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Love Conquers All

Pop the champagne and toss the rice, Truthseekers, the lovers won victory over the haters!  At long last, marriage equality is a reality in these United States. The Supreme Court…

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Supreme Leader

Well, bless those li’l ol’ Republican half-wits. They have their brand-new, shiny, perfectly coifed, well-dressed traitor to the cause (what cause? who the fuck knows!): Supreme Court Chief Justice John…

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Waiting for the Aliens

Louisiana Governor Pyush Jindal becomes the 13th clown to tumble out of the Republican Presidential Klown Kar. And he’s running on his business record in his home state. Hey, Pyush!…

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Alex Jones Is A Miserable SOB

Conservative radio host Alex Jones argued that Wednesday night’s terrorist attack against a black church in Charleston, South Carolina was the set-up for the “race war” he claims President Barack Obama and the media have been building up, while pushing a bogus claim in defense of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

“Folks, this is it. They’ve been hyping ‘race war,’ pushing it as hard as they can, saying ‘NRA is the new KKK,’” Jones said on his show on Thursday. “Even though the NRA was founded, in part — 50-50 — to arm blacks in the South who were being disarmed. In fact, there were calls by liberals to disarm whites particularly today. I just want to point out, that’s been done before, but to blacks.”

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Gun Lobby Blames Charleston Mass Shooting on “Gun-Free Zones”

In the aftermath of the massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, gun rights activists and their allies in the conservative media are once again blaming “gun-free zones,” arguing that an armed citizen could have otherwise been at the church to stop the attack. As Mother Jones has previously reported, there has never been any evidence that mass shooters picked their targets based on gun regulations; to the contrary, data from scores of cases shows perpetrators had other specific motivations for where they attacked, including racial hatred, as is strongly suspected to be the case in Charleston. The idea that armed citizens stop crimes in the United States has also been wildly exaggerated by the gun lobby, as a new study reaffirms.

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The Most Insane Statement About Charleston Massacre

Debbie Dills, who spotted alleged S.C. killer, said that she is a God vessel, and followed the suspect because God wanted her to do so.

“It was God who made this happen,” she said.