Worse Than Watergate

John Dean’s House testimony today accomplished two things- it sent Toddler Trump into a Twitter tantrum, and again proved Matt Gaetz (R/FL) is the Congressmen most deserving of a milkshake in the face.

None of the GOP Congressmen asked Dean any questions- just hurled insults- except for Gaetz, who asked if Dean had a Ouija board to resurrect Nixon or the “Ghost of Christmas Past.”  That was a moment.

This hearing today set off a week of House discussions about the Mueller report.  The very real and organized Russian election interference by Russian military intelligence, and Trump’s 10 attempts to obstruct that investigation.  Tomorrow they will vote on holding AG Barr and former WH Counsel Don McGahn in contempt of Congress.

Wednesday the House Intelligence Committee will hold a hearing on the Russian attacks on our 2016 election.

Barr must REALLY not want that contempt charge against him, because today he finally relented and agreed to release intelligence information and underlying evidence from the Mueller report to the Intelligence Comittee.  Which makes you wonder why he worked so hard to deny Congress its right to conduct oversight.

What are they covering up?

John Dean had some thoughts on that…..worse than Watergate.

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  1. Sally Blakemore

    This is really, deadly political theater at its worst, unwholesome, debauched and undignified, now backfiring in both parties. It has reached the boiling point and there will be no mercy. Reality is at hand. Sanity must reign supreme because we are all so dependent on each other and every living thing.

    1. chucky

      The country won’t be able to get over it you fucking idiot. And just to keep the record straight, President Bone Spurs won the bullshit electoral college. He LOST the election by three million fucking votes. You’d know that if you didn’t have your goddamn head up your ass. And his too.

      1. Thomas

        Chucky, I think you are correct. I don’t believe America will ever be the same. A lot of lines are being crossed that have stood for a long time. I have a real fear that some variation on the theme of civil war is in America’s near future.
        You are dealing with scum bags with a lot of power and a political base that if blind and deaf to the very obvious reality of the pig in office.

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