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 Who knew David Petreaus was such a player?  Multiple news services are now reporting that this four-star stud had not one, but two femme fatale fillies in his stable, other than his beloved wife.
The Guardian reports:
Over the weekend it emerged that his relationship with biographer Paula Broadwell was discovered by FBIagents while they investigated harassing emails she allegedly sent to a second woman, who was named on Sunday by the Associated Press as Jill Kelley, a state department military liaison.

In the days following his announcement to step down, a steady flow of leaks to the US media have given more detail to the affair that cost Petraeus his job. The makings of his downfall were in a series of apparently vicious emails sent by his lover – a 40-year-old former army reservist who co-authored All In, a fawning biography of the CIA chief – to Kelley, a state department liaison to the military’s Joint Special Operations Command.

It is thought that the threatening nature of the missives led the Florida-based recipient to seek the protection of the FBI An investigation of Broadwell’s personal email account uncovered letters of an explicit nature between her and Petraeus, who has been married for the past 38 years to his wife Holly.

Hell hath no fury, eh Truthseekers?!  How threatening does an email have to be for a State Department employee to seek FBI protection from the email attacker, Petreaus’ married lover-cum-biographer?  Mrs. Kelley is another brunette stunner, seeming to be in keeping with the good general’s preference.  Is this the Pentagon or the Playboy mansion?

Who needs daytime soap operas when you have MSNBC and sexy tidbits like these?  The real winners in this scenario, as always, are the media who were at a loss as to how to maintain viewer interest now that the elections were over.  What to do . . . oh, what to do . . . . Poof! Out pops Petraeus’ hanky panky! 

It’s a pre-Festivus media miracle!  But is it a coincidence? 

Rumors are trickling out that the Friday news dump of the Petraeus Affair/resignation was timed to coincide with the Benghazi Congressional Inquiry.  Even more scandal-icious, it seems the bodacious Mrs. Broadwell gave a speech to a Denver audience on October 26th  in which she revealed some potentially classified details about certain terror suspects the US has holding in . . . (wait for it) our consulate annex in Benghazi! 

This is from The Washington Post’s blogspot:

“In an Oct. 26 speech at the University of Denver, she said that Libyan militants had attacked the post to retrieve some fellow fighters who’d been taken prisoner at the nearby CIA annex. She also seems to suggest that Petraeus himself knew about it, implying that he may have been her source. Here’s the relevant passage from the speech, transcribed in full here:

“Now, I don’t know if a lot of you heard this, but the CIA annex had actually, um, had taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner and they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. So that’s still being vetted. The challenging thing for General Petraeus is that in his new position, he’s not allowed to communicate with the press. So he’s known all of this — they had correspondence with the CIA station chief in, in Libya. Within 24 hours they kind of knew what was happening.”

More risky than risque pillow talk, isn’t it?  National security and threats to our ambassadors, and foreign espionage and all? Not since Rove outed Valerie Plame has there been such a possibly deadly disclosure. Naturally, the CIA is denying the idea that the US was holding (torturing?) prisoners in our consulate.  What else would they say?  The story certainly seems more plausible than the “official” claptrap about an anti-Muslim movie that so inflamed the rebels they instigated this attack. 

Argo, anyone?  Wag the Dog, perhaps?

Either way, we’re sure to be treated to more titillating tidbits over the next few weeks, as tales of Petreaus’ Two Hotties dominate the news cycles and fill our telescreens.


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  1. annekarppine

    I can’t help but notice that Ms Broadwell went to Eric Cantor, as if that was the place to go with her secret, to report her experiences and issues with Mr. Petraeus. So I guess she knew the fallout before she even decided to complain, since Ms Kelley had already gone to the FBI about the mean emails she had received from Ms B. Geez, so junior hi, and think this is the mentality of the people in charge! “oh no she didn’t”

  2. 3LetterWord:Jobs

    “A mindless story. Meanwhile, the planet is trying to kill of the human infestation, the “Grand Bargin” is coming right at us but let’s talk about a general getting laid.”

    Well, it keeps everyone from talking about Benghazi.

  3. Ned


    Hillary did such a great job for Haliburton, Carlyle and Exxon

    Blood on your complicit hands Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartman,
    Ed Schultz

    censored by the liberal/progressive ministry of truth

    How many dead there, 50,000 or 100,000?

  4. Ned

    I wouldnt give any of you pigs

    Maddow, Stephanie Miller, or Media Matters or Amy Goodman and Those scum at the Nation like John Nichols or Katrina Vanden Heuval

    A DIME ON YOUR DEATH BED , glad KPOJ was cancelled



  5. Ned

    So if a country gets bombed back to the stone age and no radio hosts comments on it, did it really happen?

    Hmmm, Libya – 9,000 bombing sorties vs. 6 million people

    Purely academic to the re-elect Obama crowd, eh?

  6. Tenor2011

    Since I’m an Atlantan ex-pat in India, I was particularly interested to hear Mike’s take on Petraeus ‘affair’. Pleased as punch that you uploaded a file for iTunes (and I’ve checked it on this site) yesterday (or so) for Monday, 12 Nov – wbecause in the 13 Nov program Mike says that’s about all he’s going to say on that affair. Unfortunately, the files titled 12 November are actually the 13 November program – at least for the first few minutes. I confess I haven’t listened over again to the entire mp3.

    So my questions: (1) Is there anywhere that you can get the 12 Nov mp3 and upload it?

    (2) Is there any Truthseeker with time on their hands that could write comments on this blog for those nights when there’s a problem with recording and/or uploading the show?

    Sometimes, there’s a problem and no show can be uploaded; and sometimes the show is uploaded later (as in this instance) and everything is fine and sometimes there’s still a problem as here.

    In these cases, particularly on a very slow internet connection on a mountain ‘foothill’ of the first range of the Himalayas, it would be greatly appreciated to be able to check the blog comments and find out the status of the upload.

    I know you’re extremely pressed and busy and I appreciate your efforts greatly. So I was hoping that maybe someone who is in the chatroom, et al., might assist in this relatively simple taks. Love, pam

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