is no need to attack each other for them. What I do object to is when either the government or other people condemn another group for their beliefs. I don’t begrudge anybody anything that gives them some comfort.

    I also reject the idea that this is a Christian nation. It isn’t. It is a nation where many Christians live. Perhaps even a majority. But to say we’re a Christian nation somehow in my mind crosses the line of separation of church and state.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. If everybody would abolish religion, we might just get along a little bit more. It sort of goes with the old saying “More blood is shed in the name of God than for any other reason.” I do believe that.

    And if there are any people out there who wish to condemn me for what I just said or how and what I believe, kiss my ass. I don’t really care what you think of me.

  8. Arch


    Actually, I think you completely misunderstood my point – I am completely responsible for what I do, both good and bad. However, there isn’t a “cosmic karma scale” that I have to balance – doing even one bad thing is an offense to the Perfect Creator (the Founding Fathers called God “Creator,” as in “endowed by their” and often “Providence”). But God loves us enough to give His Son as a sacrifice to cover the bad things we do – there is no “the devil made me do it”, there is only personal accountability (in my opinion).

  9. Conservative In MN


    “When I said “evil” I meant terrorist type evil. ”

    Is that similiar to…”I lied but its only a little white lie”? If a statement is untrue then its a lie simply as that, correct? I hope you agree with that.

    Curious about “If everybody would abolish religion, we might just get along a little bit more.”? Why? One thing to consider is the moral character that is developed by any Faith or Religion.

    For example, if I needed money what would stop me from going out and wrongfully gaining it especially if I knew I couldn’t get caught? That is..My belief that I answer to a higher power who will someday hold me accountable for all my actions.

    I think when people don’t feel they will be held accountable for their actions then they are free to do whatever they want and to hurt whoever is in their way. (Chucky) I would like to hear your thoughts on this idea. For the record, I don’t condemn you for the belief, just would like to explore it more.

    Your right about extermists. They need to be tamed down. In my mind this includes extreme Christians, Muslims, Secular Humanists, etc. Glad you can see past the fact that they don’t speak for all of their belief.


  10. Arch


    I don’t disagree with you at all about extremists who mis-use and abuse religion for evil purposes. But it sounds like you are saying that anyone who says something you disagree with is an extremist, and I disagree with you about that.

    There are many people who call themselves Christian who have done many terrible things – blowing up abortion clinics, for example. I oppose abortion, but I would not even think about blowing up a clinic – that is so far beyond the bounds of what is socially and morally acceptable that is I would say that anyone who does that should not call themselves a Christian.

    But, I think there is a huge misunderstanding of what being tolerant is today. Many people today seem to think “tolerance” and “acceptance” or “affirmation” are the same thing – they are not. Tolerance is saying that despite the fact that we disagree with can still stand to be around each other, it is not saying that everyone is right and I affirm your beliefs because they are your beliefs.

  11. chucky

    No, I don’t think anyone who thinks different from me is extreme. Hell, some people may think I’m extreme. And I don’t consider you extreme with your beliefs. And I don’t agree that religion gives a person moral character. Do those priests who molested all those kids have morals? Quite honestly, there is so much corruption in the Catholic Church that they resemble the Mafia more than a church. I think somebody can be a good person without religion. There are as many good people as there are bad in ANY religion. And as many good people as bad that are athiests. Sorry, but I don’t buy the idea that religion makes you moral.

  12. Kathy P.

    Doesn’t sound like you trolls have ever raised a child but lies come with the territory. Moral behavior must be taught by real people and Jesus and the Saints don’t have much sway with intelligent kids. Nobody wants to stop all you christians who need to shout it at everyone, but you without sin, csst the first stone. You are way too quick to judge all who may hold a different perspective but are still able to live a moral life and raise good, honest young citizens who can think for themselves and take responsibility for their own choices in life. Please don’t come here to preach. Go and do good works.

  13. mark butschke

    For this day of prayer God must not be listening to Wall street as it is in a free-fall. The greed in trading stocks, bonds, commodities and bodies and souls of men has reached its all time low and needs a big correction.Oil is the one commodity that should not be on the market for traders to gamble on at all! Simple supply and demand should rule the price of oil. I predict if something is not done very soon we are headed for the worst Depression to hit this world ever. And then I believe revolutions and total anarchy will break out leading to military dictatorship.

  14. Arch

    Where do we learn not to lie? Where did that idea come from? I won’t pretend that it started in the Bible, but I’m pretty sure that “Thou Shalt Not Lie” is a pretty big deal in the Bible. In the top 10, actually.

    I know plenty of people that are non-religious and still follow a moral code, but the idea of morality (a doctrine or system of morals) basically began with religious teachings, regardless of religious belief or denomination.

    I do not have children myself, but I used to babysit groups of kids when I was in Middle and High School. I argue that anyone who thinks man is basically good has not spent time with a group of ten two-year olds – that’s human nature at it’s most basic, and left to their own devices (not speaking of basic necessities, but with things like toys) it is not a pretty thing to see.

  15. Conservative In MN

    @Kathy P

    “Doesn’t sound like you trolls have ever raised a child but lies come with the territory.”

    Read my posts from before…BABE, I got 6 kids. How many you got? Oh wait, I forgot it doesn’t matter how many, you know best because…(fill in the blank).

    Everyone ‘Sins’. Need to learn more about the bible. You assume by Judging someone’s bahavior / choices we are judging the person. You would be WRONG! We can seperate actions / choices from the “soul”. But I digress.

    Answer one thing for me, how do you define what is moral without a guide?

    Some examples: If everyone is cheating on their taxes then does it make it right? If every kid in school is cheating on a test, what is to tell a kid he is doing wrong (by your standard)? If everyone, in Washington, is saying what people want to hear to ‘buy’ their votes does it make it right?

    Please explain to me how without a god or religion you define morality, ethics, call it what you want. (Chucky, please feel free to jump in as well [I enjoy our dialogues].

  16. Bo

    Pray is only an outlet for the feeble mind. This is what

    they practice at the C – House in DC. Oh…..those poor

    hypocritical republican right wing idiots that live there

    They better pray hard and I mean hard because if they

    don’t they will burn in hell. BURN BABY BURN!!!!!!!

  17. Anita

    We all literally come from the same place and need to look to nature, the real world, to understand ourselves. Truth is a natural outcome and we are one. Until we understand the essential nature of all life, including ourselves, we will be unable to get past our differences and make the changes we need to survive as a species.

  18. Kathy P.

    Gee Whiz, Conserv, do you really think it’s impossible to teach right from wrong and what it is to be a good, upstanding person in the world without religion???? Wow. There is no use in discussing this with someone that cannot bend to understand another’s perspective. I would be very angry at my children (both my own and foster) if they did not try to understand others and respect their points of view. I hope your kids are more open-minded than you seem to be. BTW, my children do not cheat on tests, on friends, or in any other way. They would be too ashamed. However, I have also seen people who seem to have no conscience and I have no idea why they turned out that way. People make mistakes but they are not inherently bad people. I think there was something about forgiveness in the bible too. As I said before, you are too quick to judge others on this blog. I will ask my christian friends to pray for you and the other close-minded conservatives who think they have all the right answers. Oh, I forgot to mention, my guide is my own conscience and it has worked fabulously all my life.

  19. JAPE

    @ All

    I like and agree with much of what Kathy P., Andy and Chucky said.

    I think that religion has very little to do with an individual’s or society’s morals. Morals existed as long as humankind has existed, which is much longer than any organized religion or whatever “guide books” they may accompany.

    Morals can also be taught by one person and learned by another. I suppose that could also be said of immorality.
    Nevertheless, it’s a free-thinking process which shouldn’t be impugnable.

  20. conservative in mn

    @kathy p

    Settle down..chill. I was asking u to explain further ina an effort to understand. What a reaction!

    My point is that without more concrete right and wrong..u can be fluid based on the time. In essence right and wrong changes with time without a guide. The guide is different for everyone.

    What is someone doesn’t agree with your conscience? If we apply that rule then to each their own. What if someone feels its ok according to their conscience to cheat on their taxes? By your definition they did right because they live by their conscience.

    I loosely say cheat..not report all their income. Much like mr. Rangle did.

    Here could be a simple morality rule…if someone is not hurting others by their choices live and let live. Could u agree?

  21. JAPE

    @ Arch

    Are you crazy saying that a surgeon was “ready to drill holes in your skull?” I think you know what people like me are going to say. I’m just trying to prepare you to get ready for some not-so-subtle responses. On the other hand, maybe nobody wants to play with you, anymore. I certainly don’t.

    P.S. Remember that you did it to yourself.

  22. Conservative In MN


    Your not extreme..We just don’t agree on stuff. That is what opens the door dialogue. If two people always agree then one is not needed.

    Please feel free to answer any of my questions that I asked others. I like our debates.


  23. irishdave3

    So, Arch, a self-confessed evil sinner “believes” that with his god all things are possible, as a matter of a faith- belief in the absence of evidence. It’s o.k. though since Jesus loves him, though I’m still his favorite….neener, neener… 6 kids (all evil sinners) fathered by the Mini Soda Con? yeah, right, just what the world needs.

  24. Steve Pipenger

    I have to confess…I’m not an atheist as Mike is. However, much of what Mike says is hard to argue with. Mike is what anybody purporting to be a believer should be be…a Truthseeker. To seek Truth and where it takes you is the epitome of ANY honest inquiry. Mike…keep up the righteous anger.

  25. Arch


    Craniotomies. Look it up – and they didn’t have to. Now, do you actually have something to contribute to the conversation, or are you just trying to make yourself feel better by trying (and failing) to insult people? You seem to focus on bullies recently – now who is looking like a bully?


    Did you even read my long post? I stated my evidence, and I have more, too, if you want to hear it.


    Grow up as a species – then why is it that, as a society becomes less religious, that crime increases? Why is it that at certain times, with religious revival, crime has dropped to zero (Ulster Revival).


    I recommend “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel – he was an atheist investigative reporter that set out to prove that Jesus was not the Messiah. The evidence changed his mind.

  26. GordonOKC

    I see the old “Argument From Morality” being invoked as evidence for the existence of supreme lawgiving

    I have a question for those presenting the argument.

    Are morally good acts willed by God because they are morally good, or are they morally good because they are willed by God?

  27. Kathy P.


    My parents were excellent at teaching us right from wrong. I don’t begrudge you whatever works for you. Just chill & stop thinking that your way or whatever makes you comfortable is the only way for everyone. I thought conservs wanted less outside control from government. Similarly, organized religion can be quite controlling and I am amazed how much conservs use it and need it in their lives. Whatever floats your boat. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t fully trust any politician, corporation or celebrity too much. I don’t know what any of them do with their finances, but I believe if they do wrong, they should face the consequences of their behavior. People who know right from wrong by common sense would expect if they do wrong, it will eventually be difficult for them. Use whatever guide you need but keep in mind that even religious people often slip off track and do criminal things ~ maybe their guide (God) looks the other way? It seems that you need to expand your definition of a “guide”.

  28. Arch


    They are morally good because they are put into law (including the law on our hearts, even of non-religious people – our conscience) by the will of God. There is no “chicken and egg” argument – God was first.


    Gov’t control is very different from religion, although I completely agree with you that religion has been (and in some places still is) used inappropriately to control people.

    Where do you think the concept of right versus wrong came from? Think about it logically: you said that your parents taught you right from wrong. Who taught them? Grandparents. And who taught them? Great-grandparents, and so on ad nausium.

    So where did it start? Who said first, “This is right and this is wrong.”?

  29. Arch


    Further clarification: How do we know that speeding is illegal if we aren’t told? We don’t – a law tells us that. The Law, set up by God, tells us what is right and wrong.

    The ironic part, at least to me, is that God is so perfect and has such high expectations that no human being is able to live up to the law. But if it were any less, then God would not be perfect. If that were the end of the story, then we’re up a creek without a paddle.

    But God recognizes that we, with our free will and human nature, are not capable of fulfilling his law. But He also loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to live a perfect live, fulfilling His requirements and taking our punishment for breaking His law so that we don’t have to face punishment.

  30. Bill L

    Who do we pray 2 hay suse to tell us who to bomb next? I am sure gram has a direct line to hay suse he was out side th ewar place praying today hat a jerk. This stuff is sickening we have real problems an this burned out druggie actualy wants us to believe in hay suse??Gawd what did we do to deserve these tea bagging jesus freeks.

  31. chucky


    If God is so perfect, how did he manage to create such imperfect beings like us?

    Doesn’t sound like he’s perfect to me. If fact, if being God was a wage paying job, and I was paying that wage, he’d be out on his all-mighty ass looking for a new job.

  32. Bo

    @ arch

    Pray—is bunk. It is a brainwashing through the ages.

    We will never get rid of pray. It has been soaked into

    us since the day some asshole decided to control people

    for their own greed. You name the greed, it could be

    anything. As we know it and as we were taught from other

    animals the right and wrong was gene into us from

    something. The word pray is a weird word and will stay

    around like space and then disappear.

  33. June

    I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of various religions, prayer, and other related practices for 76 years now, and the older I get, the more I realize that religion and religious practices are more a product of culture and the society in which the individual grows up than any certain and positive truth. A few years ago, I realized that the three main religions of the world have more in common than differences. For example, all three share the ten commandments supposedly handed down by God himself to Moses. Like much of the other stuff in the Bible, this has been edited, elaborated, and embroidered to suit the religious leaders in charge, too. The salient facts remain however. The ten rules for successful living have consistently remained as a very good standard.

    Prayer? This has become a somewhat meaningless ritual with little understanding of the true nature of what Jesus tried to teach us. I’m talking about the example we know as “The Lord’s Prayer” or “Pater Noster” or whatever. First we should realize that Jesus spoke Aramaic and the prayer must be understood with that in mind. Aramaic does not have past or future tense. Everything is said in the present tense. The very essence of this prayer reinforces that ancient maxim “As below, so above” or “as a man thinketh, so is his realaity.” (my words, yes) Heaven is that higher state of consciousness that we seek when we turn our thoughts to prayer. So what we focus on emotionally more than verbally is what is going to be the answer to our prayers.

    The big mistake I see people making is believing God is a person and giving him /her human characteristics. God doesn’t get pissed for starters.
    God doesn’t “love ” us ; God is the loving. God is the mysterious energy that holds everything together with something I’ve come to think of as divine law. We get what we are emotionally connected too. God ‘s love forus is simply that ths law creates for us what we choose or create with our thoughts and attitudes. So if we think fear, hate, anger, we create these conditions.

    Remember when Jesus told us to love our enemies and pray for those who hate us? Or do you recall when Jesus said that just thinking about being angry with someone or thinking about murdering him has already committed murder in his heart. He said the same thing about lust. Jimmy Carter knew that one well, remember?

    Anyway, when I began studying quantum physics and string theory, I began to understand a lot of the questionable things in the Bible in a new way. These words were written for people who had no knowledge of contemporary science. Then they were edited to serve the purposes of the early (Catholic) church.

    This I know: There is no white haired man in the sky sitting on a cloud keepig tabs on who wants the Mercedes and who want to win the basketball game. Do these people really think they can change God’s thoughts by their simple words? We don’t change God, but prayer can change the thinking of the individual doing the prayer.
    Successful prayer doesn’t require a person to “believe” in the melodramatic way of the Pentacostals. It simply asks us to be willing to have some compassion for our fellow humans and the critters on this earth (yes even the so called evil ones like Hitler and Hussein and Bush and bin Ladin).

    The research on the effects of prayer is abundant and impresssive. I won’t go into it here, but we do know that large numbers of people praying or meditating together, whether in actual proximity or in their thoughts, has dynamic effects.

    I consider myself spiritual and ethical, but I have pretty much given up on organized religion. If there is a question between science and religion, I will go with science every time. I’m a product of Texas Schools -from first grade through PhD. Fortunately I got through before the Texas State Board of Education influenced my learning to think logically and do som critical analysis. You can’t leave your brains at the door when you start talking about religion.

    My dear friend Bill L says hello. He has been encouraging me to write this knowing that it expresses many of his beliefs as well.

  34. Matt

    I agree with Steve Pipenger,
    “…much of what Mike says is hard to argue with.
    Mike is what anybody purporting to be a believer should be..a Truth-seeker.
    To seek Truth and where it takes you is the epitome
    of any honest inquiry. Mike…keep up the righteous anger.”

    I would only add a quote from the French Jesuit paleontologist and geologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,who wrote:
    “He that will believe only what he can fully comprehend must have a long head or a very short creed.”

  35. Bo

    @ JUNE

    Who are you talking about. I don’t think that anybody

    knows who invented the word pray. I did enjoy your

    talented talkiness on it. You did mention a word that

    was familiar and that was FAITH. That is the

    brainwashing that I am talking about. My comments

    above yours.

  36. Bo

    @ Matt

    Pierre’s opinion and only his opinion can mean that a

    person who can’t understand “believes” can only revert to

    faith. And…that translates to brainwashing. We all

    love to live in wonder wonderland, it keeps us sane.

    I think.

  37. JAPE

    @ June

    Wow! You hit one out of the park! Some of the imbeciles on the right are about 400 years behind the Age of Reason.

    When this country began, the founding fathers chose enlightenment (science) over revelation (religion) because they simply wanted this country to be governed by the people instead of ruled by god.

    And what is prayer, anyway? Meditation? Communing with oneself? Or, wishing for something we want?

    What we don’t need, especially now, is for some right-wing religious fanatics telling us what to believe. More often than not, it’s usually their way or no way. They are relentless with their bible thumping. So, we need someone like you to show them the errors of their ways.

  38. Arch


    God could have made us to match up with His perfect will if He wanted – but He didn’t want robots, so He gave us free will, with everything that entails, warts and all, including the capacity for great evil.


    So it’s easier for you to believe that a “Neanderthal” had a sudden and insightful revelation and developed morals than to think that God said, “Don’t kill”? That takes too much faith in chance for me.

    Ok. “the right and wrong was gene into us from something.” And liberals accuse Christians of blind faith…that’s….interesting.

    You are right – prayer has been proven to accomplish much. But it’s not the “positive thoughts” or “The Secret.” And it’s not “what we focus on emotionally” that does anything. It’s the living, active will of God. I heard it described once as “God always answers prayers – either Yes, No, or Wait.” For me, that’s been the experience.

    Could I recommend “Quantum Physics, Music, and the Prophetic”? It’s a great audio series.

    PS: The Bible is amazing in how scientifically accurate it is: The earth is suspended in nothing (Job 26:7), entropy (Psalm 102:25-26), the spherical shape of the earth (Isaiah 40:22), valleys in the seas (2 Samuel 22:16).

  39. a.b.

    if someone believes in god why knock them?
    if somone wants to pray, why belittle them?
    if someone wants to be a jew, why the disdain.
    if somneone wants to be a christian, why call them names?
    if someone wants to be a muslim, why does that affect detractors?
    if someone wants to be a hindu, so what.
    if someone wants to be an atheist, who cares?
    neither side will convince the other at this site.
    just name calling as an argument for one side vs. the other side?

    who cares?


  40. Bo


    Ok. “the right and wrong was gene into us from something.” And liberals accuse Christians of blind faith…that’s….interesting.

    My dear Arch, I never said anything about politics in my comments about pray. Please read my comments again.

    Your a good righty Arch. You know how to read something else into something that isn’t there. I guess all I can tell you is keep watching Fox opinionated broadcasting and be a happy camper. Also go to C-Street(DC) house, they will teach you a lot of happy things. In your mind it might be christian.

  41. Arch


    I did read your comment again, and again it didn’t make much sense to me. It went from prayer to greed to “gene” to prayer. Honestly, it kind of rambled in my opinion.

    I responded to the comment that seemed to be close to what I had asked about – where morality (“right and wrong”) came from, but I guess I missed what you were saying. In all honesty, what does “the right and wrong were gene into us from something” mean? I’d like to know so I can respond appropriately.

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