You Make Me Feel Brand New

WTF was that “Simon Says” Game Mike Pence played today with the water bottle? Melania made an appearance, just to disprove rumors that she had escaped to Switzerland, but Mike Pence stole the show when he followed Trump’s (bizarre) suit and placed his bottle of water on the floor next to his right leg.  Yes, even that detail was complete.

Is this how bad it’s gotten in the Trump White House? You must mimic his behavior to escape his wrath?  Or has Pence completely lost all free will?

We will delve deeper into the psychosis on the program tomorrow.  Tonight we are bringing you a classic Malloy program from the Wayback Machine: 06/06/2012.  Obama was being accused of “making people gay” and lots of ol’ classic Malloy callers.  Give it a listen!



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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Water bottles seem to be a tricky thing for Re-Pubs to negotiate.
    Remember Rubio’s famous drink during his State of the Union rebuttal speech. Trump also had his moment trying to hit his mouth with one.
    Now it has become a table game.
    All that is except for Scott Pruitt who drinks only from a solid gold chalice that has 24 hour secret service protection.

        1. Denny NNWofLA

          Yeah, with mics and cameras sticking out of his grill.
          So, Dotard, Rocket Man and Rodman show up at the same time in Singapore…
          Sounds like a joke.
          But no, it’s reality TV.
          Please cancel this show.

          btw- If I wasn’t already, I am now a huge fan of Robert De Niro.

  2. TakeTheCannoli2

    Looks like Kim snookered Trump. Kim gains international prestige and a tangible gain of no further military exercises on the Korean peninsula. Trump gets a vague promise of denuclearization — with no language regarding verification — and more meetings to come.
    This is what happens when your top negotiator has a short attention span.

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