You Say You Want a Revolution, Well Y’Know . . . .

 . . . has the war started, to quote Rhett Butler?

The Civil War inside the GOP bubbled to the surface today an popped up on our telescreens with an act of political courage by Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, who said what so many of his comrades are thinking privately, but are too afraid of being primary’d to say publicly.  He took to the Senate floor and announced he would not be seeking reelection because, in a nutshell (so to speak), Trump is a psychopath.  And as such, he could not explain to his kids and grand kids why he remained silent and complicit in the willful destruction of our representative democracy. 

Good on ya’ Senator.  Now, who’s next?

We are engaged in a new American Revolution.  Not against a foreign invader (unless you count the likely Kremlin infiltration), but against a nuclear-armed usurper who exploited electoral weaknesses, incipient racism, and distaste for traditional politicians to seize control of the most powerful political office in the world. Not scary enough for you?  The chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee is concerned this maniac might incite WW III.  I doubt Bob Corker says such things lightly.  An early Trump supporter, he too has run out of patience waiting for some magical “reset” or “pivot” to occur. 

Ain’t gonna happen.  Trump is Trump is Trump.  Dead-eyed, as my grandmother used to say. A psychopath is a psychopath, there is no treatment. No cure.  Hard-wired mental illness. We’ve been saying this for months.  In fact, we experienced a 7-year-long weirdly parallel psycho-dynamic in our own Girl Scout universe.  We have been dealing with a serious behavioral issue with a (now former) scout in our Service Unit who has been an increasingly negative influence on some of the other easily intimidated girls.  Repeated willful destruction of private property, malicious pranks on smaller scouts – no remorse.  Family in denial.  I’ve had the unfortunate privilege of watching this girl’s personality solidify into a permanently fixed position and there was literally no remedy, no way to ameliorate the situation or save this child.

It is scary to confront an out-of-control bully you know is incapable of change because . . . that’s just who they are. Incapable of personal growth, incapable of honesty or empathy or compassion, unable to admit error despite overwhelming eye-witness evidence of wrong-doing. 

We spend our days swimming in this sweaty anxiety, never knowing what horror could be unleashed.  Imagine a day at Trump’s Day Care Center (aka the West Wing).  He spends his waking hours glued to a wall of TV screens, Tweeting vile lies about Gold Star widows and reactionary threats against the other nuclear-armed nutjob.  All we can do is cross our fingers and dig our nails into the seat, terrorized by this madman at the wheel.  Hoping he doesn’t wake up one day – feel the noose tightening –  and decide to use his itchy finger to push the red button instead of the “send” button. 

Wait, he’s too smart for that, right?  He’s got better smarts than his Sec. of State, he bragged about it, remember?  He’s the most geniusy guy in Washington, knows more than all the generals.  Certainly knows more about foreign policy than “liddle’ Bob Corker” or the five living former presidents.  Smarter than General Kelly for sure.  He’ll challenge you to an IQ duel anyday, just bring it on.  He’s got the biggest brain ever.  Certainly has the biggest head.  And hairflap.

Nothing dangerously delusional about that, right Trump-lovers?  Flake worries about what to tell his grandkids….I worry if there will be any grandkids left to tell. 

Trump invents his own reality and expects us to inhabit it.  Worse, the only voice he hears is the fake news noise machine in his own head.  He has declared war on the First Amendment, stating his desire to shut down networks and newspapers and silence free speech.  Build walls, incite race riots, encourage police brutality, invite Russian interference into our political system (remember the call for Wikileaks to infiltrate HRC’s email), wage class warfare on working Americans with threats to their health care and tax cuts for his uber-rich 1% cronies.  Exploit taxpayer dollars on junkets in private jets for his elite inner circle, sell access to the Oval Office via MaraLago, attack war veterans in Congress and in combat.  Dishonor and insult Gold Star families while praising White Supremacists.

This is a level of corruption befitting a true American Psycho. Now, what are we going to do about it?



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    1. Joni Ellsworth

      Not only that, the show is still being billed on this site as “live” weeknights at 9pm. I listen by podcast only, usually days later by the time I get around to it, so it really doesn’t matter to me. But for those who tune in at night expecting a live broadcast, it must be weird. And kind of annoying.

  1. Joni Ellsworth

    Okay let me get this straight. So if I sponsor two hours of the program, I get cookies. If I sponsor two hours plus renew my podcast, I get a fruitcake in addition to cookies. That is not fair to the people like me who renewed their podcasts earlier this year when they came up for renewal. So if I cancel my podcast subscription now, and then Immediately renew it and sponsor two hours, I will get a fruitcake? Because I am fucking sick and tired of hearing about, every fucking year, how Kathy’s fruitcakes are the best, most delicious, most rum-filled fucking fruitcakes in the world, when I, because I have been a loyal podcast subscriber for years, instead of just now subscribing, have no way of getting one! I hope someone will console me. I will be sitting here, fighting back tears, eating my proletariat Claxton fruitcake with the emerald-green and cherry- red mystery “fruit”. You know, that shit you would never find in Kathy’s fruitcakes with a ten foot pole. Or something.

    1. DennyNNWofLA

      You eat fruitcake? A friend left a can of SPAM here recently.
      It remains unopened and hidden in the back of my refrigerator.
      It’s not fruitcake, but if you want to stop by and pick it up, it’s yours.
      Well, it’s something-

  2. Joni Ellsworth

    Hey Denny, here’s a news flash: Not everyone who likes fruitcake also likes SPAM!!! I asked for consolation, not snarky bullshit, so being a prick will get you nowhere. I assume you are single, and that is why you are coming on to me, albeit pathetically, with your can of SPAM. I will not be stopping by. You will not be getting a date, much less getting laid. And I will bet a show sponsorship that you have never purchased a podcast subscription, because you have nothing better to do but sit in front of your desktop, in your mother’s basement, every weeknight at 9pm. While eating Cheetos and doing something else I will refrain from mentioning. You probably click the tab to “Debbie Does Dallas”, which you keep opened, on most occasions when Mike takes a lengthy break. 

    1. DennyNNWofLA

      On today’s episode of “As the Joni Turns” we find our poor misunderstood Joni still in a world of self pity. Asking for consolation, she rejects a friendly offer of a substitute prize to be given freely and without strings as an attempted hit, driving her deeper into despair.
      Again Joni fails to realize that although SPAM is not fruitcake, anyone that eats one is likely good with the other and that they both make a good redneck doorstop.
      Will Joni find console?
      What will Joni do next time a friendly offer is made?
      Will Joni find love in a fruitcake, a can of SPAM

      or another person?
      Will Joni know the difference?
      Tune in shortly for the next clutching episode of:
      “As the Joni Turns.”

      That was snark.
      The other was not.

  3. Joni Ellsworth

    Okay Denny Boy. I raised this issue over my feeling butt hurt over this whole fucking fruitcake issue that Mike and Kathy seem to mount every year, This is not the first time it has pissed me off and I feel I have a right to be, You, however, responded by trolling me with your stupid snark which is not funny in the least and is not legitimate. If you do not wish to intelligently discuss this issue with me, then bug off and go fuck yourself.

      1. Joni Ellsworth

        You are proving yourself to be even more of a jerk than I had at first suspected. You declare the authority to rescind the offer? I would never in actuality offer you a fucking thing. You sound like a fascistic, sexist, egomaniacal, selfish and uncaring, male chauvinist pig! You have done nothing but come on here and ridicule and troll me without showing me an ounce of respect! If you don’t think I have a legitimate complaint, you need to state your case, but you think this is some kind of a joke. It isn’t. Obviously you think that way because you never purchase the podcasts. But you have no right to make fun of me. If you have nothing of substance to offer in terms of agreeing or disagreeing with me over this issue of rum-soaked fruitcakes, the best in the world, apparently, then please stop taunting me. Answer the question. Is it fair to award fruitcakes and cookies to those who both sponsor the program and renew or purchase a podcast subscription, while those whose subscriptions are not up for renewal have no way of getting a fruitcake?

        1. DennyNNWofLA

          Joni, I have given you far more respect than you have shown towards me, Mike and Kathy combined. Sucks for you, and I agree, there should be some kind of reward for continued patronage of his show, but you always get nasty, self pitying make it all about you. There- I answered your question.

          btw I made you an offer.
          You were an unappreciative bitch, so I rescinded it. Rightfully.

          Did you really think I wanted sex from you?! I’m still laughing pretty hard over that one!

  4. Joni Ellsworth

    I misinterpreted what you said. Of course, now I see clearly you were rescinding the offer of the SPAM. Instead, I thought you were rejecting, sarcastically, an offer that you thought I made to you. That being the offer to go fuck yourself. But I see now that my interpretation of what you said makes no sense, and I concede the point to you that I am a bitch. Glad I could provide you with a few laughs. Also, you can feel good about yourself now, in that you are far brighter than I am. I should have known better than to get myself involved in a dispute I could never win.

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