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No Accounts

You know what? Here’s what: The war criminals who ran this country for eight years – the Bush Crime Family – will never be held accountable for their crimes. Never….

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Growth Industries

Wanna make a million bucks?  Build a better bomb. If there’s a recession-proof profession, it’s the designers of death and destruction.  Educators, factory workers, the national park service, environmental protection,…

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Fundraising Friday

Like every other publicly-supported media outlet, we are gearing up for a Fall Fundraiser to keep it lit (and keep the lights on) for the future!   Unlike every other publicly-supported…

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Ebola Rage Attack!!!!

Behind the fear-mongering and scare tactics that have conflated all of today’s hot news issues into some sort of dystopic conservative nightmare — Ebola on the backs of ISIS crossing into the U.S. through the porous Mexican border — lie very palpable undertones of colonialist attitudes towards racism and cultural elitism. In no vein of reporting has this become clearer than through the popular media’s handling of the current Ebola epidemic.

Dallas Nurses Accuse Hospital of Sloppy Ebola Protocols

Co-workers of a Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola from a sick patient say they worked for days without proper protective gear and that the hospital’s Ebola protocols and procedures were unclear and inadequate, leaving workers and hospital systems prone to contamination, according to a statement by the largest U.S. nurses’ union.

The statement, which was provided by National Nurses United on behalf of several registered nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, details hospital procedures after Thomas Eric Duncan arrived at the hospital. The nurses are not represented by the union, and the group declined to reveal the nurses’ identities.

Rick Scott Delays Debate Over A Fan

Florida Gov. Rick Scott refused to go onstage for the first seven minutes of a debate Wednesday night, because his opponent had a fan.

Only In America: Crowdfunding To Fight Ebola

A scientist at the Scripps Research Institute who is leading an international effort to find a cure for Ebola has turned to crowdfunding to raise money to buy equipment to speed her work.

Climate Change A Threat To National Security

Drastic weather, rising seas and changing storm patterns could become “threat multipliers” for the United States, vastly complicating security challenges faced by American forces, the Pentagon said in a new report on the impact of climate change released Monday.