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Hot hot hot. You could fry an egg on . . . I dunno . . . Barbara Bush’s dentures. Too hot to do anything but rub ice cubes on…

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So, maybe Thursday nights on the Malloy program should be “Global News Night.” Ya’ think? It’s tiresome night after night discussing the same four or five domestic topics. Yes, they…

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Nuclear Options

Just as there is no “winning” the war on terror, there is no winning the debate on a nuclear deal with Iran.  And it is a “deal,” meaning there is…

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Attacking Military Sites…Terrorism?

The U.S. Government, its allies and their apologists constantly propagate standards that have no purpose other than to legitimize all of their violence while de-legitimizing all violence by their enemies in the “war” they have declared. Nothing is more central to that effort than the propagandistic invocation of the term “terrorism.”

We’re now at the point where it is “terrorism” when enemies of the U.S. target American military bases and soldiers, but not “terrorism” when the U.S. recklessly engages in violence it knows will kill large numbers of civilians.

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Alaska Governor Sidesteps GOP Legislature To Expand Medicaid

Alaska will become the 30th state to accept Obamacare’s optional Medicaid expansion, after Gov. Bill Walker (I) announced on Thursday that he will use his executive power to bypass the GOP-controlled legislature and implement the policy on his own.
Walker — a former Republican who has since become an Independent — has been advocating for Medicaid expansion for over a year. Implementing this particular Obamacare provision, which was ruled optional by the Supreme Court in 2012, would extend health coverage to an estimated 40,000 low-income residents in his state.

Polling has found that the majority of Alaska residents agree with Walker’s position.

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Racist Petition In South Carolina To Remove Slave Memorial

Nearly 40,000 people have signed onto a petition to remove the African-American Monument from the South Carolina statehouse grounds after a Confederate flag was taken down.

The flag was moved in 2000 from the statehouse dome to a Confederate Soldier’s Monument nearby, and a monument to the state’s black history was built the following year as part of the legislative agreement over the tribute to the Confederacy.

The petition’s author, Keith Harmon, said the flag should not have been removed in response to the massacre of nine black churchgoers by a white supremacist who posed for photos with Confederate symbols.

“I think killing nine innocent people was completely and totally wrong, (but) it has nothing to do with the flag — nothing at all,” said Harmon, of Greenville.

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