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Growth Industries

Wanna make a million bucks?  Build a better bomb. If there’s a recession-proof profession, it’s the designers of death and destruction.  Educators, factory workers, the national park service, environmental protection,…

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Fundraising Friday

Like every other publicly-supported media outlet, we are gearing up for a Fall Fundraiser to keep it lit (and keep the lights on) for the future!   Unlike every other publicly-supported…

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Circus Circus

Hey, Truthseekers!!! Did you watch the Congressional circus act this afternoon? We’ll talk about it tonight (here’s the NYT take on the clown show – the clowns being the Republicans…

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Only In America: Crowdfunding To Fight Ebola

A scientist at the Scripps Research Institute who is leading an international effort to find a cure for Ebola has turned to crowdfunding to raise money to buy equipment to speed her work.

Climate Change A Threat To National Security

Drastic weather, rising seas and changing storm patterns could become “threat multipliers” for the United States, vastly complicating security challenges faced by American forces, the Pentagon said in a new report on the impact of climate change released Monday.

Detroit: No More Clean Water For The Poor

A Detroit judge ruled that there is no basic human right to water. Judge Steven Rhodes refused to extend a moratorium on water shutoffs another six months in the city of Detroit. If people cannot pay their water bills, they have no right to running water in their homes, he opined. Many see this as a heartless ruling

Secret Service Is An Incompetent Sewer

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson did neither herself nor her agency any favors at Tuesday’s congressional hearing. She was there to answer questions about the Sept. 19 security breach at the White House. And under appropriately rough questioning, Pierson only seemed to dig the hole deeper.