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Back in Black

Mike returns LIVE tonight, Truthseekers!  Kathy is feeling better and there is so much news to cover, from the fireworks among the flying monkeys at CPAC, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK)…

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Church Night Throwback

Kathy has been struck by the cold from Hell, Truthseekers, so we are a “rebroadcast” tonight – but it’s a good one!  We hope to return LIVE Thursday night if…

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American Idiot

Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri is a dumb little spud.  Unless you live in a cave, by now you’ve heard the story of this anti-choice Neocon’s gross misunderstanding of gross anatomy….

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Chris Kyle Was No Hero, But A Goddamn Mass Murderer

Chris Kyle, a US navy Seal from Texas, was deployed to Iraq in 2003 and claimed to have killed more than 255 people during his six-year military career. In his memoir, Kyle reportedly described killing as “fun”, something he “loved”; he was unwavering in his belief that everyone he shot was a “bad guy”. “I hate the damn savages,” he wrote. “I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Iraqis.” He bragged about murdering looters during Hurricane Katrina, though that was never substantiated.

He was murdered in 2013 at a Texas gun range by a 25-year-old veteran reportedly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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State Of The Union Hangover

Mike talks about SOTU and make his remarks on Obama´s speech and republicans reactions.

Louie Gohmert Wishes Obama Led Like His Black High School Coach

In his State of the Union address Tuesday, President Barack Obama touched on the turmoil in many cities where African-Americans have been protesting unjust treatment by the police.

“We may have different takes on the events of Ferguson and New York,” Obama said. “But surely we can understand a father who fears his son can’t walk home without being harassed. Surely we can understand the wife who won’t rest until the police officer she married walks through the front door at the end of his shift.”

Some progressive advocates were disappointed that Obama didn’t delve further into the controversy and push for specific criminal justice reforms. But for Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), even the president’s brief mentions were too much, evidence that Obama is trying to divide the country racially.

“He’s been so divisive on the issue of race,” Gohmert told reporters Tuesday night after the speech. He said he’d thought that once Obama was elected president, “that issue” would be “behind us.”

Gohmert expressed a wish that Obama were more like his black high school coach.

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John Boehner Invites Netanyahu To Address Congress

House Speaker John Boehner is inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (neh-ten-YAH’-hoo) to address a joint session of Congress next month and discuss the threat from Iran.

Boehner, in a statement Wednesday, also is rebuffing President Barack Obama’s call for Congress to delay new penalties against Iran over its nuclear program.

Boehner says Netanyahu is quite capable of addressing that issue.

The invitation for Netanyahu to speak to lawmakers on Feb. 11 comes hours after Obama, in his State of the Union address, said he would veto any sanctions legislation.

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Louie Gohmert Warns The Country

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) warned on Monday that there could be dire consequences for the entire country if Republicans in Congress did not oust John Boehner as Speaker of the House and elect him instead.

In an interview with Fox News host Martha MacCallum, Gohmert explained that he had announced over the weekend that he was running for the job of House Speaker because Boehner had not fought “tooth and nail” to stop a recent budget bill.

“What we do in the next two years, it’s likely going to determine whether we get a Republican or not in 2016,” the Texas congressman insisted. “For the Speaker to run in and pass the [budget bill] that totally funds Obamacare for all next year — we took the hostage of the Homeland Security — that was a huge mistake.”

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