Q: I have recently subscribed and can’t find the podcasts. Where are they?

A: The most important thing to remember is that the members site has a different  address now. Everyone will need to log in here from now on: www.mikemalloy.com/login
Once logged in there, scroll about halfway down the page to find the podcasts.

Q: How do I re-up if my subscription has lapsed?

A: If you had an active subscription until recently, login at the above address and scroll down the page a bit to “membership level” and hit “upgrade”. On the next page select the subscription you want, then “next”. On the next page hit the “AUTHORIZE” logo, then it takes you to the payment page.

Q: I get the message “incorrect details” if I try to log in.

A: This error message is only associated with the old site. Try logging in at www.mikemalloy.com/login. If you get an error there, write to [email protected] and ask for a password change.

Q: How do I use iTunes?

A: Instructions for creating a subscription in iTunes are as follows:

1. Sign in to your account at mikemalloy.com/login.
2. Scroll down the page a bit until you see “Use  the following link to access your RSS feed with access to private parts of the site. Copy the url underneath
3. Open iTunes.
4. On the top of your screen, select “file”.  From the dropdown menu, select “subscribe to podcast”.
5. Paste the URL into the box. The podcasts should start to download immediately. Click on refresh (the circle arrow), then “old episodes” and “add all”.